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  1. Had mine done a couple of months ago by them, excellent, professional, not rushed so excellent service.
  2. Hi Gav thanks. Mine are on 4mm and I was thinking the very same thing about possibly changing them nowish - Many thanks.
  3. Hi Adam, To be honest, it was quite faint, but I think that if it's under warranty, and it should not really have done that, I decided to get this done. Plus my car was dirty lol
  4. Hi, I was just wondering what the minimum tread depth, when one should consider changing the tyres. I'm not talking the minimum legal limit. It's especially important now that winter is on the way. It's not about cost here, as I have a service plan which includes tyres. What do we think?
  5. Just had a warranty claim to the tune of £888 and this was to replace the Infotainment screen as a 'line' appeared on the screen. Mar 2018 12k miles. All sorted no fuss by Caffyns - also got my car cleaned which was a bonus as it was minging!
  6. Had exactly the same issue and took it to VW and that's exactly what they did - just a heads-up, IOS13.1 has just come out (yes, already!), so this issue may happen again. I have just updated my iPhone software, but have not used it in the car yet.
  7. Thanks Andy - I have Autoglass fitting a new one tomorrow!
  8. I know Jamie - trying to delete it and change to General Chat!
  9. Trying to delete and put this in general chat ! Sorry Admin!
  10. So I just set off for work this morning and found a hoofing great big crack in the window screen. I know it wasn't there when I Parked up last evening. Anyone else had this? It's defo not a stane chip as it starts from the edge of the screen!
  11. So, has anyone actually carried out this Modifications? Does it make any noticeable difference?
  12. I have had my car for 12 months and right on time, the service light came up. I know when I purchased the car, they asked me what sort of driving I did. I told them a mixture of Country and occasional Motorway driving, so the set the service interval to 12 months or 10k miles, whichever came sooner. Car has done 6.5K miles at service and it's set for 12 months again.
  13. Any Halfords - about £30 (Plus the hard wiring kit). Just about to have mine done, but front only. (Nextbase) Will report on the outcome.
  14. I always use Shell or Tesco at 99RON however, there have been 2 occasion where I had to put 95RON in, due to not being able to find Shell/Tesco so put about £15 in to get me to my destination then went straight back to 99RON. Didn't really notice any significant difference as was cruising on Motorways save for a slight drop in MPG.
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