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  1. A quick wash and polish..... Rear USB and AUX cable fitted Hired some help... Fitted a DAB adaptor. Cleaned out and refitted the wiper arm panel, had a really annoying gap between the panel and screen before. MFSW buttons fitted Rear camera finally fitted
  2. Driver arches and sill stripped, cleaned and treated. Found an annoying water leak in the boot. Realised it was the rear body vent. Siliconed and wax oiled the shit out of it......no more leak! Also cleared and treated any rust I could find. Put some R centre caps on a while ago to replace the white worm VW ones. And a photo of the RCD 330. Not the best sounding HU but it looks and works great, well worth the £160 I paid I also bought a leather repair kit for the steering wheel, gear knob/sleeve and handbrake. Hard to see from the photos but they all look way better than they. Steering wheel now has a nice soft feel to it rather than a slippy shiny one.
  3. 200mph Scirocco R clocks retro fitted
  4. Yeah the exhaust sound is great on these cars. Even in standard form you would think it was aftermarket. From what I've read VW made a big effort with the sound of the MK5 as most owners considered the MK4 R32 too quite for a V6 The car has a real personality in my opinion
  5. Black headliner fitted.....what a C**T of a job that was! Also armrest and euro sliding cup holder fitted. Makes a massive difference to the interior IMO.
  6. Was looking at getting a mk7 R a while back to share with the wife but things changed and decided to get 2 cars. Couldn't justify the MK7 as car would be a weekend toy. So decided on the R32 instead as I'd always fancied one. Bought this about a month ago. Nothing special to look at but was well looked after plus well priced. Bought new wheels the day after i bought it
  7. Wastegate86

    Top Gear

    I think Top Gear has been great since the last series. The second season of GT was mostly dreadful IMO
  8. S4 avant would be my pick after a Golf R
  9. Hi everyone ☺ Work as an RAF Avionics Technition in Oxfordshire. Been a massive VW fan for around 15 years, currently planning to buy a mk7 Golf R. Hate to ask but couldn't find a buyers guide on the site. Looking to spend £16k-22k not sure if it's worth spending the extra to get a later reg or stick with a 2014 model. Is there any faults worth looking out for? Also is it a timing chain or belt on this engine? Is it worth paying the extra for mib2?
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