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  1. Thanks! I’ve only ever seen it referred to as DSG up to now on VWs.
  2. Mine is the same. It has done this in manual since day one. The dealer drove it for 40 miles and said they couldn’t replicate it so I gave up. I can get it to happen at least once on every journey. I’ve learnt to lift off the throttle when changing 2 to 3 to stop it banging in. I forget sometimes though.
  3. The advice from the folk that designed it is in the owners manual (page 128 in mine “running in the engine “). I followed this and according to some on here it should by now be an oil burning pup developing less power than those providing this advice intended. The opposite is the reality and it hasn’t used any oil at all in the 5k miles since the last service. I agree with the above comments about D mode. I ran mine in mostly in manual so I could vary the engine speed quite a bit and avoid the engine labouring, DMF knackering 1100rpm that is D mode. I am still reluctant to use D out of mechanical sympathy.
  4. What is it destined for? Hopefully a good future life.
  5. I quite like there to be a steering wheel as well.
  6. If you have to use 95 I would suggest driving on a light throttle to prevent pinking, until you can find 98+. I know there are knock sensors, but the ignition will only be retarded by the ECU once knocking has already been detected. The detergents in the premium fuels are better also.
  7. Golf67


    4th at the red line is ~ 108mph so you were motoring some before he was able to pull away.
  8. Look on the bright side. They will now match the hubs (if the car is more than a few months old).
  9. I changed from own to the Bosch ones when my windscreen was replaced. Haven’t noticed any difference; both were/are perfectly fine at clearing water from the screen, at legal speeds anyway.
  10. Losing 10ps is around 3% so roughly the same as adding 45Kg to the 310ps car in terms of power to weight. That’s about the difference between going from an empty tank to a full one. Or going from a 3 door to a 5 door with pano. Who cares?
  11. “Steel space saver spare wheel for Dynaudio only” so you don’t even get a spare wheel now unless you spec Dynaudio? If true that goes well beyond penny pinching.
  12. There must be a difference in the rack set up or stops with 19" wheels as mine (from factory with 19" prets) has less than 2 turns lock to lock (around 1.9 I would say), whereas the car with 18" standard wheels has 2.1 turns lock to lock. When I first got it, I thought there was a fault as the steering wheel wouldn't complete a full 360 degree turn in either direction, as my previous car with 18" wheels would.
  13. How do you know it has hit the limiter, is there an audible alarm or a warning lamp on the dash? I would ease off the throttle at around 6500 to let it change up.
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