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  1. AndyCook

    Three data sim

    Sorry no idea, got the same usb e8372 and DAB radio still working ok it may be unrealted i have read about people resetting headunit, I think by holding power button down for a while, try searching for info on that
  2. AndyCook

    Three data sim

    Ordered one of these Three SIM cards with 200mb a month free too i reckon the usb WiFi hotspot in my R uses less than 100gb month for the real-time traffic updates on NAV anyway, which is all I use it for so I swapped the existing 12gb card for the free one and it’s working fine will use up the remaining data on the old 12gb card on my ipad
  3. AndyCook

    Three data sim

    I use a 24gb or 12gb one, lasts for 2 years.
  4. AndyCook


    I just bought a black usb cable with right angle plug off ebay
  5. AndyCook


    Hi James, try a search of then forums, there is already a post about it and I added photos to it too. Last year
  6. True about the vel satis. Had displeasure of having a lift in one once. Owned by a crazy french mathematics professor ...
  7. I have had this on several cars. Usually caused by calliper pistons sticking, due to bad seals or dirt and corrosion on the calliper pistons. Old dirty brake fluid. 1) sometimes removing wheel, caliper and brake disc, the working the pistons in and out with tools and brake pedal frees up the sticking piston, 2) another time I have removed the pistons, cleaned them up and refitted with new seals, but it’s a hassle job, so when my Toyota Hilux had this issue last year, after I had already tried step 1 above, I bought refurbished exchange callipers from Toyota. had this issue on Toyota 4Runner, landcruiser, Hilux, Yaris, 2x Subaru foresters in the Toyota’s using dot 4 instead of dot3 brake fluid can apparently make the seals swell, causing the issue of sticking piston
  8. I changed the oil and oil filter on my R at 10000 miles with genuine VW filter and sump bung, and recommended oil, because service indicators says not due until 15000miles. so this is an additional service, and i will get dealer to do official 1st service. so, to me it will still have a VW FSH
  9. Changed haldex fluid and cleaned filter on my R this morning. filter only had a tiny bit of sludge on it, looks worse than it was on photo, dirty coloured fluid. Nowhere near as bad as some of the photos of filters posted on here in past. done 11k miles from new in a year. had a couple of front wheel spins recently, but think it was probably due to warmer weather and winter tyres on the car. but wanted to check filter for a peace of mind
  10. Nasty one that. i have been running my R with continental winter tyres since October we’ll worth for the improved traction on winter roads. saying that there were squealing a bit at weekend when it was +12DegC keep the R and get them ranger i also have a Hilux pickup for lugging firewood, deep snow driving, and overland camping trip off-road adventures
  11. Doesn’t anyone know if the 7.5R has same haldex system as 7R ? i have done 11k miles in my 7.5R and thinking of checking the filter, but want to know if same oil, o-rings and fill/drain plugs are used in 7.5 as those used in 7 for which I have found part numbers on this site
  12. Extremely annoying, glad you caught it on cam With the camera running 24/7 does it not drain your battery ?
  13. Snow too deep at 2-3ft in places for the R today on the track I wanted to drive to park for Backcountry skiing in NE Scotland, so took the Hilux out instead and was glad of it
  14. Just tried it a couple times, and it locked the boot when I left key in it edit- I don’t have keyless option and golf is a 7.5 built in Feb 2018
  15. I will try the boot lock again last time spare was in my pocket
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