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  1. The 19 inch Cadiz alloys were picked up by one very happy Golf owner who bagged himself a bargin. Happy Golfing folks.
  2. Same series W204 C63 , this is the Edition 507 (that’s the bhp) which was the run out model for the last of the 6.2 litre naturally aspirated V8s . There were several additional features , alloys , black accents , bonnet , brakes etc. And engine internals from the Black Series C63. Nothing wrong with the R but after owing a V8 AMG you never get bored of starting it up and driving it with the sunroof open. The C63 feels “special” when you get in it and every time you go out it’s an “occasion” unfortunately the R never felt like that for me, even though it would leave the C63 on the twisty bits.
  3. The replacement for the R is now in the garage.
  4. Is a new stealth coating I found on FleaBay 😀
  5. Should have picked it up Saturday but the weather scuppered that so should be here Wednesday. Here is a clue 😀
  6. For those who are interested in these things a single 19 inch Cadiz without a tyre comes up at 10.6kg on my bathroom scales.
  7. My partner even misses the C63, she would say “Are we going out in The Beast?” The snarl of the M156 Engine when you start it from cold is something else. As an all round car the R has it beat every time , other than possibly in a straight line, . I don’t want to have to drive ridiculously fast to enjoy the car, and I’m not bothered about racing a bunch of lads (or lasses) in whatever popped and banged , mapped thingy they are hooning about in. The W205 C63 is a different beast to the W204 , the twin turbo 4L V8 has huge amounts of torque , tract control kicking in a lot. They are much more “modern” than the previous generation but don’t feel as well built and sold. I tried the M4 comp , it left me totally cold and with a bad back. Try the AMG you will love it , prices are falling for low mileage regular C63 the non S, which will be around £40k soon.
  8. The C63 I had was bonkers but had loads of character, a fantastic feel to the interior and every time I drove it was something of an occasion. Unfortunately I never got that from the R which was a very good car and had more than enough performance for me and it wasn’t about going fast. The interior was a big let down and just didn’t feel “special”. After you’ve had a naturally aspirated V8 it hard to get a soundtrack that comes close, it’s addictive. I’ve still got the alloys which will go in the other garage if they don’t sell. Hopefully new new car will be in the garage by Saturday 😀
  9. The R has now gone and there should be something new in the garage by Saturday. I’ve still got the unused 19inch Cadiz alloys with ET 50 awaiting a new owner , see advert on here. Happy Golfing folks
  10. As the R should be gone by Wednesday I’m putting up for sale the set of unused 19in Cadiz alloys with the correct Golf R offset (ET 50). I know Cadiz are not most people’s favourite for the R but if you want. A set of genuine unused VW Cadiz there is a set going.
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