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  1. AndyCook

    Was hopeful... but no.

    Nasty one that. i have been running my R with continental winter tyres since October we’ll worth for the improved traction on winter roads. saying that there were squealing a bit at weekend when it was +12DegC keep the R and get them ranger i also have a Hilux pickup for lugging firewood, deep snow driving, and overland camping trip off-road adventures
  2. AndyCook

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Doesn’t anyone know if the 7.5R has same haldex system as 7R ? i have done 11k miles in my 7.5R and thinking of checking the filter, but want to know if same oil, o-rings and fill/drain plugs are used in 7.5 as those used in 7 for which I have found part numbers on this site
  3. Extremely annoying, glad you caught it on cam With the camera running 24/7 does it not drain your battery ?
  4. AndyCook

    Snow time in the R

    Snow too deep at 2-3ft in places for the R today on the track I wanted to drive to park for Backcountry skiing in NE Scotland, so took the Hilux out instead and was glad of it
  5. Just tried it a couple times, and it locked the boot when I left key in it edit- I don’t have keyless option and golf is a 7.5 built in Feb 2018
  6. I will try the boot lock again last time spare was in my pocket
  7. I tested it , keeping spare key in my pocket and couldn’t open boot, it was locked
  8. The boot unlock only feature could end in tears if you’ve put keys down in boot and then shut it..
  9. AndyCook

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    See this post
  10. AndyCook

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    In the screen settings windows on information screen there is a button to get to that on the main climate control panel the one underneath Auto on the middle dial I think it should also work automatically if set to auto mode, (somewhere, I forget where I set that)
  11. AndyCook

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    I press the button on screen to turn on heated windscreen to get rid of frost i bought the climate screen option if snow, I do same, and also brush off the snow with ice scrapper or a large paintbrush I keep handy
  12. AndyCook

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    I wouldn’t be worried about monitoring real-time mpg, it’s always changing. i would watch average journey mpg for the overall trip, or average for a tank between fillups
  13. I see you are in Sweden, are the roads snow covered at the moment. ive had bad steering wobble before after driving in snow and getting snow and ice build up on inside of rims, leading to an unbalanced wheel
  14. AndyCook

    GTi and Golf R tussle in Aberdeen this morning

    Neither not me, saw on local Facebook and and article on local paper https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen/1635710/traffic-lights-and-bollards-damaged-after-aberdeen-crash/