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  1. VWR2018

    White R - Croesyceiliog Bypass

    Wasn't flying this morning - lane 1 and doing 50'ish. Mind you - so were both the blue hearse's......
  2. VWR2018


    Taking the train.
  3. About 8:30 this morning heading south. You were about half a mile in front of the 65 and 66 plate blue hearse's!!
  4. About 8:30 this morning heading south. You were about half a mile behind of a 65 plate blue hearse!!
  5. About 8:30 this morning heading south. You were about half a mile in front of a 66 plate blue hearse!!
  6. VWR2018

    K9 VCW

    Pontypool on the old road by Robert Price
  7. Why do you think it takes 5hrs, VAGCOM and a battery charger to bleed the system properly.....
  8. VWR2018

    USB music reset

    There is a software update in build now for a number of issues including this, random restarts during Carplay, etc - no timescale from VW - just that "it is in development and we'll let you know as soon as its ready to install in your car". In the meantime - the system continues to reboot itself whenever it feels like it - quite often half a dozen times in the space of a mile usually with a load "thud" letting you know it has just switched itself off. Or that it needs rebooting by giving a blank screen with music still playing and the backlight still on.
  9. VWR2018


    Parked in Linda Vista gardens car park. Abergavenny earlier.
  10. VWR2018

    JB4 and Towbar Electrics

    Two "issues" are 1. the lack of homogolation for towing - so no trailer BUT racks are fine legally. 2. the f***n big hole you need to put in the rear diffuser - especially on the estate.
  11. Sod all wrong with my co-ordination. On the Hearse it doesn't swing in the same way as that video - it then sits right where the upper part of the nozzle is. Again - shit design. 3yrs with the M135i and never had any issues but the Golf is a joke to the point I don't bother now. It just gets left to hang out the way.
  12. Jan 2018 build Hearse here - its a stupid design.
  13. VWR2018


    Its a Scrambler - get'yer arse out onit!