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  1. For both my R’s, the mk7 & mk7.5 I have specifically went with 18’s as opposed to 19’s. If you have decent roads where you are then the 19’s will be fine but if like all others with piss poor roads then I’d advise going with 18’s and more importantly go with Michelin PS4’s
  2. Welcome to the forum! A 67 plate with only 9k miles on the clock, that’s a really nice buy. Let the modifications begin 😁👍
  3. Nicely painted front callipers as well, Lapis blue.....as Paul mentioned above...stunning.
  4. Yes, totally bottled it 😳 found out the R requires a 2 stage paint correction as well 😒
  5. Got my Neuspeed RsE10’s back from my detailer, 2 coats of ceramic coating, front face and inner barrel. I was going to do it myself but decided against it in case I made an arse of it. Look forward to getting them fitted next month.
  6. Same here, only use Momentum 99 which is what the car was tuned with. Very rarely put v-power in.
  7. You hear the additional rush of air and some turbo flutter.
  8. Yeah it is a wee bit expensive but I guess you get what you pay for and the front brace is completely hidden and both are relatively easy to install. check out Bryce Jordan’s YouTube page.
  9. Wished I’d sourced a DCC option on both of my R’s, mk7 and mk7.5. Other than that I’m very happy with my purchases. In regards to tuning, I’d wish I did my air induction and TT inlet first before the tune.
  10. Yeah I hope so, as you have to wait a while to get it! Custom Controls always seems to be very busy....good for them I guess.
  11. Heard good things about Eurocode for their front and rear strut braces. The kit below is on my list. https://www.bmptuning.com/collections/mk7-r-2-0t-i4-mqb/products/eurocode-front-rear-chassis-brace-set-mk7
  12. Christ that’s not good at all, especially after finally going stage 2.
  13. Speak to @Indemand as I think he went for the DO88, the FMIC fits but he mentioned the charge pipes don’t.
  14. Driver aids are there for a reason, that includes traction control and everything else, if you disable them then it’s on you. I’d keep them all on unless your on track. That way you won’t end up facing the wrong way, upside down in a farmer’s park.
  15. Yeah I went from 372 to 398bhp with the addition of the intake, elbow and FMIC it’s an amazing custom map!
  16. Same here, I’m not stage 2 yet as I haven’t done the down pipe or additional mapping to support it but I have done the FMIC in which I chose the Wagner and custom map from Unicorn and it’s a beast! No heat soak it just delivers when you need it.
  17. Save up your cash for an extra few months and buy new, recommend the Wagner FMIC.
  18. The short answer is the vast majority of all o-rings should be lubricated with an oil that the o-rings may be exposed too, in the relation to the o-rings on the TT inlet, a very fine amount of new engine oil.
  19. Are those Goodyear’s you have on your R, I can’t believe you’d allow such a thing! That’s grounds for instant dismissal 😂 stunning photos by the way.
  20. There’s photo of the month right there, looks stunning mate.
  21. Got a wee update from Control Customs, Not long now, in process of being manufactured.
  22. Look forward to seeing all the photos, preferably with the front splitter still intact 😂nice exhaust by the way.
  23. I do like the 034 ARB as they have grease ports, but more expensive though.
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