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  1. I believe the Racingline stage 2 kit will fit with OEM wheels.
  2. Check out the how to guides on this forum, lots of info in there. Here is the link on how to do the Halfex oil and filter change/clean. https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/volkswagen/mk7-golf/mqb-haldex-oil-change-and-filter-clean/
  3. Unfortunately the cracks happened a few months after my 2 yr warranty had expired so I didn’t bother in contacting Remus. Maybe I should have!
  4. As in the front subframe dead set kit? Did you also do the rear subframe dead set kit as well?
  5. How are the Superpro top mounts and lower arm bushes?
  6. Double the time to go half the miles, that’s my normal day! Irrespective of a fuel, food or toilet roll shortage! I think the only thing we have too much of are rubber dinghy’s ⛵️ coming from the direction of France! But that’s another story.
  7. Right behind the centre resonator box where the pipe leaves that resonator and heads back to the back box. Started off as hair line cracks on the welds at the bottom then also go a pin hole on the upper weld. It’s hard to beat the throaty sound of a Remus but the quality of material was sub par, even the welder that did the repairs said the same, poor material and welds. Which was disappointing to hear given the cost. If I were to replace my exhaust now I’d give serious consideration to getting a BCS.
  8. Seen this happen to people who have tried to do a launch when the engine and gearbox is not up to temp, error code goes away afterwards.
  9. Pretty much what Dan said, I did the same, Bought the Remus non-res to begin with and it was crazy loud and embarrassing, ordered up the centre resonator box and had it installed .....so much better. Just watch for cracking in the welds if you have a DSG as they seem to go through exhausts pretty quickly. I've had to get mine welded twice due to cracking.
  10. Got the coolant flushed in my R c/w with a new Silicone cartridge from ECS in the states. I was going to put in a new coolant expansion tank but never bother this time. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-volkswagen-audi-parts/silicate-cartridge-for-expansion-tank/4e0121176/
  11. Like what I mentioned above if you do a deep dive into most high flying, powerful corporations they will have a past that their not really proud of. As for Ineos, I just like the fact that their having a go to reinstate an old favourite in the Defender (Grenadier) but radically improve on it and not charge an arm and a leg for it, alright £45k still isn't cheap but still achievable. Also the bit about the service and maintenance...any person whether you are a qualified mechanic or simply a DIY mechanic will have free and full access to the vehicle 3D schematics and part numbers so
  12. £1.53 per ltr, wow that’s expensive! I’m £1.49 at my local Shell garage….although I usually put Momentum 99 in @ £1.34
  13. It’s going to be an absolute weapon!
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