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  1. I though the OBDEleven was causing mine. Turned out to be a bad earth right underneath the battery which meant most of the housing needed to come out. Was a “known issue” to the VW Rescue guy. Heavily arc’d dome nut
  2. VWR2018

    Oil Operating temperature

    The R and other golfs have 7 separate water circuits. It takes 3-4hrs and a battery charger connected full time to bleed it properly whilst each one is opened and closed using VAGCOM. Quite a few indy’s And the likes of Hants police keep bouncing cars back to VW with “coolant leaks” as it can takes weeks or longer in normal use for it to bleed.
  3. VWR2018

    Golf R with same Reg as mine spotted, advice needed.

    So many online places selling plates even with makers postcodes on them - no one cares now. Simple to check with Askmid and then off you go with a car that will virtually never get pulled.
  4. VWR2018

    At what power?

    Only if you code them. Have seen plenty that are shiny on the inner two.
  5. VWR2018

    VAG Alternatives?

    Have you driven one? Bonkers car and properly fun. Way beyond what the R gives in terms of smiles, feedback, etc. A proper bargain too.
  6. VWR2018

    Tyre pressure warning system

    It uses the abs to know if the rolling radius changes. Different wheel speed = diff radius Cheap shit way of doing it that is prone to false notifications. No wheels sensors - same as BMw and others have done. Later cars have sensors and a receiver in the wheel well which gives pressure and sometimes temps
  7. There was some research recently that showed you could build, buy and run a small multi-valves petroleum car for about 10yrs before you exceeded the carbon emissions of just putting a Prius on the showroom floor.
  8. VWR2018

    What do you dislike about your R?

    VW’s stupid coding that cuts the throttle if you so much as think about touching the brake. Trail braking into a nice bend? Nope - we won’t let you. Want to adjust your line in a nice set if s-bends? Nope - we won’t let you do that either. There HAS to be a way of coding it out FFS!
  9. Designed to put the 1 series smack into the face of the R, AMG, etc. (as well as dropping a load of Euro bollocks, etc)
  10. VWR2018

    What did you do to your R today?

    Thrashed it from Abergavenny over to Talgarth. A40, A479 then A4560 to Rassau seriously sick of the throttle being cut when you touch the brakes though. Stupid bloody idea and really needs to be coded out!
  11. The golf ain’t pretty...
  12. ⬆️ This I own both. The R is not goi g to keep up on anything other than a wet/very twisty road unless the M135/140i driver is useless and/or has shit tyres on. MPSS even in damp conditions generate so much lateral grip that you can just play with the balance of the M and grin where the R is beige.
  13. Here you go https://www.babybmw.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=115995&p=1452967#p1452967
  14. 135i was available with a DCT box. Only on the last of them with the newer N55 engine. Rocking horse shit to find for sale though. The M135i is a totally different car. The E8* series we’re a parts bin hence most of the M3 running gear fitting it and the use of the DCT g’box. The M135i F21/22 uses the ZF8 gearbox which isn’t a conventional “slush box” like most think. It actually has specific gear shafts and a clutch. Some of the “issues” that have popped up are around that. Mind - it’s only down to noise. There’ve been no failures at all unlike the DSG’s. It’s down to the 2/R whining at low speed. The M135i is known as the “M-Lite” by BMW- designed to give the M Car experiences without all the rest. Hence the noise issue being down to 23 pieces of insulation that aren’t on the M135i but are on the rest of the models.
  15. VWR2018

    What's Your Pet Driving Hate?

    Someone else just used the word I got told off for not so long ago... But you Sir are.