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  1. How do things work with the PPF: Is it integrated on the OEM downpipe or a separate part before/after? Concerning 'ppf code', is this measured by rear O2 sensor just like cat inefficiency or in a different manner? Using JB4, I especially wonder if a good spacer will work to avoid fault code for ppf just like for cat inefficiency, or if reflash is the only way??
  2. Here is the video. They definitely over do it though, especially they just pull instead of wiggle... 😀
  3. I have the same on my new car. You can take off the pipe with the PCV hose on it, and then you can see there is a small hole (pardon my English) where you can put in a small flat screwdriver (or dedicated tool from the video mentioned below). Keeping the screw driver / tool in, you can easily wiggle the hose off. There is also a video from one of the US vendors, think it was either ECS tuning or Deutsche Auto Parts where they do it this way. Ps. In the video they also take off the ignition coils or something like that, and say that two persons are needed, but I managed fine myself without doing anything further than I mentioned in the beginning.
  4. I'm neither an expert but been heavy consumer of mqb tuning info for over three years, and never heard of sports cat without tune causing turbo stress on these cars. On the contrary, the general opinion is that it lowers the stress on the turbo.
  5. If you are worried about that you can always just buy an aftermarket inlet pipe, the part that makes difference power wise. (But keep the stock inlet hose.)
  6. Or tuning box having indeed been left on at earlier dealer visit...
  7. In this recent airflow test, the MST pipe won, and the BMS got close second. Way ahead of APR for example. Would be cool if somebody could send him a TT pipe to get the results of that as well. http://www.mygolfmk7.com/2019/01/tip-ranking-round-2/
  8. Just to make it clear, my comment about being overkill for most users, was about the oil cooler, not the intercooler. Totally agree on the intercooler part.
  9. At least two members https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/24576-anyone-else-running-racingline-software/
  10. Welcome and nice upgrade! Only comment I have is that it is not that usual with upgraded oil cooler on these cars. Are you into heavy track driving? I would personally save that money and put into a downpipe instead, and you can get stage 2 software as bonus.
  11. Maybe they'll make a coal powered model for the US market and since UK will not be in the EU anymore, maybe you guys can get it too... Joking aside, I don't like the thought of hybrids. Extra weight and complexity with two systems. Think I'll keep running gas only cars until the day I can afford a pure electric car. A second hand performance version of model 3 perhaps... 🙂
  12. Sweet! Do you sell these? Definitely nice when bringing the car to service.
  13. Comment to my own post. If not intending to go beyond map 1, map 2 or default map 6, and not playing with ethanol mixes, then leaving FOL at 45 will be more than enough though.
  14. I'd say FOL 45 is on the low side as a general recommendation. Not all cars are the same. I'd recommend following the good old advice of avoiding WOT with less than quarter tank. If you don't get a fuel rail pressure error code, you don't need to lower the setting, and the other way around...
  15. No, should not be needed. Only a connector more to disconnect and reconnect. Only case where it may possibly be needed is if adding a 'true' front mount intercooler which requires new placement of the acc sensor.
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