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  1. Try Craig at Hatton Garage, apparently he's very good...should manage the Haldex....although he can't do the DSG on the mk7.5 R.....you can also try North East Motors beside Newmachar but they'll be expensive...around £100 for the Haldex, including pump removal and clean. DSG oil change it'll be around £220. Another good mechanic is Mark at CMB Auto's in Pitmedden.
  2. See below link. https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/tuning/car/volkswagen/golf-vii-r-from-2012-onwards/2-0-tsi-4motion-310ps228kw-1984-ccm/#go
  3. Disc’s are circa £322 and pads are £158....get both from Vagbremtech or several other place like Awesome GTI etc. https://www.vagbremtechnic.com/genuine-mqb-340x30mm-clubsport-s-front-brake-discs-pair-5q0615301c/
  4. Try TPS first, may get them slightly cheaper.
  5. Hey I could be wrong with the 1.7 but I think that’s what Rick said but very happy with the results.
  6. 398 bhp & 415 ft/lbs torque....thats obviously with the addition of the Remus catback exhaust, R600 intake, TT inlet and IC.
  7. I believe mine is 1.7 bar, Unicorn stage 1 (custom) with the addition of a Wagner Intercooler.
  8. I'm with Adrian Flux on my 2nd year with them. Insurance didn't go up after the 1st year which I was surprised with. I can basically do any further mod as long as there is no power increase to my existing setup. All mods declared....even the pedal box plus. I tried LV but the quote was 4 figures so went with Adrian flux instead, very reasonable....considering the mods i've done.
  9. I will....but was told yesterday morning that my order won't now be ready until 3 weeks from yesterday.....i'm seriously pissed off as they've been ordered since early July. Its not Ecotune's fault...but Bilstein have been very disappointing in relation to customer service. If i'd knew now back then i'd have ordered KW V3's and be done with it.
  10. I’ll be asking the lads at Ecotune in Glasgow when I get my B16’s fitted next week...hopefully.
  11. Yeah get a TT turbo inlet to go before it, if you haven't already done so....makes all the difference.
  12. I've been to Unicorn twice now, not had any negative experiences. 1st - stage 1 map with no hardware mods. 372bhp. Fitted TT inlet, R600 & Remus cat back and Wagner intercooler then quick base run at Unicorn 390bhp. Then re-tune to 398bhp and 415 ft/lbs torque. It's a beast to be honest, speak to Rick. My advice is fit any mods then get the tune as it makes a huge difference.
  13. After you fit the coilovers, do you then change the bushings on the front & rear axles etc to powerflex or Superpro then change the lower control arms to Superpro LCA & engine/transmission mounts? How far do you take it?
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