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  1. There have been a couple of forum posts where the bracket supporting the acc sensor has got damaged slightly and it causes it to vibrate which confuses the acc. Maybe check the plastics around the acc?
  2. Make sure they are talking about the dsg filter not being part of their policy - I can't believe a main dealer wouldn't replace the dsg filter as part of every dsg oil change! I was referring to the haldex filter as skipping in my book is wheelspin/wheelhop which is usually haldex related. Do you have an aftermarket throttle booster fitted as they can often be set too high and cause these symptoms?
  3. That's not the same as Becs as your steering shaft is rusty How on earth did that get rust on it?
  4. What do you mean by hopping in 2nd gear? Does the dsg stay in the same gear and the revs go up and down? Have you had the haldex filter cleaned in the 75k of ownership?
  5. It doesn't look like they're an approved VW dealer so the warranty will be voided if you have any engine or drivetrain related issues. It's probably tucked away in some small print in their sales document.
  6. All the 'improvements' of the mk7.5 make it a much more attractive offering than the earlier models - to name a few; better std spec than the mk7 including front & rear parking, heated seats, sat nav, android auto (probably a few other things too) 7-speed dsg (an easy 10% improvement in economy when you need it) MIB2.5 sat nav screen digi dash - it's a bit marmite, but I love it as you can get the map right in front of you and I love the fact that when you drop into the red it automatically shows with the miles you've got left rather than having to go fishing for it in a menu dynamic indicators full LED headlights dark gray alcantara on seats frameless rear view mirror Better looking body kit in black gloss Some of them may seem a bit trivial but they all add up in my book, enough to make me want one rather than not even look at the mk7. And don't forget about residuals too - if you plan on keeping it for a while and do lower than average mileage then it will become less of an issue in the long term and you will get more for you car when you come to sell it on.
  7. A dog bone mount will help for sure, especially if the bushes are worn with mileage. You may also want to look into the short shifter for the manual, as it may tighten things up at the gearbox end too. https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/forge/forge-adjustable-quick-shifter-for-vag-6-speed-models/
  8. You will need to drive straight from the garage to a pre-booked mot centre. You will be covered by your insurance OK. Might be worth getting the garage to do a quick check on common MOT failures. i.e. tyres, lights, wiper blades, washer fluid etc.
  9. What about the Cupra estate?
  10. That's how it works I'm afraid. You need to toggle the race mode each time you restart the car.
  11. That's assuming their dyno figures are accurate in the first place - more likely to be 350 > 380 in real terms.
  12. Usual dyno magic (aka bull!). It's possible to add upto 50bhp without any mods just by changing the dyno correction factor or the ambient temperature or not strapping it down correctly.
  13. You won't get a deeper tone by removing the rear box or doing the res delete, they both make it louder (although I've not heard of anyone removing the rear box on the mk 7's) but are more tinny than stock. Save your pennies for a decent valved system, resonated if you are getting old like me.
  14. Any codes logged? (just don't delete them!)
  15. When you say well maintained, how many services has it had? Has it had the plugs changed? Was the haldex filter cleaned? What tyres does it have on it?
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