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  1. It looks to have cleaned up quite well...! The window switch trough nearly made me vom - it was fully loadeded! Put my latex car wash gloves on, got in with some kitchen roll paper to soak it up - then had to try pick out the more 'solid' bits of toast and marmalade...!! It also in some of the nooks and crannies around the inside door handle, where it sits against the door card/panel, and in the speaker holes . I'll get in with an old detailing brush and a hoover attachment when its dried up a bit. He's now pestering me wanting Lunch!!!! Hahaha.
  2. Shit happens I suppose. An application of GTechniq Fabric protector when the car was new may have saved some of the rancid Vom soaking too much in to the fabric/foam seat!! His marmalade toast and orange juice for breakfast has given it a gentle aroma of orange - and if I've cleaned most of it out, hopefully won't smell too bad in a few weeks time/the next heat wave. Little boy is ok and sat reading books, and I'm still talking to him! Haha.
  3. Better off stretching a bit further and getting this: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202104040968247?model=RS4 AVANT&postcode=bt472lt&radius=1500&sort=year-desc&make=AUDI&year-to=2021&include-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=1
  4. Went and got the Warranty Replacement alloys (Cadiz) fitted on to the Hearse by the helpful dealerships tyre depot who'd previously fitted my new tyres to them. Had winter wheels/snow tyres on and decided now was the time to get the sporty summer wheels/tyres back on. The winters had been giving me a headache as there was an amount of vibration coming from them even though I'd had them balanced and fitted Spigot Rings (winter wheels are Audi A4 ones so have a larger hub size). Got the enthusiastic young chap in the tyre depot to check the balancing out on them - they were miles out!!!! He
  5. What is the recommended approach when buying a private sale used car that still has finance on it? Seems a reasonable and common thing to happen, but assume care has to be taken to ensure a safe transaction. Thanks.
  6. Mine exactly the same.
  7. If your OZ ones aren’t the same hub diameter as the VW hub (57mm or so I think) and are bigger then you need spigot rings to step the wheel down to the same size as the VW hub. I’m having this issue with some Audi wheels that are bigger hub size, put spigot rings on too, still getting vibration around 60/65. Might take them somewhere else for balancing again.
  8. Year 3 Service (being told Major - Spark Plugs, Filters etc) and Brake Fluid change - circa £380 from my local main dealer. Sound reasonable? Thanks.
  9. Is there a right and wrong way to store wheels with tyres on during winter (or at anytime for that matter)...? Got my warranty replaced summer Cadiz wheels back this week and just wondering if I should be storing them in a particular way? Up till now I've stored them, and the winters during the summer, just by stacking them carefully on top of each other - sitting the bottom one on a piece of formica covered shelf/kitchen worktop type board. TIA for any advice...!
  10. Hi, looking for some advice on fitting Audi Wheels to my Mk7.5 Estate. I’ve had some A4 wheels on the car now as Winter Wheels for a couple of winters, and only just been informed that the hub size on the Audi’s is a little bigger than that of the Golf, and that I needed to fit some spigot rings. Prior this there was an amount of wheel wobble going on, no doubt as the wheels where not 100% centred on the hubs. So this year I got spigot rings fitted and still noticing an amount of wobble/vibration mainly coming from the rears. I’ve had the wheels checked and balanced so not sure
  11. Anyone’s from on here: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101288447629
  12. Looks lovely that! Was it brand new or nearly new? Could be an option for my R Estate replacement. Would seem to be a better spec'd car for less than a new mK8 R with a similar spec....?
  13. A bit off topic sorry - but as a heads-up, are there going to be any nice Mk7.5 Estates going up for sale as your Mk8's near Delivery?? Be intereste to know to help with planning my next moves as my PCH is due back soon. Realise Sales have to go in the Classified section - but just looking for an early understanding of what might be coming up. Thanks all.
  14. So a strange one for you all here. Was out today in the Mk7.5 R Estate, took a little drive to a forest park. Parked up, ground condition was very good, solid gravel/dirt etc type area. When we got back and started to drive off there was an awful metal on metal type sound coming from the back of the car. As the wheels sped up the noise sped up. Applying the foot brake made no difference (maybe the rear brakes don't come on unless you're braking heavily...?). Pulled over a couple of times as it sounded horrendous. Put the electronic park brake on and off a few times - drove again - same h
  15. Thanks for that Parky. I benefit from only needing the MOT at Year 4 being in Northern Ireland....our rules a tad different over here - and the car is likely to be getting returned to VWFS mid May when my extended-extended Contract Hire lease runs out. Really need to plan what I'm doing car wise come mid May..!!!
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