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  1. I wouldn't worry, my guess is this is perfectly normal and how the gear box is coded to behave. My guess is that the shift point moves depending on how quickly the RPM is heading toward the red line. Gentle to moderate acceleration will hold the gear right up to red line and then shift to protect the engine, but if you are accelerating very hard and the RPM trend is rapidly heading to red line and accelerator still pressed the box preempts the up shift based on the current RPM trend and the demand for more acceleration. BTW I have no idea how the DSG software is actually coded, this is just my experience in 4 different iterations of DSG over the last 10 years..
  2. You can definitely get locked out of the car with the key in the boot with keyless. Yes, it gives you 4 indicator flashes to warn you the key is in the boot but the system gives you somewhere between 45s-2mins to reopen the boot or it locks! To those that have tried it and claimed you can't do it with keyless - try to open it a few minutes later and you'll find it locked. You have been warned! 🙂
  3. hmm, that's a curious one then...I know I'm stating the obvious but you've tried cycling the O/I button on the top left of the steering wheel? Have you tried cycling the 'mode' button to switch between normal cruise and adaptive cruise modes? After that I'm out of ideas I'm afraid. Can you get the car scanned with VCDS to see what if any fault codes show up?
  4. Are you getting an amber fault caution for the front assist on start up, and the amber caution triangle staying lit on the dash? If you cycle through your DIS menu on the dash to 'vehicle status' or on the infotainment unit it should confirm the fault if this is what you have. If so, your front assist radar may need re-calibration, most VW dealers can do this.
  5. I've noticed the exact same as what the OP is describing but I'm just putting it down to winter...wet roads, colder temps etc. Got a new 7.5R in March 2018, so during spring and summer driving initially saw very consistent MPG figures on my regular commute but over the last few weeks I've noticed it's taken a very significant drop and I'm getting nowhere near those figures now no matter how hard I try to achieve them, I'd guess it's at least 10% worse MPG than what I was achieving in summer. Nothing else has changed with the car and all appears normal so I'm just putting it down to winter. I'm not overly concerned as didn't buy an R expecting good MPG just very surprised by the relatively sudden and unexpected drop in MPG. Ran a Mk7 GTI before the R, so similar engine, smaller turbo and never noticed such a significant and sudden fall off in MPG.
  6. Has anyone else noticed an increase in fuel consumption since winter has started? I've noticed I'm getting about 10% worse fuel consumption in comparison to what I was seeing during the summer on the same daily commute in the usual traffic. I'd suppose this is to be expected, just surprised it's as high as 10% poorer mpg. I'm not very concerned about it, just surprised by the relatively sudden increase.
  7. The owners manual recommends the following: Recommended settings for Climatronic Press the button on the control panel. Set the temperature to +22 °C (+72 °F). Open the vents in the dash panel and adjust the vent direction. I leave mine in Auto with A/C on all the time with the temperature set to 22, sometimes I might tweek the temperature up or down in very hot/cold weather but once the cabin temp is comfortable I set it back to 22. The beauty of climatronic is that you can 'set and forget' and it does the whole thing automatically. I'm on my 3rd VW with climatronic and never had an issue using it as above.
  8. You'll be back to the fold soon Joe! 😎
  9. Was your VRS leather? My previous Mk7 GTI had the cloth seats and the heated seats warmed up really fast. I've been putting it down to the leather in the R taking longer to warm up than cloth. It's early days but I'm also impressed with the leather in the 7.5.
  10. Picked mine up a few days ago and can confirm it has no battery cover in the engine bay and no underseat drawers (despite them still being listed as spec in the product guide). The car itself is incredible though, really delighted with it and so glad I spec'd the DCC...also really happy with the Indium Grey!
  11. I asked for exactly that a few weeks after the order was made and in fairness my dealer sent me on screenshots of the ordered spec straight away and everything was there that should have been there so fingers crossed for no surprises on collection day..
  12. Ah right so someone in VW Ireland messed up. Out of interest - did the dealer offer you anything for you to accept the car as is and did you consider it? Sounds like you got well looked after in the end.
  13. You're not helping my paranoia Joe! Genuinely surprised that stuff like that happens. The whole thing is so automated that only the correct parts are meant to arrive on the manufacturing line at the correct time and everything is barcode checked against the car etc etc..and as for quality control before the car leaves the factory - how do they miss a GTD headlight on a GTI, especially if it was just one as the other would have the red line!?
  14. @Greasemonkey Pity about the cock up, but a good result. Presume you get to drive around in the non-DCC car until the new one shows up? Was it a dealer cock up in not adding the correct spec to the order or was it the factory that messed up? Would be very surprised if it was the factory with so much automation and checks and balances in place. Have heard from my dealer that my car has landed in the country so hope to get it soon and I hope it has the DCC I ordered!
  15. VW must have made a sneaky spec delete hoping no one would notice.
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