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  1. Agreed massive difference over stage one and still strong numbers your stage one was just exceptional
  2. Interested in seeing your figures and reaction I’ve been stage 2 just over a year and I’m still astonished at the performance
  3. Not really done many external mods just a dechrome and 7.5 rear lamps and side indicators. I’m a tech at a dealer Fitted the dash, infotainment and the 7.5 rear lamps myself.
  4. Just realised I didn’t add the pictures Of the latest mods
  5. the original clips as pic have a threaded hole in them so if they break you can just wind a self tapper in them. no need to replace them
  6. Although it can be done on tall axle stands personally i wouldn't bother as you'll regret it. Its hard enough of a ramp if not removing the subframe.
  7. as an added note my car only made made 292 hp. stock with r600 and tt inkake pipe. again on vrs dyno before mapping.
  8. i went from apr stage 1 to apr stage 2 high torque with VRS using the exact same hard ware as you. my car made 386bhp stage 1 with r600 and tt intake pipe. After going stage 2 it made 414bhp 434 ft lbs. beware they don't normally dyno the car again so you may have to pay extra, i did. Although i did source and fitted all the hard ware myself so that maybe a factor. For me personally the transformation was huge. I guess it depends how you drive. As for the pop and crackle map its quite subtle and not really to my taste. However its only in race mode anyway and with this much power you can just drive around in eco lol
  9. its basically under the drivers foot rest so if you remove the foot rest and lift the carpet you should see it
  10. I'm apr stage 2 and i can highly recommend there tunes although if your considering stage 3 at any point then i would go Revo or Racing line as Apr don't offer a stage 3 tune anymore. Which means paying out alot for a custom stage 3 tune from another tuner
  11. i've fitted the 7.5 screen and trim into my golf it only works with the mib2 radio though? As for part numbers it depends on if you have nav or not.
  12. Been busy with further mod's on the golf recently i've recently fitted the AID r virtual cockpit from a golf 7.5 and black alcantra seat covers from an 7.5 r finishing off the inside nicely. Also fitted ST suspension 20mm lowering springs and 10mm wheel spacers which i highly recommend to anyone with dcc suspension. As the ride is oem but the stance is much better. Brakes wise i went all out and fitted ap racing 4 pots with 2 piece 362mm discs and ds2500 pads the brakes now feel amazing. Finally i've fitted golf 7.5 taillights. I think thats the car finished now but who know maybe stage 3 is just around the corner
  13. I fitted it myself and coded it online with odis. Any suggestions on things I could try?
  14. Fitted the AID today all went to plan apart from being left with the driving modes not working. I've seen a few suggestions of needing a updated gateway control unit. 5Q0907530AJ. Can anyone confirm that this is correct? my car currently has an AF gateway control unit fitted with the latest software and coding
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