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  1. Created a PID file for Engine Oil temperature. I've not got round to testing it yet as a bit busy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1fjl8cqoj5xryjy/oil-temperature.csv?dl=0 Oops, I left FL in "short name" please ignore or DIY edit.
  2. I'm surprised the standard PIDs don't provide the Engine oil temperature. I'll see if I can find some time this week to see what VW uses.
  3. Try disconnecting the power to the dashcams and see if that helps. Some dashcams produce EM noise that can block the DAB signals.
  4. Great work. Sorry I forgot the Engine Oil temperature. The Engine Oil Temperature is a generic PID 01 5C See rest of generic PIDS here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs I'll do some more investigation when the temperatures are not quite so high.
  5. I believe blockage is related to the percentage of power sent to the back wheels. Supposedly the haldex can send 50% of the power to the back wheels. Not sure if 50% should be the max for this PID or whether we should use 100% meaning haldex 100% engaged??? The max I've seen is 30%, but I've not given it any stick on a wet road yet. The current is the amount of current the pump is drawing. For normal running the current seems to be around 2 amps which seems to be less than 5% blockage. My haldex after cleaning the gauze was just over 5 amps for 30% blockage. I suppose high current and low blockage might indicate pump issues?
  6. I've uploaded a file called dsg.csv with these new two PIDs. Transmission fluid temperature Coolant temperature Hope these are useful. I've not tested them as it is too hot to do anything. The VCDS label "coolant temperature" is a bit vague. Not sure if it is the engine coolant temperature or the DSG. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jjxill7o1nvvjmb/DSG.csv?dl=0
  7. Because I'm an idiot 😞 . After doing some research on the web I finally found this on the Ross Tech website "I believe "Fleece" is the appropriate setting for a standard AGM" https://forums.ross-tech.com/showthread.php?24233-Coding-Battery&highlight=binary
  8. I coded my Bosch S5A08 70Ah as VA0 and binary AGM in March this year and had no issues so far.
  9. Thanks. I'll see if I can get the DSG pid. 😉
  10. I'll see if I can get the PID for the DSG temperature this weekend. I've got OBD2AA working but the dials on Android Auto are all zero. I'll need to re-read the instructions on XDA website. Also I'll try reinstalling OBD2AA first. 😉
  11. Cool, I'm surprised it worked because it failed the ATCRA command, but it is good you are getting data. Oil temperature should be a basic pid which should be easily found. There seem to be basic pids which can be found listed on the web and work for all manufacturers and manufacturer specific which require sniffing the canbus while using a program like VCDS. @SpursMadDave Did you buy OBD2AA recently?
  12. I've tried to purchase the obd2aa app and it is no longer available 😞
  13. I'm glad you resurrected this thread as I completely forgot about it. I think I'll have to splash out the £1.99 for this app and have a play. To read the useful data you need an genuine ELM327 dongle. There's lots of dongles out there that claim to be ELM327 but aren't. Use the app mentioned in post #1 to verify 🙂
  14. Its from the piece of trim that goes between the back door and the back seat. The square end goes into the trim and the round end fits on a small post attached to the floor of the car. I experienced it when installing a reversing camera and running a cables to the back of the car.
  15. I'm wondering if the battery is coded right. I think the original batteries are EPB (?) and they are different to the AGM ones. The car will shut down unnecessary modules to save power. Maybe it thinks the battery is lower than it really is?? Best bet get it scanned with VCDS or similar.
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