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  1. I did toy with the idea of using the Borg Warner high performance oil last year but ended up buying it from VW . It would be interesting to see if the Febi oil goes lumpy like the VW Haldex oil.
  2. I've just looked at the extracted files I downloaded from the VW website and they are dated 18th October 2019. The website says the maps updated 11/7/2019. Weird. https://webspecial.volkswagen.de/vwinfotainment/int/en/index/downloads/maps-download#/?car=c0983061-7568-49f7-998e-34d5dac823c6&navi=57200c60-96a5-431f-80ed-a2f8456f19f4
  3. Discover pro maps 2020 was release was released 11/7/2019. I believe that is the most up to date. Issue number 0184.
  4. You will probably need to remove the wing mirror to repair it. If you are lucky a couple of clips will have popped out (red arrows). There is a thin smooth bit of trim which allows the mirror to rotate (green arrow) and this clips to the wing mirror support using the clips (red arrows) and pulls your loose bit of trim tight to the door. Note my piccy is of the drivers side.
  5. This bloke has his done at Regal and recons it took about 20 minutes.
  6. This place (see link below) recommends that the sludge should be removed with compressed air before filling with clean Haldex oil. I know many VW garages don't clean the strainer. I wonder if they blow out the sludge? https://www.haldexrepairs.co.uk/generation-5-haldex-fault-finding-repair-guide/
  7. I've spent lots of time looking for seat covers for my front seats. For the back ones I found standard Golf 7 seat covers do an adequate job. The front ones were a real pain. I ended up modifying a standard set of covers by adding extra cloth to fit the bolsters. Not pretty but I can eat my lunch in the car without fear of ruining the light grey alcantara. I did look into buying the waterproof Recaro style seat covers. I have even considered getting some leather seats, but I wish I could buy some custom covers ready made.
  8. I found this US service scheduling for the Golf R. Seems mostly mileage based. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7551361-MK7-Golf-R-Service-Manual-Schedule-quick-reference-guide I forgot to mention that the VW nipper tried to get me to have an aircon service at £139 and a fuel & air care service at £39.99!!
  9. Thank you to everyone for their help. I'll let VW do their major service. As I only do 3500-4000 miles a year I'll make sure my car is put on the fixed servicing schedule.
  10. My car is coming up to 4 years old and has 27647 miles on the clock. The Inspection service and oil change service has popped up on the infotainment. My local dealer has said it needs the 4 year/40 000 mile Major service. Is the dealer right? The car is on a QI6 servicing regime.
  11. Great bootspace for your nicked gold toilets. https://news.sky.com/story/cctv-released-in-hunt-for-golden-toilet-stolen-from-blenheim-palace-11825715
  12. I did mine a few weeks ago. The rubber grommet at the end of the pipe perished and cracked. I suspect eventually it would have failed and let the water go into the boot lid??
  13. The company that makes the Qi chargers for Golf 7 is called Inbay and they are around £70. Only for LHD as stated earlier. You can always get a LHD cubby hole off eBay. I plan to fit a Qi charger when Google finally enable Android Auto Wireless over here. Unfortunately the Android 10 update which supposedly has AA built in hasn't enabled it.
  14. Does the screen go blank when you engage reverse or screen does not do anything? If screen goes blank then the 5F head unit coding is OK and the video connection is a likely cause of the problem. If the screen doesn't change then probably its the coding. When I had the low line RVC I didn't code Module 10 and camera worked OK.
  15. I had the same problem and fixed it myself. I used an online guide to remove the door panel and I drilled out the pop rivets holding the speaker. Cleaned off the crappy seal which caused the leak and used a silicon sealer from B&Q. Then pop riveted the speaker back. Worth checking the drain holes in the door too.
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