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  1. golf7.5r

    Digital or analogue dash

    Digital for me. I can see what gear I'm in without having to peer at some ridiculously small font on the analogue dash. I can also see speed cameras without having to look across and down to the main head unit screen. The other nice touch is when your fuel light comes on it pops up with the amount of miles left on the digi fuel gauge without having to press anything.
  2. golf7.5r

    Road to more pops and bangs!

    Cheapest would be to get it mapped to make more pops / bangs.
  3. golf7.5r

    Stage 2

    If you want to to extract max power then yes, but the biggest gain for stage 2 is the improved torque curve and really good low end response. Don't bother with an intake kit, just mod your own airbox and buy the TT intake pipe. My costs were; stage 2 ecu & tcu maps £900 milltek decat £500 fitted TT pipe £200 fitted
  4. golf7.5r

    Stage 2

    I'd estimate £3k, but knock £1k off if you don't want the intercooler.
  5. golf7.5r

    Customer tune vs APR/Revo/others

    I think that's what they are telling their dealers to say to customers. My view is that they haven't properly cracked the code yet (they still haven't released a TCU tune for the 8P RS3 gearbox AFAIK). I was told that the older 6 speed TCU tune got copied across the industry, hence why it's widely available.
  6. golf7.5r

    Customer tune vs APR/Revo/others

    What's the speculation? I was told 'soon' back in April 2018!
  7. golf7.5r

    Unicorn Stage 1 Considerations

    Were you not able to get the MTM box on the rollers for comparison?
  8. golf7.5r

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Just so you know, it's not a full exhaust, just a cat-back. Try Awesome to see if they can still supply (and ship to the US) ... https://www.awesomegti.com/
  9. golf7.5r

    (Super) Unleaded Petrol?

    As I stated, it takes a couple of tank fulls to allow the engine to adjust to the better fuel. Secondly, those cars are only putting out low 200 hp, not 300-400+ for a tuned R engine (it's not a fixed amount, it's a % increase typically). And thirdly, they are using 97-98RON as super unleaded, not 99RON - every little helps. I've seen plenty of dyno reports from MRC showing way more than 10-15ps increases from running sh1t fuel then swapping to 99RON - just look at their FB page.
  10. golf7.5r

    Theives came for my car.

    I thought stoplocks could be easily bypassed by cutting through the steering wheel? That was always the case in the 90's when they were even more popular than they are now.
  11. golf7.5r

    Theives came for my car.

    More likely that it wasn't actually working in the first place. Please don't expect a £5 one off ebay or amazon to actually work - these sellers rely on you not actually checking them and they have no CE markings. Buy a decent branded pouch is the best advice I can give you.
  12. golf7.5r


    I was thinking that given the OP could keep ahead of it that it would more likely be the older V8 FSI version, which suffers from the usual issue with carbon build up, so most of them are only running 360ps, and along with the additional weight, it's probably an even match with a std R.
  13. golf7.5r


    It's almost 300kgs heavier so it wouldn't destroy a standard R?
  14. golf7.5r

    (Super) Unleaded Petrol?

    Super unleaded allows the engine to output the manufacturers claimed figures (300/310ps) - using 95 RON will drop power by around 10-15ps, but more importantly (imo) it will impact the responsiveness of the engine. Takes a full tank or two for the engine to adapt to better quality fuel and if you then put a tank of 95 RON in it will pull timing accordingly to protect the engine. Bummer in NI that you can't get super unleaded! You could use octane booster, but this ends up being expensive and they don't always do what they say on the tin, so do your research.
  15. golf7.5r

    DSG/TCU Remap

    The best advice I can give you is to learn to use manual mode wherever possible. It takes the guess work out of which gear you are in and there's no lag when the car needs to pick a lower gear. There's a noticeable fuel saving to be had as when when you're not hoofing it too as you can change up even earlier than in D and leave it later to drop a gear too.