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  1. Er no, a few ore laps will make it worse! You need to do a few hundred kms cruising on the autobahn. The ring requires exceptional brakes unless you are experienced in preventing them overheating i.e. do less braking! If you plan on going back, then your best bet would be to invest in some better front brakes and higher temp fluid. It's not that easy to warp vented discs these days, especially OEM stuff, but it is possible on heavier cars .. RS6 and the like.
  2. Who said the manual is as fast as the DSG?
  3. I drove my last DSG car for 6 1/2 years and over 75000 miles in manual mode 99.9% of the time, so I wouldn't be concerned. Never had any slow shifts though, unless cruising? Maybe you're due a service / reset?
  4. Probably just pad material deposits on the front discs. They can a lot of hard use on the Ring, even if you're not pushing it. It usually sorts itself out after a few hundred miles.
  5. No need to do that in the 7 speed. I drive in manual mode 99% of the time and I don't have any problems at all at roundabout. In fact it seems better than my previous 6 speed with being able to change gears during cornering.
  6. They offer good value for money for sure, but not all replicas are made equal. CM have a good reputation but I would check they run straight on a balancer before I fitted any tyres (I'm speaking from personal experience with other replica alloys). They 'may' be stronger than oem prets but they are also 20% heavier (unsprung weight).
  7. I think the prets are the lightest, even lighter than the 18" Cadiz, and that makes a big difference for both handling and ride quality. I have prets and no DCC and find the ride comfort just about right for a fast hatch.
  8. I can usually get 5 litres of shell helix full synthetic oil for less than £15 for GSF or ECP using one of their codes. If your car is out of warranty, I wouldn't get too hung up on the so called special long life oils. The best advice I can give you is to use full synthetic from a decent manufacturer and change it regularly i.e. no more than 10k miles.
  9. For the sake of £30 (if you're doing it yourself) then it's a no brainer. Depending on your mileage, you may also consider changing your plugs too. Have you cleaned your haldex filter recently as it's usually the remap that highlights a blocked filter.
  10. I coded my valves open 100% of the time a few weeks ago via vcds and noticed that the start up sound was much deeper than before, and also the car was much louder on part throttle, which was great at first but it became a bit too much after the initial honeymoon period, so I reverted back to stock settings. The car also felt a bit laggier on anything other than part throttle - not drastic, but noticeable. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm just wondering what is the advantage of coding them open? Are there any performance gains to be had or is it just the extra noise that ppl want?
  11. I run the latest Milltek with the cast section that connects to the turbo. Was the same price as the Scorpion when I bought it and looked much better quality. Fitment is great and you can fit it without dropping the subframe which would potentially mess up your geometry. Sounded really tinny for the first 2k miles, but just sounds slightly louder than stock now.
  12. golf7.5r

    Three data sim

    Has anyone ordered one of the free Three data SIMs recently? I can see the page mentioning the free data but there is no form to fill in?
  13. You need a pedal box - very common complaint on the R. https://www.racechip.co.uk/pedal-box/xlr.html But there are lots of alternatives so do a bit of research.
  14. Mine is the same with regards not being able to change up early - I even asked [email protected] if he could change this whilst doing the dsg map but it is the same. I've just learned to live with it now. One thing I have noticed is that apart from 1st > 2nd you can change up earlier in M than what it does for you in D. Yes, the gear changes feel like an 'elastic band' in the 7 speed when cruising - I didn't like it at first but once again, you get used to it. You need to turn esp off (fully) when launching, otherwise it doesn't like it and starts kicking TC / ESP in. The one big plus I noticed straight away with the 7 speed was how quickly it released the clutch when booting from a standstill - I used to have to wait for what felt like an age in my 6 speed - even a fiesta beat me off the line (well for a car length anyway!). My advice is to fit a throttle booster - it makes a big difference. Re: the oil temp, you can select oil temp as one of the dials in the main screen (head unit), however, it will show zero until it reaches a minimum temp but it won't update the display unless you go in and out of that screen! Well done VW!
  15. Lots of Mk 7 info on the MRC facebook page - they get some good results and a custom tune is recommended if you want to keep the torque within the limits of your new clutch.
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