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  1. I can tell you myself - peak is 1.9Bar on a high torque stage 2 map. I think APR run 2Bar or even 2.1Bar?
  2. I had the same issue with a new DP, it sounded awful for the first 1000 miles until it soots up. Don't worry about it, it's hardly any noisier than stock once you've put some miles on it. As others have said, you might benefit from adding a resonated section in, but wait until it settles down (your fitter should of told you this).
  3. I thought that Rick was very conservative with boost and prefers to use timing to get the power. Adding more boost just increases the EGTs which ultimately will pull back the timing.
  4. I'm not understanding that live data - I can't see what the boost is doing over time. Do you have vcds so you can produce a graph like this;
  5. If you're a manual mode driver then there are no real benefits of having a TCU remap, The 7-speed dsg is capable of handling more torque than the 6-speed so you won't have any issues here either (go for a high torque map if you can). Never used Revo, but check out R-Tech, MRC and Unicorn who offer excellent custom maps.
  6. Does it overboost further up the rev range as it's quite normal to see a slight variation, especially just after a gear change (it's only 150mBar).
  7. I'd be replacing the oil feeds for sure and get the turbo sent away for checking if you're buying used again - there's usually a good reason why low mileage turbos are being sold. Are you letting the oil reach operating temp before using any revs? 1.9Bar is ok for these turbos - I think APR run 2.1Bar for stage 2.
  8. There is a lot of bull on the web about TD1 flags. The car does not throw up a TD1 flag, the technician has to manually flag up that the car has been modified, either through a visual inspection (wheel spacers, exhaust, tuning box) or through the ECU (certain parameters are out of factory tolerances). Most dealers won't care if it's been remapped unless it's for a warranty claim, in which case they will have to dig a bit deeper into the ECU and look for changes to factory settings and especially dates when the ECU was last written to (meaning that even if you get your ECU put back to stock they could invalidate your engine warranty).
  9. Probably an idea to post the question on an Audi forum asking what each of the connectors are for as a starting point. Do you have a photo of the R wires to compare it too? Maybe post that on here too. So you've got heated seats, seat occupancy, airbag? and one other connector that looks like it's for electric lumbar adjustment on the Audi seats? If the connector have part numbers on them, type them into google and see what they come back with.
  10. I thought our discs were 345mm?
  11. How much is it? I agree, bit of a risk unless the discs are oem dimensions, in which case you can fit either genuine discs or aftermarket ones.
  12. You need to make 25 posts/replies before you can pm someone, so get involved on the forum
  13. The XLR Race Chip is not a pedal box as far as I'm aware - more a tuning box (and a very crude one at that). Check this video out - makes for interesting reading...
  14. Yes, it fits the majority of the MQB platform with the 2.0 tsi engine.
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