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  1. Jon-Paul

    BMW 435d Xdrive.

    Is he a tall slim bloke ?
  2. Jon-Paul

    New member

  3. Jon-Paul

    Prince Philip.

    In her first public appearance since her husbands accident Her Majesty was overheard saying " Philip has always been a man of his word, he left Sandringham saying he was going for a spin"
  4. Jon-Paul

    Prince Philip.

    You have to give Prince Philip credit for his driving record, after all it's the first accident he's been involved in since 1997. Cop: Now then, your Royal Highness, explain how the accident happened. Prince Philip: Well, I drove out of the gates and swerved to avoid a pheasant. Cop: You mean you swerved to avoid a peasant. Philip: Don't be stupid man. Why on earth would I swerve to avoid a peasant?
  5. Jon-Paul

    Prince Philip.

    Apparently so, breathalysed and went home to Sandringham.
  6. Jon-Paul

    Prince Philip.

    It's good to hear Prince Philip is recovering after an accident involving his Nobility Scooter. I'm sure the forum wishes him a speedy recovery.
  7. Jon-Paul

    GTi TCR.

    TCR details. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/hot-hatch/volkswagen-golf-gti-tcr-now-real
  8. Jon-Paul

    We buy any car

    Arnold Clark are also worth a try if you go down the 'trade' sale route.
  9. Jon-Paul


    Another former biker here, I started with an LC 350 Yamaha after passing my test in 1983, I then moved on to Ducatis and had an 851, 888 and a 916 before hanging up my leathers in 2000. It's immense fun in the right conditions and on the right roads, sadly the roads are full of unobservant drivers, I lost a good friend in an accident and called it a day.
  10. Jon-Paul

    New Golf R on Order

    I spoke to the dealer I bought my car from today, they have lost four 'R' orders due to WLTP delay cancellations. Incidentally a friend of mine will be joining the forum shortly having just bought a 2018 R sourced by yours truly. He's a miserable pig at the best of times, I've encouraged him to join in order to widen his online social circle beyond farming forums and the trout and salmon fishing community.
  11. Jon-Paul

    Exploding Sunroof

    My niece had this happen on a 2016 Polo GTi, the car was with VW for three weeks waiting for a roof panel. Despite strong protest they insisted it was impact damage, she was doing 60+ mph when it happened.
  12. There won't be any 310 ps cars to come, a friend of my sons was looking for one in December, the only unregistered one in the system was a 3 door manual in a showroom somewhere in the Midlands. All 300 ps from now on.
  13. Jon-Paul

    Youtube videos

    One of my all time favourites, I loved my Subarus, they just failed to move with the times. Maestro Mark Higgins.
  14. You've lost 10 PS with the weight of the extras ........😉