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  1. Has anyone fitted 245/35x19 tyres instead of 235/35x19.Do they fit
  2. You will need to get your new on the road before 2022 as all cars will have speed limiters
  3. Hi Andygo are the PS4s much more comfortable than than Conti 5 if so as a % how much better
  4. Did you have the tyres in 19 inch size i am just looking at comfort


  5. I have 19 continentals and thinking of changing tyres to Goodyear F1 or Michelin 4s but which one is less crashey
  6. I have a Golf r 7.5 with 19 inch wheels and conti tyres.I find them quite harsh what do you think of the good year F1 on 19inch wheels compared with the 18 inch cadiz.
  7. I have the continental tyres on my car and looking to change them but any of them anymore comfortable with being 19 inch and a 35 series tyre are all of them just as hard
  8. Has anyone gone from 235/35x19 Continental 5p to Goodyear F1 assy 3
  9. Has anyone got any pictures of their Golf R with 18 inch pretoria wheels in gunmetal grey or gloss black on their car.
  10. Any pictures of the car with the 18 inch black prets
  11. I have 19 inch Continental tyres on my car.I feel they are noisy and hard is there any other tyres that are less hard or is it just the 19 inch wheels i have no DCC.
  12. I have a new Golf R 7.5 which only has 900 miles on it but after washing it today i have noticed that i have a few stone chips.I am not a hard driver and was surprised to find them that quick.I was just wondering has anybody wrapped their front bumper themselves or got a company to do it.
  13. Hi Sihfty i see you have gone from 18 inch wheels to 19 inch.How much harder do you find the ride quality.


    1. Sihfty


      Literally can't tell the difference if I'm honest. 

  14. Whats the ride difference like between 18/19 wheels.Is it better with 18 inch wheels and no DCC or 19 inch with DCC.
  15. Was looking at the Grey Golf r with the Black Prets are they 18 0r 19 inch
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