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  1. https://www.thewheelspecialist.co.uk/ A couple of guys at my works have used this company for their BMW's. They are based in Segensworth near Fareham.
  2. Does anyone know if dealers flush/blow out the Haldex out before refilling? There must be more jelly type residue at the bottom of the Haldex. When I did mine I didn't think to flush it out. Also, do they run a "calibration" routine like the one in VCDS??
  3. I believe firmware updates are what would mess up any FEC licences like Carplay etc. Maps should be fine. You need to go to Nav, Settings then select Version Information then the option Update SD/USB.
  4. Download using this link: https://webspecial.volkswagen.de/vwinfotainment/int/en/index/downloads/maps-download#/
  5. Discover Pro Maps 2019/2020 is available. Skoda has had it available for a couple of weeks.
  6. I've produced some custom PIDS for monitoring the Haldex on my 7R. PIDS are Haldex Blockage (% of engagement of Haldex clutch), Haldex pump current, Front left wheel speed, front right, rear left and rear right. You will need a quality Bluetooth or WIFI OBD2 dongle that supports commands like ATAL and ATCRA. Chinese clones probably won't work 😉 . There is an app called "ELM327 identifier" on Google Play Store which will tell you if your device supports above commands. 1) Create a new Vehicle Profile and in the "Very Advanced" part of the Vehicle Editor add ATAL \n ATSP6 \n 2) Download CSV file (link below) which needs to be unzipped and copied to the .torque/extendedpids directory on your mobile. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/atccz12t3o3w998/AADzs-d0UeM28eKiRsDGPdyIa?dl=0 Personally, I have only used the Data logging on Torque Pro and exported the data to an Excel spreadsheet. I'm not sure whether the dials will work for these?? I've not produced a step-by-step guide yet as I would like some experienced users to have a go first. I expect some of the experts might point out a better way to do this, but I have done a few logging sessions and the data seems to compare well to results from VCDS. More work is needed. Hopefully people with a good working knowledge of Torque Pro will be able to get it working using my basic instructions, but if you have any questions I'll try and answer them.
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a go. 😉
  8. Is there a time limit after the VW warranty expires? My warranty ran out at Christmas.
  9. The criminals probably already know where the decent cars are located and their specs, so trying to disguise the 'R' is probably a waste of time. On the Facebook forums people sometimes get their cars nicked within a couple of days of purchasing them. If theft is the issue then better home security is probably the better option. The 'R' would make a great sleeper, but the quad exhaust rather gives it away. You would need a custom backbox fabricated to replace it although the R-line diffusers will fit the 7R so you have a choice of a single twin or even a single pipe version.
  10. Just checked mine and the fronts have almost no rust at all but the rears have probably 25% covering of light rust. I'm not too impressed by the dust/splash covers on the back brakes which are pretty rusty. (3.5 year old car).
  11. I'm using a 5G0 827 469 E which works on MIB2 discover media and discover pro. I believe the estate is 5G9 827 469 F.
  12. I've had the red warning triangle on a few occasions but no noticeable braking. Is autonomous emergency braking (AEB) standard on R's or do you need the front camera in the windscreen?
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