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  1. Hi all can you help me anyone that owns a standard MK7.5 what is your standard boost on the performance screen ??
  2. I have brought a dash cam that works better for some features does the 7.5 have its own internet connection ???
  3. Fully aware the min reading is 50 c just seeing if anyone else has seen the problem
  4. Hi All just wondering if anyone has gone beyond a stage 2 with a 7.5R ?? Revo stage 2 Revo Carbon air box Full miltek exhaust
  5. Noticed a few times even after driving for 30 mins the oil temp screen stays (----) only If I change the view to the lap timer and back again does it come on I assume VW would have a software update for this ?????
  6. Hi All I followed my R the other week in poor light levels and all other cars had front and rear lights on mine had only fronts (set in auto mode) is a software update etc that will turn on rear lights with fronts . Fully aware I can just turn on the lights normally but tend to leave them in auto so I can use the automatic main beam function
  7. I have seen a few R owners put the carbon paddles I would like some but don't want cheap nasty ones who makes the best quality
  8. Hi All very new owner of the R and love it I was just wondering how many of you just leave your car in race mode ?
  9. Hi All I have a 2018 R I have seen a few posts about the carbon look display you can set via vcds has anyone done it ?? Cant find any pics White R
  10. Want to get the above when I get my R want it as neat as possible any systems recommended Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. Hi Any idea what size the discs are Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Hi all I have added the pack to my build due in June time I have seen a few press releases from VW about the pack some show drilled discs and bells some show solid discs has anyone got it fitted ?????
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