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  1. They swapped the unit out fro one from a stock car as VW refused to entertain anything without “proof” despite having almost a dozen videos of it happening including to their techs but no faults logged in the system anywhere. make sure you video it if possible. VWFS were fuming when I made yet another complaint directly to them after they found two had been closed without authorisation. We were refunded a percentage of the monthlies from the last 2yrs as they said I should’ve been taken out if the vehicle before the first year was up due to the number of times they’d had it back. The gearbox issue has not been fixed though as “it’s within tolerance” apparently.
  2. Grey hearse in the staff car park
  3. shouldn’t this be in the Joke thread?
  4. Blue 67 plate from Ponty up Apologies if you thought the black R estate behind you the entire time was following you for anything other than dropping friends off.
  5. VWR2018


    Pale grey 58 plate cruising. pops and farts aplenty along the seafront
  6. clearly does! sometimes I wonder how some people tie their shoelaces - or do they have Velcro? Ooooo - I know! he wears those slip on loafers with the tassels. Would explain a lot 🙄 FYI - your dealer will change the card FoC. It should have at least the V.9 card in it. Either that or just go to the local library and download the file onto an as card there. Takes minutes. Or ask a friend ffs!
  7. Be nice if the replacement ones work better to stop the fluid draining all the way back into the reservoir.
  8. Blue hearse parked opposite the Pavillions in Bournemouth outside the Premier Inn/ The Gym
  9. If the Octavia was On 18’s instead of 17’s I’d have them.
  10. let us know whereabouts you are and regularly drive. so we can f**king avoid an utter cockwomble like you.
  11. Passing J8 in a spotless blue R - Joe 90 at the wheel (not that the driver would be old enough to remember Joe 90)
  12. VWR2018

    Key programming

    It’s a 2006/7 Octavia. i didn’t say it was A Mk7/GenV
  13. If Konig say they fit then they will.
  14. VWR2018

    Key programming

    Anyone in South Wales got VCDS that can program a key for me? The remote in the OH’s a Octavia has stopped working and the usual trick isn’t working
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