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  1. Hey Slider, its on the side of the expansion tank, I have a 2017 Mk7.5 R and I have it.
  2. Yeah happy to keep the bag of silicone beads in the expansion tank just may replace with new tank / beads further down the line as the car gets older.
  3. I have that Silikat expansion tank, I’ll enquire as to the cost of a new tank and flush etc, probably be a fortune knowing VW. I’ll get a quote from an independent too to compare as my car is 3 years old in July.
  4. Has anyone heard of the potential issue with the mk7 or mk7.5 coolant tank, see screenshot below from a friend of a friend. Basically he states that a coolant tank made by Mit Silikat contain a bag that has silicone beads, the bag has been known to rupture after 3-4 years, causing blockages in the coolant lines. This in turn has serious repair costs. Is this bullshit or a genuine concern? See below.....He just mentions Golf and not the R but I assume it’ll be the same? Any of my friends with a Mk7-7.5 Golf? If you have? Have a look at the header tank and if it has MIT Silikat written on the side of the tank, then there is a bag of silicon beads in the tank? Get it out if you can? The bag bursts after 3-4 years and floods the coolant system with silicon beads leading to blocking the heater matrix?? Costly repair as dash etc. Needs to come out? You can fish the bag out with a pair of pointed nose pliers? Better prevention than cure?💪😜 Oh and be careful not to burst the bag while taking it out🙈 If all else fails a brand new header tank without said bag of beads is only twenty odd quid😜
  5. IIRC Rick said my R isn’t technically still a stage 1, it’s simply a custom tune to the hardware fitted. (Still stock downpipe & no stage 2 tune) So god only knows what it’s going to be like when the stage 2 goes in but it’s going to be interesting 😳😀
  6. To be honest, I’m not really bothered with my 0-60 times or quarter mile. All I know is it’s bloody quick and often embarrasses some other so called “premium” hot hatches off the line. It certainly puts a huge smile on my face that’s for sure & for the money spent, I’d struggle to find a better all round replacement.
  7. I’m the same, 398 bhp and 415 ft/lbs torque.....stage 1 mods with the addition of a Wagner FMIC so it is possible. Rick at Unicorn can certainly work his magic.
  8. The 7 spread DQ381 DSG has a service interval of 60k miles but I certainly wouldn't leave it that long, I did mine at 35k miles.
  9. You heard any pros or cons regarding the Mountune brakes that they do sell on their website as the discs looked remarkably similar to the discs on the video?
  10. Looks good, any difference in handling?
  11. No issues with purchasing VW parts from my local TPS dealer, bought a cabin pollen filter, oil filter and spark plugs on Friday.
  12. They look pretty good tbh, CM Wheels?
  13. An increase of 30 bhp, I suspect that may be a bit optimistic. I got around + 10 with my Wagner IC but hey any gain in hp is a bonus 😁 which springs did you opt to go for?
  14. I'll look forward to Mountune releasing their new upgraded brake kit then, looks impressive from the video.
  15. That's if you've still got your driving license after you receive those extra ponies and torque from the new stage 2 😉
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