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  1. Treco Bay just now.
  2. Black R parked tight against the wall by the entrance to to Dunraven House
  3. It’s in the OBD11 thread
  4. The “ignore on right” option can be coded in minutes
  5. VWR2018

    J4Y GG

    Very naughty pressed plates with a very attractive driver! Couldn’t decide where she wanted to park at Asda Brynmawr
  6. VWR2018

    T** STU

    Urban cammo 3/4’s and the seat so far back you can’t see over the dash .... 😂
  7. VWR2018

    T** STU

    Petersfield McD’s off A3. print out for a house in passenger footwell and parked seriously diagonally in the space!!
  8. Yup - VW said its normal. Same as it having an odd change from 2-3 and 3-2 or the worst -slamming into 1st slowing to a stop and surging. All normal apparently......
  9. Mines done this on numerous occasions since new. PITA and frustrating at best - almost dangerous at worst when it does it in certain circumstances
  10. Works fine until you then want to pull it back it with everything you’ve just loaded on top of it.....
  11. Waze looks like a 5yr old did the maps. google now tell you about speed cameras but they are usually the wrong side of the road and loads are missing.
  12. I have the Heko ones on the Hearse. Fronts work well BUT the wing mirrors do just touch them when fully folded. The rears are fragile because the 7.5 guides aren't solid so where they are so thin - the back edge fractures. In fairness heko fired new rears out without question however they flex a lot unlike the fronts.
  13. Nice blue with a private plate tucked away - won’t say where exactly where for obvious reasons.
  14. Ha ha! Just clocked the reg plate - it’s the one we’ve seen several times before on the M4 in lane 3 refusing to move 😂
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