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  1. Jon-Paul

    R in storage until May

    Mine will be staying indoors when the road salt makes an appearance. I don't put it in to hibernation as such, I will still run it indoors once a week.
  2. Jon-Paul

    Thinking of buying 14 plate Golf R

    It's sounds enough money to me Tom, first question is it a retail or private sale ? the first thing to establish is has it a fully documented history, is it HPI clear and how many owners has it had. If these stack up then you need somebody who really knows these cars to cast an eye over it, mechanically, cosmetically and a good road test, remember one in three used cars has an undisclosed past. Like any other cars the 'R' has it's common and well documented faults, again I stress get it looked at by somebody who knows the marque and if you've any reservations move on, there are plenty about .
  3. Jon-Paul

    First time with snow foam

    I've used that in the past and found it to be good. I've been using Autoglym Polar blast recently and it seems to do the job nicely, my car doesn't see too much bad weather but the others we have in the family do and it shifts the dirt nicely without being a pain to wash away.
  4. Jon-Paul

    New To The Forum!

  5. Jon-Paul

    30 years ago today (Adult humour)

    A friend of mine reached the Ruby wedding milestone and decided he wanted rid of his wife, she had let herself go and made his life a misery. He spoke to a local gamekeeper who offered to shoot her " It will be quick, I will hit her just below the left nipple" he said... " That's no bloody good ! ..... I want her killing not kneecapping " !
  6. Jon-Paul

    First time with snow foam

    Which snow foam did you use Adam ?
  7. Jon-Paul

    Mrs Privatedoc Joins the fold!

    Nice addition
  8. Jon-Paul

    30 years ago today (Adult humour)

    Thanks Huw. Anyone who says marriage is an equal partnership is talking utter rubbish. I gave up my mates, my Ducatis, following the Grand Prix all over Europe and gambling...... The only thing she gave up was sex.
  9. It's 30 years ago today that I met the wife. We were at a young farmers get together, always the charmer I said " You remind me of my little toe" ..... "Small and cute" she replied, " I smiled, "Well that and the fact that I will probably end up banging you on the coffee table" Like any marriage we've had our ups and downs, the lowest point for me was when I overheard her telling her friend Yvonne her sex life was like a 100 metre sprint ! " Over in less than 10 seconds ? " said Yvonne " No I usually do it with six athletic black guys" replied the wife. I took her infidelity badly and ended up stood on a bridge, in desperation I rang the Samaritans " I'm on a bridge and I'm about to toss myself off " I said "That's inconsiderate, what about anybody passing underneath" said the woman at the end of the phone.. " They will probably think it's just bird shit " I replied........ Seriously, she's an absolute diamond, here's to 30 more.....
  10. M60 J18 westbound this lunchtime. Anybody on the forum ?
  11. Jon-Paul

    R-placement - M2 / M4?

    There always has been Fred, the later models don't weigh much more than the 993 and earlier models yet the handling is massively improved, that was my point.
  12. Jon-Paul

    R-placement - M2 / M4?

    Nice post Ash.......Yet another members experience of another marque which highlights just how well rounded the Golf R is, I was left disappointed after an afternoon in a new RS3 saloon, it didn't feel as connected as the R. I had two E36 M3's twenty years ago, it sounds as though the current BMW's are as tail happy as they ever were which is disappointing. The 911's of yesteryear had an urge to travel down the road like a spinning top yet through development and evolution the later rear only drive 911's are pretty good in the wet, it seems BMW haven't moved forward in the chassis department however spectacular the engines might be.
  13. Jon-Paul

    What did you do to your R today?

    No lady driver jokes from me @Booth11, however, consider this : A bloke in Hebden Bridge recently went through gender reassignment , my eldest came home and said " I've just seen Gary (now Gail ) in town , she's had the operation and it seems to have worked".... "I see" I said " Was she buying cosmetics and things".... "Ive no idea" he replied " But she reversed out of the Co-op car park straight in to a bus
  14. Jon-Paul

    V expensive oil change! :-)

    Good work Doc 👍
  15. Jon-Paul

    Hot Swede....

    With the aim of streamlining things I've off loaded my Subaru and the Mrs's Polo is going in swap against an XC40, after some deliberation we opted for the T5, it's a hugely impressive car with plenty of standard kit, we drove the 190hp T4 which moved along nicely so the 250ps T5 should be good, the build quality is brilliant and the seats fabulous. We considered a Tiguan with the 190hp EA888 and a Q2 Quattro but in all honestly the Volvo knocks them both for six. Looking forward to getting this one...