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  1. S3 Turbo

    Anyone using MST Turbo pipe

    If you are worried about that you can always just buy an aftermarket inlet pipe, the part that makes difference power wise. (But keep the stock inlet hose.)
  2. S3 Turbo

    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    Or tuning box having indeed been left on at earlier dealer visit...
  3. S3 Turbo

    Anyone using MST Turbo pipe

    In this recent airflow test, the MST pipe won, and the BMS got close second. Way ahead of APR for example. Would be cool if somebody could send him a TT pipe to get the results of that as well. http://www.mygolfmk7.com/2019/01/tip-ranking-round-2/
  4. Just to make it clear, my comment about being overkill for most users, was about the oil cooler, not the intercooler. Totally agree on the intercooler part.
  5. S3 Turbo

    VWR OEM+ Remaps

    At least two members https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/24576-anyone-else-running-racingline-software/
  6. Welcome and nice upgrade! Only comment I have is that it is not that usual with upgraded oil cooler on these cars. Are you into heavy track driving? I would personally save that money and put into a downpipe instead, and you can get stage 2 software as bonus.
  7. S3 Turbo

    Could the MK 7.5 be the last of its kind?

    Maybe they'll make a coal powered model for the US market and since UK will not be in the EU anymore, maybe you guys can get it too... Joking aside, I don't like the thought of hybrids. Extra weight and complexity with two systems. Think I'll keep running gas only cars until the day I can afford a pure electric car. A second hand performance version of model 3 perhaps... 🙂
  8. Sweet! Do you sell these? Definitely nice when bringing the car to service.
  9. Comment to my own post. If not intending to go beyond map 1, map 2 or default map 6, and not playing with ethanol mixes, then leaving FOL at 45 will be more than enough though.
  10. I'd say FOL 45 is on the low side as a general recommendation. Not all cars are the same. I'd recommend following the good old advice of avoiding WOT with less than quarter tank. If you don't get a fuel rail pressure error code, you don't need to lower the setting, and the other way around...
  11. S3 Turbo

    7.5 intercooler fitting....acc?

    No, should not be needed. Only a connector more to disconnect and reconnect. Only case where it may possibly be needed is if adding a 'true' front mount intercooler which requires new placement of the acc sensor.
  12. S3 Turbo

    Spark plugs for st 2 flash tune

    Using NGK RS7 plugs.
  13. Question: How worthwhile is the investment on engine mounts, if having dogbone mount already? (Having stage 2 equivalent car with JB4.)
  14. S3 Turbo


    The IE is very popular in the states, and no doubt a very good IC too. Have you measured / noticed any differences between using the Wagner and the IE?
  15. Personally, based on logging and tweaking of my own car, prefer additive in cold weather, and absolute in hot. A bunch of guys at the US forums do it this way too. (But absolutely nothing wrong with just using absolute or just relative.) Have no exact scientific 'border line' temp, but mostly using additive up to 15C and absolute above 20C.