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  1. George, if never using launch control (until getting the software update), then I guess there is no need to use the very conservative settings at 6000+?
  2. Please do, awesome figure for the hardware combo! Do you have a dyno sheet as well? And thanks for the DQ381 info!
  3. Not sure if you have a Golf 7 or 7.5 bit do they have tunes for the DQ381? Even more tempted by the L450 now after they released the 'My Genious' flash tool...
  4. I broke mine when removing it on last car... 😂 There has been done a flow test, and think also a dyno test, with and without snow grate, almost no difference at all! Doing the other stock airbox mod, drilling and opening up the blocked inlet at the left side of the air guide, does at least do some proven difference.
  5. I see, thanks for good explanation! However guess you missed my second question about if there is any possibility ahead of being able to use JB4 together with downpipe and deleted GPF:s on 2019+ cars? Would be really sweet if doable somehow...
  6. @[email protected], I just stumbled upon this replacement fuel controller that doesn't require ECU software upgrade. Do you know if it has been tested with JB4? Could it be the opener to go big turbo with JB4? https://torqbyte.com/products/vag-pm4-high-power-fuel-pump-control-module?variant=12656570007605 Also I wonder if you have any plans in foreseeable future that allows usage of JB4 with sport cat downpipe and removed GPF:s on the 2019+ cars??
  7. Yeah, finally ordered a Racingline replacement filter. The MST would have been about 70% more...
  8. Mine has also done well for two years, but not same (given the disintegration cases) as having confidence in prolonging it's service life time... Still considering between buying a standard racingline replacement filter or the MST, the later are quite a bit more expensive and no UK/EU dealer having them in stock currently... I would consider more induction sound a bonus however... 😁😎
  9. Yeah agree, the videos of disintegration are too scary to take any risk. One in a million or not... Mine has survived for two years at least. Tempting indeed, but don't have any local dealer and haven't found any web shop within the EU (which still includes the UK 😁) selling them... Nowadays ordering from outside EU here in Sweden will almost always lead to about 30% tax + customs fee + administration fee from the delivery company. Does anybody know any shop in UK/EU selling them?
  10. Hi! Considering whether to clean the filter or by a new replacement filter for my VWR (racingline) R600 intake before installing it in the new car. There is the infamous YouTube video with an old R600 filter going into pieces. Have no idea if this is a one off extreme case or a serious risk with aging R600 filters. What would you guys do? Surely there must be more people here with old R600 intakes...
  11. Dream setup! About how much is the fitting and mapping?
  12. No info on if/when the 2019:s will be supported?? Living abroad, I definitely like the possibility of remote tuning. 👍
  13. Any idea if/when it will be available for European 2019 dnu(e) engines with particulate filters? This is a very interesting option, living outside of UK!
  14. Is it a 2019 with particulate filters? If so, you shall use the white wire instead.
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