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  1. VWR2018

    Cross climate + tyres

    Every single forum has this discussion and just about everyone gets it wrong. As above - “winter tyres” are specifically designed to work in colder temperatures than “summer” or even “all season”. The ratio of different rubbers, silica black and other compounds make them operate properly when the temps drop. Special sipe designs, dispersing grooves, etc mean they clear water better, brake better and much more. Obviously when temps rise they aren’t like a summer tyre but then when it does it isn’t winter.
  2. VWR2018

    Other cars in your household

    R is for M’way miles and some fun but covers the winter/4wd aspect as it gets bloody snowy at one of the houses. M135i has been my toy for some time but is now for sale as it just doesn’t get the use for fun it did. So it’s advertised here and elsewhere and the money will go back into the bank! A number of bikes in the garage - the slowest of which will leave any of the cars wondering WTF they went whilst on the back wheel 😂 There will be something RWD and lightweight to replace the M135i at some point but till be a cheap toy.
  3. VWR2018

    Apple IOS 12 update for carplay - winning!

    What they need to do is push the carplay to the dash when using nav.
  4. VWR2018

    Apple IOS 12 update for carplay - winning!

    The whole point of Carplay is it mirrors your phone display. PITA I agree but unless someone comes up with a hack through OBDII or similar it will do it.
  5. VWR2018

    Stupid Car Names

    No va.. That's why thats called a Corsa now...
  6. VWR2018

    Red Hearse - Browndown

    Red Hearse turning in past Browndown Training camp earlier - roof rack on and was a little late deciding to make the ever decreasing gap. Got a little close to the car that went before them.....
  7. VWR2018

    So many R’s

    Red Hearse earlier with roofrack turning in past Browndown Training Camp.
  8. VWR2018


    Time Left: 20 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    The time has come to move on my M135i.Just isn’t getting used anymore and it’s a shame to leave it sat there gathering dust.I’m the second owner - the first is an M2 owner and member on here.Full BMWSH with all the warranty work done by Snows Portsmouth.New steering rackNew top mountsNew disk spacers as per chassis numberNew g/boxEven a new horn!Has gloss black front grills and oe’sCurrently sat in 624M’s but the OE wheels will go back on with brand new winters that were fitted for the MoT in December.624’s can be negotiated or will go up on here after.Brake discs were done as was a full fluid change at the same time as the spacers from Germany.Extended BluetoothApps connect done including the correct cables which most don’t bother with.Hatchbag fitted the day after I picked it up along with a Traval guard and full Traval rubber mats.The original mats are spotless as is the carpet underneath the Traval’s.Registered 31/12/12Mileage has just clicked over 50k this week and will rise slightly as I keep it ticking over.Mostly m’way mileage between houses however obviously there’s been times it’s been driven “with gusto” ProNavHK soundF&R sensorsCoral leather that’s unmarked Full black display EtcEtc£16500Pics below.Will be fully valeted https://imgur.com/a/DxfKmk9


  9. VWR2018


    12.5k on mine since taking delivery in the 29th Jan
  10. VWR2018

    Winter Wheel Recommendations

    Have those for mine. Brilliant but will overheat quite quickly when pressing on once the temps warm back up!
  11. VWR2018

    Cadiz Alloys

    Personally I’m topped out at £400 for a set of alloys as the winters will be going on them so makes no odds if they’re Cadiz or ones from CMW. Difference with CMW is they go through the company as a purchase with an invoice with it being a lease. Paisley Freight are the best for shipping wheels/tyres.
  12. VWR2018

    Cadiz Alloys

    OE’s are fetching £3-400 on eBay. Not much in it between then and something from CW except a receipt and guarantee
  13. VWR2018

    Winter tyres

    850P instead of the 810.
  14. VWR2018

    Someone scrapped my car door.

    Better than having it deliberately keyed like mine has been in the last 7 days. Mind - they don’t realise I have CCTV on the property so happy to let that one tick away....
  15. VWR2018

    Remote Boot Pop

    1 Series guys do it with a pair of springs and a pair of a particular sized washer.