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  1. Engine coolant up to temperature in 3-4 minutes and engine oil temperature in around 15 mins, dependant on ambient temperature.
  2. I’m still £127 to fill my tank up = 69 litre’s of diesel.
  3. Hopefully you can salvage some or most of the trim off your current bumper. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294938159751?epid=926287652&hash=item44abaf2a87:g:~SwAAOSwQGNiYHTL
  4. Your tuner is best placed to advise on which spark plugs to use for the given tune. Your right about the RS7’s as they had a reputation for the tips to break off.
  5. I thought the difference between the old and new revisions were the rear spring rates to account for the heavier haldex on the R as the old revision was for the GTI? I may be wrong or perhaps that was the previous revision before that?
  6. Some Mk7’s had revision D, they did the job but there are ways to improve it as the stock one is either fully open or closed and you immediately loose all boost when your off throttle . Get the GFB DV+, problem solved as it doesn’t loose all boost when you’re off throttle so when you reapply throttle it’s quicker to react. Just remove it every 10k miles when your doing an oil change, clean the internals, lightly oil it and put it back on, just watch you don’t loose the little spring. For the money it’s a great little piece of kit.
  7. Whichever top mounts you get, I’d recommend getting the complete hardware kit to go along with them. See links below, you don’t have to purchase them from Shop Dap in the US as you’d get all of them from TPS, but the links will give you an idea of what you need to buy, part numbers and most importantly the correct torque values for each bolt as all suspension bolts are TTY / stretch bots. If you reuse any of the bolts or torque them incorrectly then you soon have squeaking suspension. Some manufacturers like ECS or 034 provide complete kits which includes all the bolts etc. https://www.shopdap.com/make-model-year/volkswagen/r-models/mk7-5-facelift-golf-r-2018-present/steering-and-suspension/install-kits.html https://www.shopdap.com/make-model-year/volkswagen/r-models/mk7-5-facelift-golf-r-2018-present/steering-and-suspension/hardware.html
  8. Millers Nano is a great oil but I was informed by a respectable forum member on here not to go over 7k miles without changing the oil. He didn’t elaborate further as to why. I was running Miller’s Nano initially when I went stage 1+ before going back to the OEM oil from TPS. I think for stage 1 your fine with any oil that meets the VW specifications/approval.
  9. I was fortunate enough to get mine from a forum member.
  10. It’s a poor show by VW that wireless Apple CarPlay wasn’t available for the mk7 or mk7.5 R’s but at least there is a work around by using a dongle, yes it costs a lot for what it is but it fixes the issue. https://cplay2air.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwdz755iC-QIVtYBQBh3haAYqEAAYASAAEgJ5I_D_BwE
  11. I currently own a 2022 BMW X3, yes there are some subscription items that you can choose but the vast majority of those items are unlimited and only 1 or 2 have time limits. Note: That may differ if you bought a basic model with zero options. I think it’s a great idea, for a car to be able to be upgraded via the BMW App is brilliant. My car had optioned heated seats from factory so I think that some of the hype has been blown out of proportion in my opinion, just like most things we hear and see in the media. If we believe everything we see on Sky/BBC news we’d never get past our front door every morning.
  12. I seen one for circa £120k, I’m not knocking the Audi as it’s an amazing piece of machinery, no doubt. But £105k for one, no thanks!
  13. Can’t comment on the mk8R but my BMW has an HUD, never experienced it before that. Think it’s an amazing feature to have in a car, to have your navigation, speed, speed camera location’s and speed limits to be displayed on the windscreen is brilliant in my opinion.
  14. I did yes, I have no info to suggest it helped but given I had no issues with my Unicorn tune for 54k miles that I had my R I’d have to recommend it, since the cost is relatively inexpensive. I’m of the opinion that if you you decide to tune an engine and or gear box of a car that costs £30k-£40k then I’m going to take every precautionary measure within reason to prevent it from having serious issues. I’d rather spend £80 on plugs than £5k on a replacement engine.
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