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  1. The pre OPF mk7.5 is certainly the one to go for IMO, highly tuneable and has the added advantage of not having that particulate filter. I can’t help but have that bit of envy when I drive by an R after having crossed over to the darkside by purchasing an X3 M40d. I’m still struggling to come up with a car that has a better bang for your buck than an R, it’s still a phenomenal machine.
  2. All tires in general will have to be designed and manufactured in such a way that the noise level is less than 68 dB, because that will be the new law as of 2024, the EU will also be introducing this new law. This isn’t specific to tires but cars in general, so all those with Remus exhausts look out. When you factor in the new traffic cameras that will monitor license plates, speed and noise….motorists don’t stand a chance. Your almost forced into going EV whether you like it or not. Sorry for going off topic there.
  3. You won’t go wrong with a quality upgraded FMIC, that and a nice induction kit, TT Turbo inlet and TMD then you’re sorted. Throw a quality custom tune on there as well and it’s off to the races you go.
  4. When you fitted the new VWR springs, you should have fitted new front and rear top mounts/bearings etc. Also did you replace all the suspension bolts that were loosened or removed during the fitting of the springs? as they are all TTY (stretch) and therefore are one time use. if you’ve reused the old bolts, then you’ll have issues applying and maintaining the correct torque value. Lose or incorrectly torqued bolts = creaky suspension.
  5. Don’t go anywhere near WBAC unless you absolutely have too. They are not interested in a modified car, if it’s still stock I’d still give them a wide berth. I sold mine through Autotrader, it was sold in 24hrs. Ensure you describe everything that you’ve done to the car, be honest. Have some good photos taken, outside and inside and even the engine bay. Finally be realistic with the price, I also threw in some spare parts to sweeten the deal and it worked a treat!
  6. Think the OP needs to purchase an OBDELEVEN, scan the car and take it from there. Perhaps do a DSG reset but again see what the scan results are.
  7. I believe it’s different here in Scotland, you won’t be offered any online awareness courses, they simply stop you, then charge you and off to court you go.
  8. Since this is your daily driver by the sounds of it, who occasionally takes it on track 4-5 times a year I’d be inclined to have it set up for fast road as this would be the happy medium for both road and track. I’d be looking at doing the following…. Lower control arms i.e. Superpro or similar. Adds negative camber and positive castor. Whiteline bump steer correction kit. Corrects the roll centre geometry if the car is lowered. Subframe front and rear deadset kits. Bushes on the front and rear axles. Stay away from anything that has spherical bearin
  9. Apologies for the random question but can anyone recommend any good bird sh*t remover? I’m sure @Booth11 has got some recommendations.
  10. A rare occurrence, I know several people who has suffered the same fate. How such a crucial area of the car be made of plastic is beyond me.
  11. IIRC it’s around 20mm lower than a normal Golf.
  12. You can’t go wrong with a Canon L series lens!
  13. It’s an awesome machine, total perfection.
  14. I’ll probably have to stick to buying BOTB raffle tickets, you gotta be in it to win it.
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