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  1. Washed the R and other half’s Up! today - first wash in 4 weeks if not more! Wheels tackled first with wheel woolies and Autofinesse wheel cleaner. Then cars sprayed with AF citrus cleanser whilst dry the snowfoaned with Gtechniq foam. Rinsed then 2BM with Carbon Collective lusso, rinsed then dried with Klin Evo drying towel. Tried out Excel ghost bucket for rinse. Just to see how dirty the water got.
  2. Niiiice! Get them wheels washed though, pal! Haha.
  3. Wash tonight. Car was pretty clean so was just: Rinse Wheels cleaned - Auto Finesse (name escapes me) Washed - Carbon Collective Luso. Very impressed with it! Rinsed Carbon Collective Speciale misted onto whilst wet then dried off. Only took an hour all in.
  4. Awesome looking R. BBS suit it so well.
  5. Just caught up with this thread. Quality work!
  6. So the Estate sailed through its first MOT earlier this week. Had a service at the same time. 11200 miles and the health check picked up scoring/corrosion on discs. Neither mentioned on MOT though. Couple random pics.
  7. Bit late to the party but that wheels look absolutely spot on! Lovely lovely R.
  8. Yeah I’ve ran them on my Edition 30 previously - really liked them. Wear quite quickly though.
  9. Veeman V-FS18 19x8.5 Et42 Uniroyal Rainsport 3 - 225, 35. Lowered on VWR Springs
  10. Just a wash. wheels cleaned with Meg’s new (the name escapes me) wheel cleaner, wheel woolie and a Raceglaze brush. Then whole car foamed with Gtechniq foam, front and rear I went over twice. Left to dwell while I filled my buckets. Washed top to bottom with a microfibre madness mitt. Rain came on during the wash so rinsed, moved the car back and forth to clean discs and that was it.
  11. Haha. Any port in a storm and all that. Joking aside I do think the R-Line Estate is a decent looking car. And the debate was never about engine power - only aesthetics. Though I’m sure the 2.0 Biturbo must be okay? What about the R36? That’s also a good looking car - and again better looking in Estate flavour.
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