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  1. EBC Bluestuff as recommended and fitted by VRS Northampton.
  2. Thanks mate, if you look on Facebook or Instagram it’s by a guy called car drawings by floridi Diego. Not cheap by any means but will always be a quality momento if I was to ever get rid of the car.
  3. So not much to really update on the Golf. Since getting a little run around due to changing stations at work I have not really used the Golf that much this year so far. With that in mind I decided to get a CTEK charger for the car so I knew whenever I wanted to go out in the car I could just unplug it and go. Our friends asked us if we'd like to go to Donington with them for the day to go out in their new aventador sv and their gt-r track toy. Whilst we was there I could not turn down a good photo opportunity. Cleaned and ready to go back in the garage. Having decorated the garage I thought about getting some posters then saw someone had a drawing done of their car. I thought they would look nice in the garage so had a couple drawn up. Both are A3, just need to take them to the framers and get them framed. Jamie
  4. So not directly to do with the Golf but thought I would post my garage tidy up on this thread. So the garage is a singe but is a good size almost like a garage and a quarter to can easily put the golf in and there is enough room to open the doors and work round the car it measures 5.42 meters by 3.03 Before First thing I changed was the light, just basic at the minute but just an LED light. I then painted the walls with Sandbox masonry paint. 2nd coat I then made a start on the ceiling Finally a bit of tidying up Finally with the Golf in. I personally think it looks so much better, next on the list is flooring. Looking at getting some polysafe flooring with cap and cove so goes up the wall slightly. Then either an electric motor for the door and weather strip for the floor or a new electric insulated roller door. Jamie
  5. Not much to report on the Golf in the past couple of months! Enabled the inner lights to become brake lights via vcds, they illuminate as rear lights as standard but only the outer and upper light illuminate when braking. Just a simple change on vcds and it enables the inner ones too. Below is a video if you click on it, not sure how to embed it on here. AVHL2944 by jamie kirk, on Flickr Gave the car a winter protection back in November. A few before; Methods used; Wheels cleaned with meguairs gold class (previously sealed with carpro flux) Tyres scrubbed with Britemax Grime out Pre wash with Koch Chemie green star Rinsed Washed via 2 bucket method with Britemax pure max shampoo and carpro mitt Rinsed Bilt hamber korrosol Rinsed Auto finesse oblitarate Rinsed Clayed with Bilt hamber soft and shampoo Washed and rinsed Dried with auto finesse drying towel Paint prepped with Swissvax cleaner fluid regular Waxed with Swissvax shield Glass cleaned with Gyeon glass and sealed with Anglewax H2GO Tyres dressed with Zaino z16 (my favourite tyre dressing) No pictures from the wash stage just a couple from the korossol Car bought inside After Waxing After this the weather picked up so put my Pretoria's back on, these will be getting 4 new tyres and refurbed in spring so dependant on the weather might just keep these on fingers crossed. Had a bulb out warning come up on the dashboard, was one of my cornering lights so 5 minutes on eBay and a set was ordered. A perfect opportunity to upgrade! Before (bulb was out on the left headlight) After A big and noticeable improvement at night when turning! Similar colour to the xenons too so really happy with these. Finally someone posted on the owners forum recommending some rubber mats that they had bought off eBay. So at £30 I thought i'd give them a go. Really happy with these as they are fitted using the existing fittings. They also go up the sides so nothing goes down the sides or under the carpet making them really easy to clean and keeping the original carpet clean. Another thing I really like about them is that they cover the footrest and also go under the pedals without noticing them when driving. Another clean and tucked away Jamie
  6. JamieKirk

    VagCom for £55?

    I’ve got a genuine one and would only use a genuine one to be fair . When you’re spending 30k on a car do you really want to trust a £50 cable of eBay, some might but personally I wouldn’t. I bought a genuine one off my friend a couple of years ago when I had my mk5gti and still have it now. They’re an excellent bit of kit really and one of the best car related bits I’ve bought. Like you say the values wont go down, so you will get your investment back if you ever come to sell it. Go for genuine
  7. I have prets too and this is my winter setup.
  8. No, but I, like most upgraded the pads when changing to clubsport s discs
  9. JamieKirk

    Screen Wash

    I use the vw screenwash you get in TPS in the 1 litre bottles then mix it with deionised water.
  10. Soon as I saw Bedford, I automatically thought of AKS, had a few parts from them and a very good friend of mine tfsi mike used to pretty much live there upgrading his car. Alex is very switched on. I’d take my car there to be fair for its next service now it’s out of warranty.
  11. This is is what I went with, Clubsport discs EBC bluestuff pads Racingline braided hoses Motul fluid And on the rears kept the discs and pads standard but painted the hubs before they went on to stop the rust. My car is stage 1 and think this setup is great, really happy with it.
  12. Just trying to figure out what’s the best way to sell a set of Pretoria Alloys, would I be best selling them as a complete set or would I be better off selling them individually and what sort of price do you think would be fair? Without tyres, no curbing, couple of stone chips and two with slight corrosion around the valves. Thanks in advance Jamie
  13. Few more pictures with the winter alloys on My favourite one Had my brakes fitted on Friday Just need to clean the callipers, have got some new R decals to go on. Blue pads instead of the ds2500's as they've had plenty of feedback about them rattling so we decided to go for these instead. Rear's Braided hoses Pretoria's back on with wheel bolt covers And finally the first of hopefully many Advisory free MOT's Jamie
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