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  1. Dan1982


    Both Rick at unicorn and Will at vrs are great guys and seriously know there stuff I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either way. The main difference is Rick will write a bespoke map for your car tailored to you needs where as Vrs use a generic map from Apr (still very good and well respected) it’s really horses for courses so choose what suits you.
  2. Dan1982

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    Well they got it through by trying another tail pipe but told me they were on the limit due to a small leak. If yours is showing signs of a leak get it fixed and get the exhaust really hot before the test
  3. Dan1982

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    My car was the same and was blowing and leaking around the res delete also As strange as it sounds get them to try the probe in one of the other tail pipes
  4. Dan1982

    Dans oryx 3dr

    I don’t have many pictures tbh but if you just want detailed pics of the wheels I can take some for you
  5. Dan1982

    Software issue.

    For the mirror drop to work it needs to switched on via the radio and the mirror switch switched on to the left mirror for the parking brake to put it self on make sure the auto hold is switched on
  6. Dan1982

    Dans oryx 3dr

    Thanks guys. I’ve got a Wagner intercooler and Scorpion sports cat down pipe here ready for stage two. Just need to find some time to fit them.
  7. Dan1982

    Car service invoice

    The only reason I ask is all new volkswagens use the same oil so there’s no need for dealers to have other oil on pump. I would 99.9 percent sure they’ve put the correct oil in and not updated the description on the computer
  8. Dan1982

    Car service invoice

    Was the service done at a vw dealer?
  9. Dan1982

    tte 470

    No you would need high and low pressure fuel pumps and a tweak of the map to run tte470
  10. Dan1982

    Anyone driven a R since WLTP changes?

    These are available now
  11. Dan1982

    Anyone driven a R since WLTP changes?

    We’ve just had a batch of 5 golf gti pp delivered to our dealership. That’s the 1st with the ppf so golf R s won’t be far behind. Visually the ppf replaces the cataliyst in the front pipe and is similar size, I’m yet to drive one properly but with a trundle to the compound it doesn’t sound any different
  12. Dan1982

    Creaking steering wheel

    From what you describe it sounds like a top mount bearing but It really shouldn’t be difficult to diagonose tbh. If you think the noise is in the cabin then you could try removing the steering cowling and drive it for a few days
  13. Dan1982

    Golf R mk 7 Dyno

    Only one way to find out!
  14. Dan1982

    DSG service by VW, possible low fluid

    I do theses oil changes daily at work. As slider09 said dsg oil temperature needs to be above 30 degrees to check oil level. ive found this online that should help http://bd8ba3c866c8cbc330ab-7b26c6f3e01bf511d4da3315c66902d6.r6.cf1.rackcdn.com/VWAudi_DSG_Fluid_Change_Service_PDF.pdf
  15. Dan1982

    DSG service by VW, possible low fluid

    That’s rubbish run up to temp then undo the bung underneath with the engine running if oil runs out it ok if no oil runs out it need topping up. But I very much doubt it’s been under filled by a dealer as dsg comes in a six litre pack and the box takes 5.5