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  1. stonefish

    Mk7 Haldex Fluid Change and Pump Gauze Clean

    Check the date on the top of the bottle. This oil should be used within 3 years of this date. When I looked at oil being sold on eBay I noticed some of the dates were over 3 years old.
  2. stonefish

    Inbay wireless charging

    This charger doesn't use the USB to power it as has it's own power cable. It just doesn't fit the UK design of cubby hole 😞 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Inbay-Qi-charging-station-dashboard-VW-Golf-7-charger-inductively-wirelessly-/222252038891
  3. stonefish

    Inbay wireless charging

    The USB socket is on the other side compared to the UK version. You will need a LHD cubby hole 5G1 863 391.
  4. stonefish

    Second haldex service

    The oil still seems to be "gelling" and blocking the gauze. The rumours about VW changing the formulation of the oil would appear to be false??
  5. stonefish

    Does my 7.5 Have an internet connection

    It depends on your Discover Pro unit. Some have a SIM slot between the two SD slots.
  6. stonefish

    Second haldex service

    I'd be interested in this too. I did my first service on Monday. 3 years old /24.5k miles. Although there wasn't too much "jelly" it would certainly be enough to make the pump work harder by restricting the flow of oil through the gauze. I'm wondering if there is more gunk lying at the bottom of the haldex housing? I did notice my bottle of oil had a warning to use within 3 years.
  7. stonefish

    Mk7 Haldex Fluid Change and Pump Gauze Clean

    I've just done mine. A reasonable amount of gelling of the oil around the pump filter. The gel appeared pretty clear with I presume a little bit of black clutch material in it. I did struggle for access for my torque wrenches so next time VW or indie will be doing it. My car is a late 2015 model with Haldex controller version 'D' and just under 25k miles.
  8. stonefish

    Front Bumper Stolen

    I've read that you can superglue ball bearings into the screwheads. This might not stop them, but it will slow them up. I quite like the idea of pop rivets. I think that washers would be needed either side to protect the plastic.
  9. stonefish

    VW Caught out again

    Found this on another site. It appears VW sold sub standard pre-production cars. It has now been caught out and has had to issue recalls. Not good. http://www.thedrive.com/news/25421/volkswagen-illegally-sold-pre-production-test-cars-instead-of-crushing-them
  10. I follow Stolen Cars UK on Facebook and R estates get nicked too. I do see lots of GTD's as well so we are not alone. If I had a Fiesta ST or Focus ST I wouldn't sleep well in my bed as loads of these get nicked. Nowadays, you need to harden your house security and add a few layers of extra car security and hope there's a guy down the road who's an easier target. Crappy I know but that's how the world is. 😞
  11. stonefish

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Does this problem appear in later pre-facelift models? Most of the cars I 've seen with this gunk problem are about 3 years old or more.
  12. stonefish

    Audi accessories

    For genuine Audi stuff: https://store.audi.co.uk/vehicle-accessories.html
  13. stonefish

    Arthur Has done it again but in an R

    Right at the end of this video a head to head RS6 800BHP and Arthurs R. Unfortunately, we say bye, bye to Arthurs engine 😞
  14. stonefish

    Golf R engine info

    If you want to dig deeper on the EA888 gen3 engine then VW/Audi self study program pdf SSP 606 is worth a look. Just google search: SSP 606 pdf.
  15. stonefish

    Engine noise after turn off

    Mine does it too and car is running perfectly.