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  1. Percycars

    Brand new wheels - and sealant questions

    Any pictures of the car with the 18 inch black prets
  2. Percycars


    I have 19 inch Continental tyres on my car.I feel they are noisy and hard is there any other tyres that are less hard or is it just the 19 inch wheels i have no DCC.
  3. Percycars

    Bumper wrap

    I have a new Golf R 7.5 which only has 900 miles on it but after washing it today i have noticed that i have a few stone chips.I am not a hard driver and was surprised to find them that quick.I was just wondering has anybody wrapped their front bumper themselves or got a company to do it.
  4. Hi Sihfty i see you have gone from 18 inch wheels to 19 inch.How much harder do you find the ride quality.


    1. Sihfty


      Literally can't tell the difference if I'm honest. 

  5. Percycars

    18/19 inch wheels

    Whats the ride difference like between 18/19 wheels.Is it better with 18 inch wheels and no DCC or 19 inch with DCC.
  6. Percycars

    Pretoria Alloys - Aftermarket

    Was looking at the Grey Golf r with the Black Prets are they 18 0r 19 inch
  7. Percycars

    18/19 inch wheels

    Is there much of a difference between the ride quality on 18 or 19 wheels
  8. Percycars

    Hard suspension

    My car is on 19 Spielberg’s with continental 5
  9. Percycars

    Hard suspension

    I have come from a golf Gtd to a golf r and find the suspension very hard does it soften with age or not
  10. Percycars

    Golf R Alarm

    Its a 7.5 Golf R.Is there no easier way to do it.
  11. Percycars

    Golf R Alarm

    I have just got myself a new Golf R how do you switch off the interior alarm sensors
  12. Percycars


    Do VW make mudflaps for the Golf R 7.5
  13. Percycars


    I have a Seat Leon with the upgraded Seat sound system.I have just ordered a new Golf r without Dynaudio is it really worth the extra money,is it similar to the same system that is on the Seat Leon
  14. Percycars

    S3 v Golf r v Cupra

    I have a been test driving the Golf r/Audi S3/Cupra 300.All cars are new and all have DSG.Out of all the cars the Audi S3 felt faster but why.I am driving a Leon Fr 184 at the moment and am getting an average or 47 MPG how bad is the new one going to be on Fuel.
  15. Percycars

    FL Lights

    I have a Seat Cupra 280 and was looking at buying a 7.5R.I find the lights in the Cupra crap and i was just wondering how good are the new lights on the R