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  1. VW source the vast majority of their parts from TPS, so why go anywhere else? If there has been an update to an individual part then TPS automatically knows so you can’t go wrong.
  2. I simply buy my engine oil (and all other service parts) from TPS, which is Quantum.
  3. What’s the process of getting one of these and long long does it take?
  4. Just think the Mk7 looks more aggressive and special over the Mk7.5, also adds to the sleeper appeal, which I like.
  5. I would even consider a retro fit of the mk7 R headlights into my mk7.5 R if one was available.
  6. My point exactly, you used to be able to spot a Golf R a mile away, either by the colour or more specifically by the headlights in the mk7 R, which by the way has the better headlights than the mk7.5 R & (I’ve owned both) Cost cutting seems to be playing a larger part every year for VW, which is disappointing.
  7. Bex, the CSS disks...when paired with the CSS pads.....any additional brake noise over stock disks/pads?
  8. How are those Racingline brakes, any good? Are they the stage 2 ones?
  9. I believe one experienced forum member advised not to exceed 7000 miles within changing the oil if you use Millers Nanodrive 5W40.
  10. EcosseGolfR


    Welcome to the site Kev, i'm sure there will be a noticeable difference between the BMW and the R....and all in a good way!
  11. I notify my insurance for all modifications, even my pedal box plus. They’re pretty cool about the mods, I can make any suspension, brakes, handling mods without an increase in payments as long as I don’t make an increase to the power.
  12. It’ll depend on the alloys and their size that you have on.
  13. There are a few carbon fibre options on Demon Tweeks... https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/seibon-carbon-fibre-bonnet-tm-style-seihd12vwg7-tm/ https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/seibon-carbon-fibre-bonnet-oe-style-seihd12vwg7-oe/ Both are nice but if prefer the first one.
  14. Has the new 8R Wagon appeared for new orders?
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