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  1. You didn't state your mileage, but it may be due a dsg service? Also, if it's been in the VW network from new I would recommend getting the haldex filter cleaned asap as not sure if dealers actually do this.
  2. It can only be down to the fact that it hasn't rained for a while unless you have worn the outside edges down either due to under inflation (which is quite common as we usually run lower pressures than recommended for comfort here in the UK), or 11000 km's of hard cornering.
  3. The std intercooler can run 500 bhp, it's the temp drops that's key, along with pressure drop (that's what gives you more power over stock at the same temp). Are there any good side by side reviews on the interweb?
  4. I didn't think BCS did tip only replacements? You'd be better off going to the likes of longlife etc... However, I had my factory pipes painted gloss black (high temp engine paint) - cost less then £30 incl paint and still looking perfect after 1 year.
  5. I had those wingbacks in my old S3. Very comfy for me, even on long journeys. Wish VW offered them for the R (they did for the R32), however, they offer very little additional lateral support over the std R seats and being leather they are not as grippy either. I had recaro pole positions in a previous car (they were offered from the factory) - much better lateral support as they are proper buckets (but still with a bit of comfort). Much cheaper than wingbacks too ... https://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/recaro-pole-position-seats-abe/prod_928.html
  6. How much lighter is the TCR to the R?
  7. Did they do the map? Also, do you have the before and after plots as some dynos can over-read by as much as 30bhp?
  8. I thought that was on a standard car though? Rick recommends the intake pipe for mapped cars (as does pretty much all other tuners). The 'waste' of money imo is the R600 intake.
  9. You could use something like this on your bonnet or roof area ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Goodyear-Magnetic-Windscreen-Protector-Protection/dp/B0779DC8DF Don't skimp on cheaper ones though as the magnets are too small.
  10. What peak boost are you running?
  11. The wet braking distances in that youtube clip should sway you away from the cup 2 tyres if you plan on using them on the road - 5m is a full car length and is the difference between a near miss and totally destroying your car. They are a good dry track tyre once warm for sure but I know 2 gt3 rs's which have been written off on wet track days on cup 2s.
  12. No grip in the wet though - it all depends if you're a fair weather track man.
  13. I meant some older stock of supersports as I had them on my S3 8P in 18s.
  14. Ah ok, can you not get supersports for the 18s?
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