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  1. Did you go 34.5mm for the front locking because they don’t do a 35mm? Also what are the lengths of the normal bolts you are using front and rear? Are they H&R? Apologies for the questions! It’s a mine field trying to get this right lol.
  2. Great thanks! Do you think you would go to 15mm rear spacers? I’ve been recommended 11mm front and 16mm rear but I think that might be a little much! Yes I think I will be getting the Mcgards also.
  3. Hi Rob, This is a great thread and have read through most things and it's really helped with mods on my R. I've got the exact 8mm and 12mm H&R spacers on the way but without bolts to fit with 19" Prets. Please can I ask what bolts and locking bolts you are using?
  4. Thanks for the reply! That is very strange and I’d be interested to know why that is the case! At least I know it’s normal now though and don’t have to worry about it being a fault haha
  5. Hi all, just picked up my MK7 facelift R and I’m loving it so far! At the stage now where I’m just seeing what happens in different modes and I noticed that when in Eco all the gears show with an E infront of the gear numbers. However I’ve noticed if you leave the car in Eco and turn off the engine then turn the engine back on again the gears now show with a D infront of them even though the car is still in Eco when you go into modes? To get E to show again I have to press the mode button until it gets back to Eco. Forgive me if I’m being stupid but is this normal and if so can anybody explain why this happens? Thanks
  6. That makes sense, certainly if the is 0% saving with insurance! Wouldn't it be nice if you could get one simple insurance which covers everything without 200000 pages of small print! We can only dream! haha
  7. Great thank you for the link :-)
  8. Thanks I will have a read of that section. In regards to GAP insurance I am unsure about this, am I right in saying GAP insurance policies will only pay out if your car is a 'total loss' and your main insurance provider don't offer a replacement car? Which I think they always do don't they if you are fully comp and your car cannot be recovered?
  9. bradley391


    Hey all, My 7.5R should be arriving in around 10 days... Excited is an understatement! However, I want to get a tracker fitted to the car! The VW dealer can fit one for me and it's around £450 - Vodaphone Protect & Connect 6 Cat6 Tracker. I know nothing about these things and after some advise/recommendations for anyone who has a tracker? Should I go with the VW option or is there better /cheaper options out there? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. This is true, I wouldn't have got the pack if they couldn't have swapped out the wheels. I don't know why they don't offer them as I had read a few people hadn't been as lucky as me at getting them swapped. So excited to get it, I'm currently driving a 2009 mk6 1.4 petrol so it will be a big leap!
  11. I went to for the standard White as I'm thinking of wrapping it at some point! I added the performance pack with the upgraded breaks though and managed to get them to swap out the Spielberg alloys which are normally included for the black Prets which I was happy about! Really wanted the Akrapovic exhaust as well but couldn't justify the cost! Maybe change the exhaust down the line but want to see what the stock is line first.
  12. Hi everyone, New to this forum but I've spent the last few weeks reading threads and looking at different topics... Great forum! Anyway I'm super excited to say I've ordered a new Golf MK7.5 R hatchback 5 door DSG and delivery is due early/mid March so it will be rocking an 18 plate! Looking forward to getting more involved with the forum once she arrives!
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