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  1. Been busy doing the next round of mods to golf over the last few weeks I’ve fitted a scorpion cat back resonated non valved exhaust with the black tips. Ali express day paddles and enlarged boost pipes, 7.5 infotainment screen and trim and auto tech hpfp. I also decided to remove the maxton rear spoiler and black and white badges. Now trying to decide on decent suspension and brake upgrades.
  2. One thing worth mentioning is the climate in Australia is not like the uk. Also fuel quality in Australia may not be as refined. I enjoyed the build and will enjoy watching it on track against the evo
  3. If you find something that works please let me know because I tried several different trims and they were all to short
  4. As far as I’m aware there is no part the windscreen is different and the mounting is higher up also the black shape on the screen that covers the trim is different. I gave up in the end
  5. It just involves removing the lower arms and filling the groves in the suspension bush with grease. When done properly this will cure the suspension creaking. However most dealers are lazy and just put some grease on the bush with the arm still fitted and that repair doesn’t last and the noise returns
  6. Dan1982


    As this is a gtd and not an R dealers menu pricing is a lot more reasonable I think £299 for and £279 for rear fitted
  7. Dan1982


    Since this issue has appeared since you’ve replaced tyres then it stands to reason that they are the problem. Getting the wheel alignment done will improve things though. With the discs if there on the minimum then get them replaced. I’d say 40k is a decent amount of life for a set of discs tbh. It sounds to me like you bought a car you can’t afforrd to run.
  8. I work at a dealership we are instructed by vw to disconnect any recording devices, so we disconnect the dash cam if fitted. We also have signs around building warning about unauthorised recording, If I was removing the tail gate for repair I would disconnect the battery. Having said that they may not have but then there’s a good chance the interior light was left on flattening it anyway. Either way you loose your trip settings. In regards to your 1 mile discrepancy this can happen when the battery is disconnected and reconnected as the ecu records the mileage in km and the dash displays in miles so if when it converts to miles it’s right on the change it can knock it back one mile. As your master tech correctly informed you it’s nearly impossible to clock a modern car without swapping components this is the reason mileage blockers excist to stop the car clocking miles up to start with. As for road testing the car if it’s only had a repair to the tailgate or bumper they may not have road tested it. I would have incase of a rattle. I would detail the car yourself unless there’s deep scratches that can’t be removed and get back to enjoying your car.
  9. For me there’s something satisfying seeing to needles buried towards the end of the dials. As most have said I like both but would spend any cash to change either way
  10. I can confirm there is no res in the post WLTP golf and twin petrol particulate filters as predicted
  11. The brakes are more than up to the job for my driving so will just get some clubsport s disc and padgid blue pads when the time comes
  12. My golf made 414 bhp and 434 ft lbs of torque over the moon with the results
  13. Little update on my car I’ve now owned it a year and covered 8000 miles in that time I’ve had no issues what so ever. Over the last few weeks I found time fit a Wagner intercooler, scorpion sports cat downpipe a turbo muffler delete and ngr racing plugs. On Wednesday I took a trip to Will and Vrs Northampton for Apr stage 2. On Wills dyno the car made 414hp and 434 ft lbs of torque. I’m over the moon with the results. This car never seizes to amaze me and now it’s the perfect Jekyll and Hyde car. Cruising like a normal car quiet and comfortable and delivering mid 30’s mpg and then a absolute animal when needed. Future plans include a brake upgrade once my current discs and pads are worn out and a good detail when I get a chance.
  14. Despite what you read on these forums these cars are very robust we see at least a couple a week and generally they only come in for servicing. Most warranty issues are trim rattles and squeaks which could be sorted out cheaply anyway. We as a dealer have never even seen a slipping clutch even though you read on here about them failing daily and to my knowledge only fitted one turbo in the nearly 5 years they’ve been out. Vw Warranty are making claims harder and harder to try and claw back some money after the emissions scandal. If you want to tune I say go for it. If you do have a major component fail imo you’ll be unlucky
  15. I also went stage two at vrs this week haven’t stopped smiling since, out of interest what figures did you make? I’ve never bothered with a pedal box, can’t say I’ve ever noticed the dead spot that you guys mention but coming from a long line of vws maybe I’m just used to it or I’ve got a heavy foot lol
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