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  1. VWR2018

    LD19 YTH

    A40 heading away from London this morning. next time you decide to put it into lane 3 between two 4x4’s in convoy make sure there actually is enough room without causing the driver to have to emergency brake to avoid you. utter dick move and shit driving. feel free to come say hello in person you f*cking idiot.
  2. There are no sensors on the golf. It.uses rotational speeds to measure the circumference - loss of pressure means a greater rolling radius and it triggers the systems warning. There are no tpms sensors in the wheels
  3. no but in the 7.5 estate they changed the rubbers slightly so the Heko’s would crack. Fronts do just touch the wing mirrors when folded but never marked them
  4. Handed the keys the the guy from BCA.
  5. I’ve got over 10yrs on ya! Will be something lightweight and rwd once I move although the GR could find its way in there possibly. Whatever it is won’t need to do m’way duty so makes no odds if it’s not practical as the Octavia Scout will be going too as we just use either the big 4x4 or one of the vans now as there’s usually either work kit or a bike in them 🤣
  6. It’s a lot cheaper than anything I could find for sale by several thousand. Makes no odds to me though - I could buy it today and move it on privately and bank the difference but I don’t have the time tbh for the faff. I’ll just hand the keys over to the guy collecting it and not look back.
  7. VBH did an actual test and video about this proving “new on rear” regardless of the driven wheels.
  8. If you drove the latest M135i then they’re about the same. The older one is a lot quicker everywhere. I had both in the drive for a year so can state that for fact. I won’t miss the estate when it goes on Friday personally. Competent but bland in all honesty. That straight six engine I do miss though.
  9. Just buy mine before BCA collect it friday 😁
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Our lease is due to go back in few weeks and VW have offered us the chance to buy it off them directly. We have no plans to keep it so its being offered here for someone to grab a quick bargain! Might consider a deal though if someone has a Jimny that hasn’t been welded to death. Registered late Jan 2018 Mileage is just over 35k, all services done as its been through the company. SItting on Contiwinters with the oe Bridgestone’s in the garage - OE will be going back on if it is collected by BCA. Traval rubber mats, guard and boot liner can be included - oe mats have never been in the car. No real marks anywhere other than the odd stone chip which is to be expected. Metallic black with heated alcantara interior, adaptive cruise, parking sensors F&R, Nav and the virtual cockpit. £21750 is the price BCA have quoted and we have the paperwork to transfer it into anyone else’s name here from them. Otherwise it’ll be collected by them on the 26th Jan to end up on a dealers forecourt somewhere with an inflated price tag. Photos are quick ones for reference - proper ones will be uploaded this week or can be emailed as due to lockdown am away from vehicle till Monday. Car is currently in Hampshire but can always look at arranging to meet for handover without any real issues subject to social distancing, etc. This will collected by BCA by the 24th at he latest so if anyone is interested in viewing it, best hurry!


    , Hampshire

  11. HIs username is Annie iirc. Think the main thread was called “anyone know this car” Edit: https://www.babybmw.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=116085
  12. Pistonheads Guru came back with a price of £23800 for my lease so I could buy it and flip it but just do not have the time to sit on it atm. Soooner someone else has it at the reduced price and doesn’t have to pay stealer prices.
  13. There’s a guy on BabyBMW.net who specifically tracks cars through the trades. Hundreds of them monthly that are on no register anywhere other than his along with pics of the damage to them, etc. He now has a site that you can search with all the information should you have any concerns about a vehicle
  14. Then he needs to learn to drive it then.
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