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  1. JamieKirk

    VagCom for £55?

    I’ve got a genuine one and would only use a genuine one to be fair . When you’re spending 30k on a car do you really want to trust a £50 cable of eBay, some might but personally I wouldn’t. I bought a genuine one off my friend a couple of years ago when I had my mk5gti and still have it now. They’re an excellent bit of kit really and one of the best car related bits I’ve bought. Like you say the values wont go down, so you will get your investment back if you ever come to sell it. Go for genuine
  2. JamieKirk

    18" wheel pic request

    I have prets too and this is my winter setup.
  3. No, but I, like most upgraded the pads when changing to clubsport s discs
  4. JamieKirk

    Screen Wash

    I use the vw screenwash you get in TPS in the 1 litre bottles then mix it with deionised water.
  5. Soon as I saw Bedford, I automatically thought of AKS, had a few parts from them and a very good friend of mine tfsi mike used to pretty much live there upgrading his car. Alex is very switched on. I’d take my car there to be fair for its next service now it’s out of warranty.
  6. JamieKirk

    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Thanks mate😊
  7. This is is what I went with, Clubsport discs EBC bluestuff pads Racingline braided hoses Motul fluid And on the rears kept the discs and pads standard but painted the hubs before they went on to stop the rust. My car is stage 1 and think this setup is great, really happy with it.
  8. JamieKirk

    Selling Pretoria Alloys

    Just trying to figure out what’s the best way to sell a set of Pretoria Alloys, would I be best selling them as a complete set or would I be better off selling them individually and what sort of price do you think would be fair? Without tyres, no curbing, couple of stone chips and two with slight corrosion around the valves. Thanks in advance Jamie
  9. JamieKirk

    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Few more pictures with the winter alloys on My favourite one Had my brakes fitted on Friday Just need to clean the callipers, have got some new R decals to go on. Blue pads instead of the ds2500's as they've had plenty of feedback about them rattling so we decided to go for these instead. Rear's Braided hoses Pretoria's back on with wheel bolt covers And finally the first of hopefully many Advisory free MOT's Jamie
  10. JamieKirk

    Winter Wheels & Tyres

    18’s for me, 235 40 18
  11. JamieKirk

    tyre size on winters

    8j 235/40/18
  12. JamieKirk

    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Last weekend I got round to test fitting one of the winter alloys; Had a delivery On Sunday I decided to fit the winter wheels for its MOT as the Golf will be in the garage until then anyway. I will then put the pretoria's back on until the weather drops. Really pleased how they turned out, better than I had imagined, I know some people won't like them but they're more for practicality but I like them:thumb: Some more MOT prep yesterday fitting new wipers, mine were ok but thought i'd change them. MF's to protect the paint and glass Will get some pictures of the brakes when I get them fitted on Friday. Jamie
  13. JamieKirk

    New 19” Rep Prets

    Or put the 8’s on the back:)
  14. JamieKirk

    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Thank you, was actually showing my friend your car the other day to try and persuade them into an R estate, yours looks fantastic, I think the wheels look great So I have managed to sort out my rear discs prior to their fitment on the 28th. Went a bit overkill and gave them 4 coats as I had a bit of spare time and was finishing the can of Hammerite off. Rubbed down and then wiped with panel wipe First coat Second coat Third coat And then the final coat An update on the wheels; Lacquer going on Tyres back on Will get some more pictures when I put a sealant on, currently thinking of going for DLUX but got a week to decide. The wheels will then get fitted for the 28th when the MOT is and then come off again and will go on towards the end of October. Jamie
  15. JamieKirk

    Jamie's Oryx White Golf R

    Had a couple of pictures sent to me yesterday of the wheels, the lad who is doing them for me works for BMW doing alloys and does his own work in his own time before and after work. They are being done in Ferric Grey. Jamie