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  1. That's very nice indeed, enjoy it 👍
  2. He's more chance with a cup of cold tea and stale cake than eco mode.......
  3. Eco mode ? ? ? You won't get in to Aunt Sallys knickers pottering about in Eco Mode. Crowman.
  4. Jon-Paul


    That's one hell of a drive... 😀
  5. Looked around an SQ2 recently, it was very nice but at circa 42k it seems a 'bit rich' to me, having said that the interior is far superior to the VW.
  6. Jon-Paul


  7. Jon-Paul


    They're Korean tyres and sit in the mid-range category, they would be ok on a small run around but I wouldn't want them on an R personally. Imagine Usain Bolt running a 100 metre sprint in stilettos...... negotiate hard and put either Michelin or Continentals on, the right tyres for the cars capability . Old Korean proverb: If a dog barks it's undercooked......
  8. Jon-Paul

    Gap insurance

    Expensive ! Sytner quoted me circa £600 when i bought my R.
  9. It looks like a Vel-Satis ! An odd looking carbuncle of a car owned mainly by history teachers and heavily bearded people with terrible eye-sight and cluttered homes.
  10. 310ps 'R' v A35 on winter tyres in snow https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/features/hot-hatchback-twin-test-mercedes-amg-a35-vs-volkswagen-golf-r
  11. Jon-Paul

    Hello All!

    How are 'long' are you Troy ? I'm over 2 metres tall and 114 kilos and fit in the R nicely.
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