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  1. Jeez - what sort of Ale do you drink??
  2. It' another £13 a month I don't want to give Sky just to watch TV in one room. They're giving me a new Sky Q main box, but not a Mini Box for other room. I think the solution will be to either try the unit I linked to above, or just move the Sky Q box down to this room and re-route cable from Dish, or move dish if it can be to avoid long run of cable around the house. I could save that money to put MPS4 tyres on my Cadiz Alloys!!
  3. Anyone got experience of a unit like this that is supposed to be able to distribute a Sky HDMI signal over an existing Coax cable set-up and still deliver HD quality images? https://www.trac-cctv.co.uk/cctv-accessories/1110-triax-hdmi-modulator-mod-103t.html
  4. So last night I watched a recorded episode of the Martin Lewis money programme, where he was recommending around the 21 day prior mark to get insurance quotes. Not sure I agreed with his mantra that doing early prompts less risk to insurance company as You are a 'sensible organised person etc etc'. I'd say its more to do with time running out - anyway. I did try it, with yeterday's date and then 21 days in the future and yes it was about £40 cheaper - but no surprises there really. My insurance is due to renew today, probably at Midnight, and I had been meaning to contact Admiral about my multi car policy. I always check with them a new price based on reduced value of the car - if you don't do this you are still insuring a brand new car - or however long ago it was and worth back then. I've renewed with Admiral now 2 years running as they have been competitive after changing car values. Today it only dropped by £10 on the R - no drop on the iX35 Family Wagon. So I then asked if there was anything they could do today to keep me on board. 20 seconds later the lovely lady said yes, I can discount the Golf R by another £55 - result! I'd done a quick Compare The Meerkat last night and those quotes were no cheaper than what I have secured this morning. Always worth asking current insurer. I would normally spend more time researching quotes, but just not got round to it this time. Luckily it seems to have worked out OK though.
  5. ??????? Quickly goes to book in for a Res Delete reversal..!!
  6. Are you having to pay the circa £13 a month for Multi Room ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So I will be on Sky Q shortly as renewed my contract and they’re upgrading me to that. I did enquire about having a mini box down in the room where we now watch TV - in order to get the signal down there, but they said I’d need multi room at £13 a month for that. I don’t need Multiroom as we only watch TV in one room. I don’t want the palaver of moving the box, cable, dish either. If I had a multi room mini box can I use that to just duplicate the channel from Room A to Room B..? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Anyone got experience of distributing Sky HD around the house so can watch in others rooms but from the one single subscription, not Multi Room, whilst maintaining HD quality? Currently got Sky distributed using coax cable via one of those loft box setups. But the picture quality is quite poor, certainly isn’t HD. Discovered something called a HDMI Modulator unit that claims to distribute and maintain the HD quality from the HDMI output of the Sky box, whilst still distributing via the existing coax cabling. Don’t want/need multi room, just want to be able to watch HD quality in our own main living room which isn’t the same room where the Sky box is. Any advice/solutions greatly received..! Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. So my slow puncture the other day was another screw in the same tyre that had one a while back. Was repairable so happy about that. Fronts are approaching requiring changing. Should know if keeping the car another 12 months or not before they need changing. Saw some Renault SUV type thing today sporting MPS4’s..!! And there’s me scrimping with my 300bhp performance car! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Probably just put the same back on. It’s a PCH car and if I extend for 12 months after mid May (informal extension set now which takes me to mid May), I’ll likely only have her that extended year, so not fussed going too expensive and not getting the benefit. Depends on price difference, may go with 18” PS4. Will get all 4 tread checked this morning and see. So new rubber on front or back then? Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. This tempting. Would be some increase over my JB1...! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nice looking wagon that! I have a pure white one on contract hire. Love it. Not so much the colour, but such a great car to drive. Are you near Swindon? Think I saw your car for sale when I’ve been looking for my contract hire replacement. If you are PM me as I’d love to come see your motor once you’ve done a few mods to it! I work in the area during the week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve done 18,700 miles on my Bridgestones that came on the car nearly 2 years ago now. Still loads of tread left on them, although when I got back to my home airport this evening the rear offside was almost totally flat. Limped to the Sainsbury’s PFS down the road and used the airline to inflate. Drive 70 miles home. Trip to local tyre place in the morning. This is the same tyre that had a slow puncture a while ago. If I have to replace it, am I better to put 2 new ones on the back, or new on front and put fronts to the rear? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Looking for some advice/man(woman) math/help....... Currently in a Personal Contract Hire that runs out mid Feb. Can't believe that's 2 years flown by already! I grabbed one of the good deals 2 years ago, not the best in R history I understand, but at £320 amortised (3k upfront, 204 a month x 23) for 24 months it pushed all the right buttons. Now the dilemma. What to do next. Really like the R, I have the estate form which I love for the versatility and extra space I sometimes need - kids bikes, golf clubs/trolley, dump runs etc. Oh, and the performance and handling which are truly outstanding in my view. Before getting the R I had really wanted an Audi S4 Avant but couldn't bring myself to pay the extra hundred+ a month. Options: Formal 12 month extension on current car for circa £250 a month and have a 2nd service and possibly tyres to pay for that I won't get much use out of. Take out a new 24 month PCH deal - currently sitting at around £350 a month amortised. Brand new car, probably only have to service once and certainly no tyres Buy a 69 plate I've seen for around £31,500 with some lovely options - Pano Roof, DCC, upgraded 19" alloys, Atlantic Blue, Reverse Camera, the bigger/better Nav/Media screen. Lovely looking car, only a few months old - BUT - I'd be looking at circa £5k down with £380/400 a month payments on a 4 year PCP - leaving then about £12k final payment. Over the 4 years that is about 480/500 month and there would then still be £12k to pay off. I'd also be hit with the £465 a year Road Fund as the original RRP would have been over £40k for this car. It kind of seems a better option to go £350 a month on another PCH deal, maybe even after extending my current PCH for another 12 months in order to 'sweat' my initial 3k upfront a bit more. This was my first time out of a company car scheme and feel I've been spoilt a little with the good PCH deal I got first time round. Just wondering what some of you more experienced Owners/Leasers would do/rationalise a decision etc. TIA...!!
  15. Phoned the seller earlier - someone agreed to buy it yesterday and should be collecting it today/tomorrow. Seller said the seat bolster didnt look anywhere near as bad in the flesh as it did in the photos. The tune was a Bluefin one. The search continues. Current PCH 7.5 Estate is due back mid feb. Can take the 3 month informal extension or a formal one if VWFS drop their quote somewhat. Calling again today to get my new quote for December. The closer hand back gets the more I'm really wanting to keep an R Estate. Can't beat it for value and bang for buck really. Test drove the new Toyota Supra the other week. Lovely lovely car, couldn't really put the power down though, certainly not like in the R's Only 2 seats - but it was a lovely place to sit, and the engine made a lovely sound!!
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