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  1. Just inquired about the DQ381 TVS Stage 2 + map from Infinity in Glasgow, see what they say.
  2. I believe that all surfaces have to be completely de-waxed and free of any polish etc before applying the tape or adhesive. I’d have a professional body shop do the fitting, preferably the place that supplied the spoiler and who painted the product. Least you’d have some form of come back if the spoiler came off.
  3. If you're worried about engine movement, then consider up-rating the dogbone and or engine / transmission mounts. Superpro does good ones.
  4. Get the TT inlet from VRS, pretty good mod if I'm honest... definite increase in throttle response.
  5. Tesco 99 Momentum all the time, in fact I have them entered into my Sat Nav when traveling the country.
  6. Remember and loc-tight the small internal screws that go under the PCV plate, if you don't then there's a good chance they'll rattle loose and fall into the engine.
  7. I went with the Remus catback, non-resonating. Thought it sounded great at first but quickly got annoyed with the drone and loudness of it. Had the front silencer fitted and the pops n bangs toned down by my engine tuner. Result is I love it now, very stealthy in normal drive but still retains the deep warble especially in race with zero drone and the odd pop in the down shifts.
  8. Think everyone's personal preference will be slightly different as there are many variables in terms of which settings you have it on. i.e. Tuned or untuned, mk7 six speed or mk7.5 seven speed gear boxes or manual or DSG...or if you have a DSG throttle response map. As you have said above, drive the car for a while trying out the various settings until you find one that suits you best. It took me ages before settling on city +3, even then it's not 100% perfect but almost. Also agree that the car should have came from factory like this, as in already had the dead travel removed from the accelerator.....but I suppose the VW engineers had a reason for it.....perhaps so that there wasn't an initial rapid response when applying the throttle.....but it is a performance vehicle at the end of the day!
  9. BMW X5, 30D......still the 3rd best car I've ever owned after my mk7 & mk7.5 Golf R's
  10. There are a few guys on here running the Clubsport S disks and are very happy with them, remember the original post was uprated brakes for around £300-£500 and the Clubsport S disks and pads etc are coming in at around £570
  11. Its a little above your budget but I'd seriously consider the Clubsport S front disks, braided lines with decent brake fluid. Either with Ferodo DS2500 pads or VW Clubsport pads. See link below. https://www.vrsnorthampton.com/home/3006-fast-road-brake-set-up-mk7r.html?search_query=Clubsport+S&results=15
  12. 9.9 for me, I'm on my 2nd Golf R now, nothing comes close in terms of the complete package. There are better cars on an individual basis like outright speed but as a package the Golf R does everything.....and does it well.
  13. I had same issue after my last service, oil at the very top of the textured part...maybe a tad over. I was fortunate that I was changing my intercooler and hoses a few days after. On removal of my stock cooler it had lots of carbon oily deposits in the hoses etc
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