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  1. Yes 2018 model year. I drove with the tech for a short distance and it happened once. They needed to keep it to reproduce it for themselves to determine the exact conditions under which it occurs. They did 40 miles in it and couldn’t reproduce it. I mentioned it again last service and they suggested leaving the car with one of them to drive for a week which I refused to do (how many launches would that be?)
  2. Mine hard shifts in manual going from 2nd to 3rd. Feels like hitting a pothole. So much so I’ve learned to lift off for that shift, but occasionally I forget and it reminds me. Dealer can’t replicate it so they say. It’s fine in D mode but then you have to put up with it labouring the engine in too high a gear when cruising.
  3. If it’s a hire car it will have been launched every day. Get the dealer to interrogate the launch counter. It will have had tires every 3k miles or so and the wheels will be bent from driving over speed humps at 50mph.
  4. I'd get the spacing legal if I were you. It will still be a very nice personal plate. BTW what does 4D mean? It appears to be 3D as opposed to the standard 2D plates. Unless I've misunderstood D = dimensional?
  5. Glad it’s not the bevel box. Could still be something external eg some unusual puddle of spilt oil you drove over.
  6. Was it making any odd noises before this happened? That’s a lot of money for a few bevel gears.
  7. Could this have come from an external source, something driven over like a diesel spill?
  8. Yes the crank walk seems to affect mostly earlier MT GTis with upgraded pressure plates, possibly due to the added force on the crankshaft when the clutch is depressed as it needs to be during cold starts when oil flow is minimal. I’m hoping the issue was just a faulty RMS as I don’t want to pay for this if it goes again outside warranty.
  9. I’ve just had my Rear Main Seal replaced after 23K miles. It went in to check for a coolant leak (level has been dropping). They found no coolant leak but this oil leak between the engine & gearbox. It turned out to be the RMS. This was 8 hours labour.
  10. In my case I clearly stated to the dealer that there is a filter on the end of the pump that can be cleaned. I didn’t ask them to replace it, just clean it. They said it doesn’t exist. It does, and it is a FILTER.
  11. I don’t look back at mine in car parks any more. When it was new I did this and someone obviously saw me because when I returned to it one of the wings was stoved in. Cost me £540 for a new wing! Now I just walk away indifferently.
  12. I had the same issue. I explained to the service rep that there is a filter on the end of the pump that you can clean. He went out to speak to the technician and came back with “nope. There isn’t one” so I only had the fluid change. I’ll go to an independent for the filter clean before it gets to 30k.
  13. It looks like he’s saying that even with port injectors (pre WLTP) the valves don’t get cleaned by the fuel because “swirl flaps” are in the way. I haven’t heard of this before.
  14. I also remember a car magazine review early 90s where they tested 100k mile plus Golf GTi against an XR3i and Astra GTE with similar mileage. Whereas the latter two were a bit down on performance the Golf was actually faster than the as new figures. I just hope they are still made to the same quality! If so nothing to worry about. Look after it and it will serve you.
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