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  1. Shame really because most OBD dongles have a default password of 0000 or 1234 whereas this one has a much more secure password 😞 I was hoping to use it with Torque Pro through Android Auto to show it on my screen.
  2. I was charged £5. What a swizz. Can't even get it to work with Torque Pro app.
  3. Looks very much like a duff front centre left parking sensor.
  4. 0010 is not the error code, it is a flag showing a fault is present. 0000 no fault, 0100 module can't be reached etc. The rest of the scan should show you the fault code
  5. Some retrofits use the reversing light to trigger the camera. Worth checking the reversing lights are working????
  6. I repaired the leaky speakers myself. I will probably replace the seals at some point but it is not a priority.
  7. I had that on mine. The rubber seals have metal in them to stiffen them and this rusts. The reason my seals rusted was the door speaker seals were leaking and the water pools in the seals. Also makes the carpet damp leading to lots of condensation.
  8. With clogging that bad I can't see that the haldex would be operating properly. I believe the pump is used to provide hydraulic pressure to engage the haldex 'clutch'. In order to provide the pressure the pump would be working very hard. Before I cleaned mine I used VCDS to monitor my pump as I reversed off the drive and back on again. I also did a similar manoeuvre after cleaning. I wished I'd done a more scientific comparison but it was Christmas an time was bit tight. I think it shows the response of the haldex after cleaning has improved. Also the amount of gunk in mine was no where near yours. Note: VCDS uses the term "blockage" which appears to represent level of engagement of the haldex??
  9. Using VCDS I monitored my haldex and it appears to engage briefly when I drive away and also when reversing even in the dry.
  10. Bosch A282H https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0042ETBEQ/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item Discussion on here:
  11. Thanks. Took the opportunity to get the rear wiper blade for £4.79 as well.
  12. Check the date on the top of the bottle. This oil should be used within 3 years of this date. When I looked at oil being sold on eBay I noticed some of the dates were over 3 years old.
  13. This charger doesn't use the USB to power it as has it's own power cable. It just doesn't fit the UK design of cubby hole 😞 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Inbay-Qi-charging-station-dashboard-VW-Golf-7-charger-inductively-wirelessly-/222252038891
  14. The USB socket is on the other side compared to the UK version. You will need a LHD cubby hole 5G1 863 391.
  15. The oil still seems to be "gelling" and blocking the gauze. The rumours about VW changing the formulation of the oil would appear to be false??
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