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  1. So, has anyone actually carried out this Modifications? Does it make any noticeable difference?
  2. I have had my car for 12 months and right on time, the service light came up. I know when I purchased the car, they asked me what sort of driving I did. I told them a mixture of Country and occasional Motorway driving, so the set the service interval to 12 months or 10k miles, whichever came sooner. Car has done 6.5K miles at service and it's set for 12 months again.
  3. Any Halfords - about £30 (Plus the hard wiring kit). Just about to have mine done, but front only. (Nextbase) Will report on the outcome.
  4. I always use Shell or Tesco at 99RON however, there have been 2 occasion where I had to put 95RON in, due to not being able to find Shell/Tesco so put about £15 in to get me to my destination then went straight back to 99RON. Didn't really notice any significant difference as was cruising on Motorways save for a slight drop in MPG.
  5. I purchased my car in March 2018 and it's due its first service very soon. When I purchased it, I took a 3 year Service plan out, which includes Tyres and for £35 per month, which I thought was excellent value given the currency fluctuations not being in our favour!
  6. I have found their website here: http://www.qstuning.com/ they have lots of options and he is located on an industrial estate, not far from Haywards Heath Railway Station in Haywards Heath.
  7. QST - Kim Collins in Haywards Heath for APR
  8. Many thanks for this - I take it you have one?
  9. After 6 months, I just can't believe I have just spanked my nearside Pret on a kirb! And it's a good one too! Does anyone have one for sale in the South East of England or can point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. Just came across a Race Chip GTS Black -is anyone using one of these on their R - interested to hear about feedback!
  11. I looked at the units option too, but could not find anything, but thanks anyway - wondered if there was an option using ODB11
  12. Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? I did have a scroll around to see If I could change the 'Pointless Gimmick', but I could not find this - so my question was simply asking, can this be done? If not by scrolling, then perhaps by OBD 11. Simply asking for some advice which is what I thought this page was for, oh grumpy one!
  13. This was essentially what I wanted to know - Can you change KW to PS?
  14. Hi all, Did a quick search but could not find anything ! I have the Dynaudio with the Bigger Screen on the 7.5 and the sport option display gives you a readout of Turbo Pressure, G-Meter & Power in KW. I was just wondering if these values can be changed? Thanks
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