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  1. I've got mine set at 30% via vcds and I find it complements the pretty poor exhaust note nicely.
  2. If you're selling, remove the map and fit a std clutch.
  3. If you get that message then you have nav but no map sd card (as you suggested) - the dealer is trying it on and should find you a suitable card. BTW, you can only use genuine cards on these head units and it needs to be the later 'AS' version.
  4. Awsome GTI had some in stock last year but I don't think they can get them anymore. Personally, it's not for me - nice material (titanium) + high quality welding but I prefer black exhaust tips, dislike the tinny sound it produces, doesn't add any power and above all, a back box for £2k+ !?!?
  5. You don't need the full intake for stage 2, just the TIP and silicon hose. I can recommend the Turbo Technics TIP, it comes with a large bore silicon hose that attaches to your stock air box. The Revo looks good but doesn't really offer much more performance over the above. You can do the pikey r600 mod for a bit more airflow. http://mygolfmk7.com/2019/09/ultimate-mk7-gti-air-intake/
  6. I'm not sure that VAG won't be able to detect it as a) they have altered the software settings and b) even if they remove the s/w for warranty work, the specialist software engineers in Germany will look at the last date the gearbox ecu was written to - if it doesn't match what came out of the factory or any VW updates at the dealer then ACHTUNG!
  7. It's all down to Skoda discounts - they often discount the top models by a higher figure to try and sell them. Or as above, they might want to get rid of some old stock if they're not selling. Same thing happened to my partners Seat - the Leon Excellence Lux model had over 3k of options over the FR (same engine / dsg etc.) but was actually cheaper.
  8. Tell me more about the gear knob! Maybe open up a new thread on that mod?
  9. Does it fit 100% though as it doesn't look a great fit in that particular car? It seems to stick out too far on the right hand side. Not that I want one as I much prefer the rotary dials as I don't need to take my eyes off the road to adjust them.
  10. The pics aren't taken in a Mk 7 Golf as the gear knob looks completely different?
  11. I hope they didn't advise you that VW would not be able to tell if it had been mapped if they removed it for warranty work? This is simply not true and the VW engineers in Germany would know straight away that the ECU software had been altered by the date flag. Also, stage 1 cars do not produce anywhere near 550Nm - even the APR hi torque map is quoted at 520Nm. You should be asking what boost they are running to make 390ps on a stage 1 map imo. The dsg gearbox can handle the torque all day long. I know they're in the tuning business and it's common place to exaggerate power figures for a sale but this really winds me up as some people just read the headline figures and go and buy it based on that - it's what's under the curve that counts.
  12. Can you still get the stage 2 APR maps over there as UK dealers have stopped them (and I thought it was worldwide too)?
  13. Unless I'm mistaken, there should be a key slot in the usual place on the rack but it's been covered over with a cap?
  14. And only buy from reputable places too as there are fakes out there.
  15. VW will try and get out of warranty work unless you buy and fit genuine VW parts (and have the receipts to back them up). Not worth taking the risk if you're concerned about your warranty imo.
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