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  1. It looks like he’s saying that even with port injectors (pre WLTP) the valves don’t get cleaned by the fuel because “swirl flaps” are in the way. I haven’t heard of this before.
  2. I also remember a car magazine review early 90s where they tested 100k mile plus Golf GTi against an XR3i and Astra GTE with similar mileage. Whereas the latter two were a bit down on performance the Golf was actually faster than the as new figures. I just hope they are still made to the same quality! If so nothing to worry about. Look after it and it will serve you.
  3. It probably depends on how coked up the head and valves are. If you’ve always used high quality fuel it should be fine as it has duel injectors. Boost might degrade a bit over time but you’d see that on the gauge.
  4. Remove the front wheel and you find the bike goes in the back with the seats folded down. For 2 bikes repeat as above, placing a sheet or cardboard between the frames to prevent chafing. If luggage, suitcases etc just place the bikes on top of them. Parcel shelf stays at home.
  5. In terms of running in I find it no hardship to obey the manufacturer’s instructions. They are in the manual under “running in”. This is best done in manual as you can vary the engine speed within limits as you wish, rather than in D which has it lugging along at 1200 rpm most of the time. I followed these on this and previous cars and mine doesn’t use any oil.
  6. Remember that the Golf 1505Kg includes an allowance of 75Kg for the driver + luggage so it’s kerb weight is actually 1430Kg. Not all manufacturers use this method of declaring weight (bizarrely Audi don’t, or didn’t last time I looked).
  7. On this motor the oil level needs to be checked when the motor is at full operating temperature, i.e hot. This is stated in the manual. However I expect there will be those that say this is wrong, along with much of the other advice in the manual, running in advice for example, which is also wrong in the owners manual.
  8. That’s the one in front of the gear stick. The one behind the gear stick slides open on mine.
  9. I always try to park next to vehicles that have reversed into the space (that is, they will drive straight out). I have had someone drag their bumper along the side of my car when reversing out of the space next to me, whilst turning at the same time.
  10. I’ve seen 2.34 bar. You need to subtract 1 bar though as the gauge includes atmospheric pressure. I think the stated max standards boost is 1.2 bar (which should then read 2.2 bar on the gauge) so there may be a small error in the reading.
  11. It's the DSG gearbox. Mine does it. It's louder on some than others, seems to be more common on the newer 7 speed wet clutch variants and more reported on Tiguans for some reason. It's not really there when the DSG is cold but present when warmed up (on mine anyway). The dealer will either not acknowledge it at all or say it is a characteristic. Probably the selector forks rattling a bit but who knows. It's definitely not in the load path so not the gears themselves.
  12. For that price, you’d think they would offer an external soundaktor that would pump V8 noise into the exhaust. Folk complain about the internal soundaktor yet want an exhaust system that makes the car sound like something it isn’t.
  13. I have thought about it Greg. Maybe I will go with it when my warranty ends. I’m not really interested in an engine remap, as I do high miles and reliability is important to me. However a DSG tune might help. Cheers.
  14. Maybe I’m just old but I don’t see the point in making more noise which will just annoy people. That’s one of the reasons I chose this car, it doesn’t scream “look at me” like an Impreza or some other teenager’s dream. I like it the way it is.
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