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  1. Someone on here argued that trail braking was a useless thing to be able to do. Not sure they fully understood what it is and the benefits of it.
  2. except you can't actually do that in a VW as they program the throttle to cut out if you touch the brake. However BMW don't in the M135i......
  3. VWR2018

    B4 PLS

    White R in Collingbourne Ducis happily throwing his rollup out the window on the roundabout just before the Tipple Inn. Maybe you were struggling to see through those massive Aviator sunglasses you had on... or you're just a lazy cockwomble who couldn't possibly dirty the ashtray despite smoking in the car. Note - anyone who sees this ever come up for sale and the advert reads "smoke and pet free home" 🤐
  4. It was how fast it accelerated through the gears that was mental
  5. Not even an R32 - go drive one of the last 16V GTI's. Thats closer as with the 4wd drag losses added in its significantly slower. Nowhere near the torque of the R32 either.
  6. Properly giving it the beans racing a BMW GS1200. Shame it was busy as it would've been much more fun 😁
  7. Blue R along Stokes Bay then up Jellicoe Avenue. Wasn't doing 30 though...... 🤭
  8. Blue hearse M5 northbound past Sedgemoor services sat in lane 3
  9. Falken, Nankang and many others are cracking tyres. Just because they aren’t as well known here in the UK doesn’t mean they aren’t very well known elsewhere. Mainland Europe - the likes of Michelin, Bridgestone aren’t as popular and indeed there are different compounds and tyres sold there than here due to the local roads/temps/weather.
  10. Lovely detailed dark blue - stopped to let us cross 👍🏻
  11. Flashed a big group of off roaders through into Garden Lane friday just before lunch
  12. The front end of the estate is awful. Really soft to the point that a double dip in the road will have the front tyres squashing and the rims thunking due to the amount of movement - thats a soft dip not a hard pothole for example.
  13. VWR2018

    F** OOR

    M3 north both of us stuck behind the arse in the Navarro who wouldn’t move from lane 3
  14. Black R parked on Maritime by PWC/CBRE this morning
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