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  1. golf7.5r


    If you want to cure the lean fit an uprated rear ARB - you have a few options but Superpro or 034 Motorsport both have a good rep for the R. H&R do a kit for both front and back but from experience the R only really needs to the rear bar.
  2. It's an ABT tuning box not APR, but at least it maintains the Seat warranty. Come on VW, sort it out!
  3. Is it due a dsg service at 40k miles?
  4. Good to meet fellow R owners. p.s. the weather did improve after lunch!
  5. Kickdown is deactivated in manual mode on my car (with Unicorn TCU tune).
  6. Hi Rick, has this changed since you mapped my 310ps car in 2018? Or are you just including the newer 300ps cars?
  7. I was referring to the re-sellers in the UK.
  8. That was on a 200+ mile trip not downhill over 1/2 mile I didn't want to turn this into a mpg thread as there are several of them already, but my point was that even at stage 2 the mpg is not affected.
  9. I've known about them for years - very good for stage 3/4 cars as they also support uprated clutch packs etc..., however, I don't know how good their engine ECU software is, and in my book that is the most important element in a remap.
  10. I went straight to stage 2 and regularly see 40+ mpg on the motorway.
  11. Hmm, never heard of any of those guys? I wonder why they haven't teamed up with a proper tuning house?
  12. golf7.5r

    New bmw 135i

    BMW are still lagging behind VAG with both 4WD technology and their version of the DSG atm.
  13. Yeah, that's right. Who is the re-seller for them over here?
  14. You have to ask yourself why?????????????/
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