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  1. Very nice indeed, the Tiguan has always been underpowered in my opinion, not anymore!
  2. Also check out Killer Brakes, they do complete kits or individual parts. https://www.killerbrakes.com/product-category/volkswagen-brakes/volkswagen-golf-7-7-5-brakes/vw-golf-7-7-5-big-brake-kits/
  3. to the forum, it’s a nice looking wagon, love the grey!
  4. Remus sounds awesome but I’m may be a little biased. Go with the resonated version as the non-resonated has a drone that’ll drive you mad.
  5. Totally understand your frustration as my OCD would be going mental right now! I thought as much in regards to the turbo and the waste gate but you’ve already done your homework with the voltage parameters....simple adjustment and you’ll be good there. You can do it yourself with an OBDELEVEN not that you should have to as the vendor should be checking that after refitting the turbo. you may have landed slightly unlucky with the service from the tuner as you mentioned that they have had some pretty good right ups online, hopefully they do the right thing and rectify the issues. I can’t stress enough to people the benefit of doing your homework in going with a good tuner, which is probably why I put up with the 16 hr round trip to visit Unicorn in Stockport for my engine and DSG mapping, as it pays off in the aftercare and reliability....after 40k miles with my tune it hasn’t missed a beat. You’ll be glad when everything is sorted out and your R is back to full health.
  6. @Penguin that’s very disappointing to hear that the customer service is poor. No point asking what the error codes are given there were 72 of them, do they all come back after you clear them? In regards to the turbo was there many errors for that? Was the waste gate adjusted? Really hope you get things sorted soon.
  7. Christ this doesn’t sound good!
  8. For both my R’s, the mk7 & mk7.5 I have specifically went with 18’s as opposed to 19’s. If you have decent roads where you are then the 19’s will be fine but if like all others with piss poor roads then I’d advise going with 18’s and more importantly go with Michelin PS4’s
  9. Welcome to the forum! A 67 plate with only 9k miles on the clock, that’s a really nice buy. Let the modifications begin 😁👍
  10. Nicely painted front callipers as well, Lapis blue.....as Paul mentioned above...stunning.
  11. Yes, totally bottled it 😳 found out the R requires a 2 stage paint correction as well 😒
  12. Got my Neuspeed RsE10’s back from my detailer, 2 coats of ceramic coating, front face and inner barrel. I was going to do it myself but decided against it in case I made an arse of it. Look forward to getting them fitted next month.
  13. Same here, only use Momentum 99 which is what the car was tuned with. Very rarely put v-power in.
  14. You hear the additional rush of air and some turbo flutter.
  15. Yeah it is a wee bit expensive but I guess you get what you pay for and the front brace is completely hidden and both are relatively easy to install. check out Bryce Jordan’s YouTube page.
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