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  1. Both sets I have owned have a perfect fit BUT they are cheap and mass produced, so expect some variance from one set to another. For the price though, there at least worth a punt.
  2. Don't waste your money on the near £200 RacingLine ones, even if money is no object. The eBay/Ali-Express/Amazon direct OEM replacements are perfectly suited to the job and look exactly the same as the RacingLine ones. I know loads of owners who use them, including myself. Not problems at all.
  3. Not a big fan of Cadiz in any colour/style to be honest but it's certainly a different look and applaud you taking a different approach. Pretoria's are probably the best OEM wheel for the R but are known to be weak and deform easily. I looked at prets when changing my Cadiz wheels but they are just far to common and was put of with all the horror stories of how easily they are damaged. Went with some replica prets but didn't do it for me, so went for Team Dynamics 1.2 instead.
  4. The joys of owning a Black Car! Looks amazing when clean and polished but a pitter to keep it that way, especially with the weather were having. The only real feasible way to wrap the bottom chrome section is while it's on the car. It's a bumper off job if you want to remove them and wrap them off the car. I still haven't got round to doing mine yet. I'm not exactly the best wrapper around (no pun intended) This post has given me inspiration, so might get round to it this weekend, pending weather.
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