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  1. much faster , that's why I ordered it ,i wasn't surprised with the look of the new mk8 initially , but didn't expect so good performance from the same engine , and actually it kills all the hot hatch 0-62 ,apart from a45 amg which is £50k+ car , but what I'm thinking is , Stage 1 Golf R mk8 will be even faster than a45 amg . 😁
  2. This new mk8 looks massively overpowered stock 😅 so probably 1st stage easily 420hp ..
  3. So i presume , no resonator delete needed for this R , the exhaust noise is quite impressive , that was my problem at my 7.5 it was so quiet even race mode , previous s3 8v f/l not that bad .
  4. Always 98 for this engine and R , i haven't stop using 98 since year 2009 my first 2.0 L Tfsi Audi S3 8P ..🥰
  5. Don't know , i realised how beautiful are the silver caps when Ι handed back my 7.5 to the dealer today 😰 so yes i think i will stiCk with the oem mirr caps for my mk8 .
  6. Actually with these photos you posted , they are huge differences 😂 Thanks , I don't think I'm gonna change them this time , just leave it OEM .
  7. cheers thanks mate, already listed at ebay 😁 visually from the photos looks the same mk7.5 /mk8
  8. quick question , are the mirrors the same with the mk 7.5 ? I've got a pair of mirror caps carbon(good quality) removed from my mk 7.5 , shall i keep them for my mk8 white solid ? what do you think ?
  9. is it stable the connection through wireless ? hopefully no disconnects for android-auto , not the best thing when you got goggle maps for nav . I got note 10+
  10. any alternate PCH or suggestion old 7.5 just sold 😭
  11. ohh 😀 , that will be perfect for me 6′4 , thought is the same from the reviews , don't have the time to test drive it , MK7/7.5 a bit high driving position . don't like these new mk8 seats, but i want a Golf R again and it looks quite overpowered at dyno's , so who cares about the seats ..😂 Thanks
  12. How is the seat position compare to a mk7/7.5 ? is it higher or lower ? or the same
  13. so which res del , suggestion ? for mk7.5 , don't want to sound like a crazy boy racer .. Vagsport or rpm perfomance ? no more than 150 quid , it is just a pipe .
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