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  1. Newport near the Waterloo Hotel parked up
  2. VWR2018

    J4Y GG

    Shiny “brown “ turned in past McD’s behind me then into the Argos parking Ebbw
  3. Can confirm it does bugger'al on the estate. Still waiting for the IOS version of the app to be sorted though after my android tablet grew legs. 🤬
  4. Lift off the cover and swap the switches around....
  5. You don't - you just believe you do.
  6. White one sat in the queue waiting for it to be scratched... washed
  7. Motor Parts Direct are usually cheaper than ECP sales by some margin. Always pop in as their prices are better again in person.
  8. The car WILL upshift regardless of what gear you put it in or it is in. Even where they drive on the wrong side of the road - auto is central/to the right, manual is across to the left
  9. VWR2018


    Good luck filtering on that.....
  10. Hope this isn’t anyone on here 😳 https://www.babybmw.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=118359
  11. Pulling out from Cwmavon Rd- in front of a bright orange Panda. should’ve gone to Specsavers!
  12. White, turning up past Co-op
  13. Oh trust me they do that as stock.
  14. Dear God!!!! Wheres the eye bleach when you need it 🙈 If you are a member on here... For the sake of humanity and small children..... Buy a van and get changed inside! Like the love child of Bill Bailey and Status Quo In an orange towel and 5.10’s 😂
  15. A ladder clamp will just be a generic from Screwfix/Toolstation. Otherwise - take your pick. Bikes/boards/skis/more here you go - www.thule.com
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