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  1. I always have a little oil when I remove my TT turbo inlet when servicing my GFB DV+, more like residue but certainly noticeable. How much oil are you talking about? Photos?
  2. For what I can see it’s around $70 so I’d imagine VW UK would charge around £50-£70. 3G0853601AJZA https://parts.vw.com/p/Volkswagen__/Grille-Emblem/53528779/3G0853601AJZA.html
  3. So is the price! But as with everything in life, you get what you pay for.
  4. Never been myself but have you tried Awesome GTI? Awesome Ltd. Unit 1 Siemens Road, Northbank Industrial Park, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5AH, UK
  5. Have you tried to claim back or right off the depreciation of the company vehicles per year?
  6. Think the OP posted that the VW specialist quoted £270 so for him to do both the DSG and the Haldex is a good price, given the OP has stated that he doesn’t have ramps or tools etc to do it himself. So if he trusts the Indy specialist then I’d go for that for £270.
  7. I suppose it depends on whether you’re bothered or concerned about having a digital record of that service being done? Although you can keep the paper receipt. is the car a mk7 or 7.5? As for the £270 for both, that’s pretty good.
  8. Speak to Nige at BCS…… https://www.powervalve.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=308_398_546_408_421_496&product_id=222
  9. If your looking for a good chassis brace, I’d be looking at the ones by Eurocode, by all accounts that I’ve seen and read they are pretty good. https://www.bmptuning.com/collections/mk7-r-2-0t-i4-mqb/products/eurocode-front-rear-chassis-brace-set-mk7
  10. I’d be going with an established, experienced tuner with a good reputation. There are quite a few listed on here.
  11. I take it due to the nature of the blocker, it’s hard or dam near impossible to detect that it’s been used?
  12. Excellent thanks lads, @marshy any reason why you only ran them for 5k miles? Was that when you changed to the TTS setup?
  13. I’m on the original battery and after 54k miles and almost 4 years it’s been fine.
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