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  1. Its from the piece of trim that goes between the back door and the back seat. The square end goes into the trim and the round end fits on a small post attached to the floor of the car. I experienced it when installing a reversing camera and running a cables to the back of the car.
  2. I'm wondering if the battery is coded right. I think the original batteries are EPB (?) and they are different to the AGM ones. The car will shut down unnecessary modules to save power. Maybe it thinks the battery is lower than it really is?? Best bet get it scanned with VCDS or similar.
  3. Do a search on this forum as there are plenty of recommendations for batteries. I bought the BOSCH S5 A08 096 70Ah battery. Got it for around £140. I think I had 7 errors pop up my Nav unit when I changed my battery, but a drive around the block cleared them all. As Slider09 says get it coded for best longevity.
  4. I had a camshaft position sensor error two years ago. I cleared it and it never returned. I've had many "intermittent-not confirmed" issues before using aggressive mode. I generally ignore them unless they keep returning. Uwe, one of the Ross-tech forum experts said in a post . "Un-check "Use Aggressive mode" if you get "No Faults Found", I wouldn't sweat this one just yet."
  5. Was it working OK then stopped working? If it has been rubbish since you bought it try re-tuning the DAB channels.
  6. Have you tried this thread? Hope linking to another forum is OK with the moderators. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/index.php?threads/anyone-fitted-a-highline-reversing-camera.354354/
  7. You can buy the indicator element 5G0 949 102 and the black mirror surround 5G2 857 502AQ 9B9 separately. (Pre Face lift part numbers). The indicator unit needs torx T10.
  8. Was the Haldex module plug removed when the pump was cleaned and has it been plugged in correctly??
  9. After an incident with a high kerb in a car park which scratched my front bumper I decided a front camera might be useful. I've installed the front and rear camera parts of the VW Areaview system. I'm planning on doing the wing mirror camera's as well. It does mean drilling a hole in the wing mirror housing and at the moment I haven't the courage to do it . There is a Spanish chap who used to post on here called XaGiCo who has areaview fully working on his Golf.
  10. Pretty sure it's this: 5G1 920 791 A
  11. I did toy with the idea of using the Borg Warner high performance oil last year but ended up buying it from VW . It would be interesting to see if the Febi oil goes lumpy like the VW Haldex oil.
  12. I've just looked at the extracted files I downloaded from the VW website and they are dated 18th October 2019. The website says the maps updated 11/7/2019. Weird. https://webspecial.volkswagen.de/vwinfotainment/int/en/index/downloads/maps-download#/?car=c0983061-7568-49f7-998e-34d5dac823c6&navi=57200c60-96a5-431f-80ed-a2f8456f19f4
  13. Discover pro maps 2020 was release was released 11/7/2019. I believe that is the most up to date. Issue number 0184.
  14. You will probably need to remove the wing mirror to repair it. If you are lucky a couple of clips will have popped out (red arrows). There is a thin smooth bit of trim which allows the mirror to rotate (green arrow) and this clips to the wing mirror support using the clips (red arrows) and pulls your loose bit of trim tight to the door. Note my piccy is of the drivers side.
  15. This bloke has his done at Regal and recons it took about 20 minutes.
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