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  1. Have you had your gearbox (dsg) remapped? dsg has nothing to do with haldex - you've got us all confused here!
  2. Love white cars apart from they're like a magnet for dirt! Not a fan of your rear reflector mod - black would look better. I have something similar to these on mine (to stay legal) ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-VII-7-Katzenauge-Reflektor-Heckstosstange-folie-aufkleber/392634686189 but I've seen these too .. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2PCS-Black-Rear-Reflector-Honeycomb-Trims-For-Volkswagon-VW-MK7-5-Golf-GTI-R/254150209435 Also, [email protected] told me that the gearing is the same at the 6-speed dsg - 7th is an over-drive! The res delete doesn't cause any drone on the motorway in the 7-speed (unless you cruise at 95mph!) You going for an APR map at Awesome?
  3. I replaced my fob battery after 18 Months - it didn't work at first so I looked at the battery housing and the design is not brilliant - there is a tab which is the positive (from memory) that can get bent very easily and not make contact anymore. I bent it back into shape and it came back to life.
  4. Yeah, maybe they added it as a new function. Be good to post it here if you can find it.
  5. Erm, it says you can't do it with OBDeleven?
  6. This a good reference guide .... https://www.haldexrepairs.co.uk/generation-5-haldex-fault-finding-repair-guide/
  7. Rear ARB and consider lowering your tyre pressures to around 36psi.
  8. Could be a leak from your pollen filter which is under the glovebox. Has either not been fitted correctly or there may be a build up of leaves/dirt under the bonnet where the intake is.
  9. Remove the GPF's if you want more pops n bangs.
  10. Did you know that Unicorn now offer a hand held tuning device? Have a read of this thread ... Whilst it's not a true custom map, at stage 1 it's probably as good as you will get anywhere and will offer more power and torque than a tuning box will. For example, DTE are claiming 360 bhp for their tuning box for the S3/R , however when it was put on the MRC dyno it only made 330 bhp. This particular car ran straight after my old Audi S3 8P which made 338 bhp at stage 2+ (MRC's dyno was quite conservative compared to others).
  11. It would help if you cleaned them , but it looks from the first pic that there is a long crack on the right of the pic. I can't see any damage to the tyre with your pics - the MOT reports mentions the sidewall, so it may be something else and nothing to do with your alloy damage.
  12. But it's the same infotainment system you've used for both phones, right? I mean it could be that Apple in their wisdom have stopped supporting older bluetooth specs, but that would normally result in not being able to connect full stop.
  13. If it worked ok with your previous phone then it can't be an issue with the car. Maybe try an Android phone. 😆
  14. golf7.5r

    Side swipe

    Happened to me before in a supermarket car park - they scraped the bumper, rear arch and alloy. You will most likely get charged by the lease company unless you fix it - some of them even charge you for kerbed alloys! Take it to one of those dent place and see if they can reform the arch (not easy as they are double skinned).
  15. OK, no worries, just making it clear for other forum users as it's not that clear that you can actually select the garage you usually use on black circles (I've got very fussy who handles my alloys in my old age!)
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