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  1. White Silver 7.5R

    Must have a look for those!
  2. White Silver 7.5R

    I’m pretty happy as it is to be honest. I may consider some filter/airbox upgrades at some stage though. They are genuine. I got them from a company on Facebook called RPS Online. Very competitive and free postage for genuine parts. They also supplied my performance rear lip. Both for less than TPS etc.
  3. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Finally collected mine today, I stuck a members rides thread up. You won’t be disappointed, the wait was worth it!
  4. White Silver 7.5R

    Well it has finally arrived! This was ordered back in early March but due to a few hiccups in Germany with the transportation it has only just arrived.I have to say I was impressed with how Agnew VW on Boucher Road Belfast handled the delay and also looked after me when I had sold the BMW to ensure I wasn’t left without a car!The spec is as follows:White Silver 5drDSGDynaudio Excite Sound PackDynamic Chassic ControlRear View Camera19” Black Pretoria wheelsRear Tints (90%)Climate Controlled Heated WindscreenElectric Panoramic RoofKeyless Entry & GoLane Assist with Dynamic LightingThe car was delivered to PMG in Belfast with most of the delivery coverings still in place, Agnews only removed what they needed to in order to PDI it at my request. The car was treated to a GTechniq Ultra coating as well as having the wheels and glass treated. The level of finish and gloss achieved by PMG was outstanding. Pete also kindly fitted my gloss black mirror covers and rear performance lip spoiler for me prior to me picking it up.I picked the car up from PMG tonight with only 10 miles on the clock....and decided to put another 90 on it to get home via the Coast Road and through Glenariff.The Dynaudio is excellent and dare I say, better than the Harmon Kardon system in my previous BMW (which was also extremely good). The DCC is also a lot more noticeable between modes than the adaptive was on the BMW. The car just feels totally planted no matter what you throw at it. I haven’t given it a proper blast yet as I want to run it in a bit first but so far I’m extremely impressed.The seats are very comfortable, I stuck with cloth as I wasn’t a fan of VW leather. The centre console, connectivity and virtual cockpit are all excellent and make you feel that you are in something very modern. The illuminated door sills and ambient lighting are also a nice touch.I forgot to tell Agnews not to drill the plates on but I have a new set ordered through so that should tidy it up a bit.Anyway, here’s a few pictures.
  5. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    I can’t wait until Monday! It does look really white in that picture but the white silver is hard to appreciate in a picture.
  6. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    I just explained that I wanted the car ceramic coated and I didn’t want them to prepare it. They are literally a 2 minute drive from the detailer who does a lot of work for the major dealerships in Belfast including the likes of Ferrari, Audi, VW etc. It was no issue at all.
  7. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    The detailer sent me a quick walk around video, this is a screenshot. It was delivered to him by the dealer untouched. It will also be fitted with black mirrors and performance rear lip for collection on Monday!
  8. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    It was build week 17, left the factory on 29th april. It sat in Emden from 3rd-28th May though!
  9. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Mine is finally at the dealers! It’s having the PDI done as we speak then off to the detailer over the weekend for the ceramic coating, ready for collection at the start of the week. Can’t wait!
  10. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Are you guys that map and modify your R so early on not worried about any potential warranty issues? Sounds like it will be a lovely example though @GrantW.
  11. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Pretty much the same as what I’m waiting for @Sihftyonly I went for black Prets. I also have mine booked in for GTechnic Crystal Serum Ultra instead of the usual dealer prep. Yours looks unreal! The dealer has told me it is in transport between Grimsby and the dealership in Northern Ireland but I haven’t had any app/e-mail updates since it left the factory. I also can’t get onto live chat.
  12. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Mine called to let me know it’s just waiting for a transporter at Grimsby. The wait is killing me!
  13. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Got word from my dealer this morning, my car is finally on a ship and arrives in Grimsby today! Getting close now 😎
  14. Modified R in Northern Ireland

    Dan I have been insured with Flux for 3 years between my old S3 and my last car which was a F31 BMW. When it came to the time to try and get a quote to change my vehicle to my new R I was told there was only one company that would cover me due to the value (£35k). That quote was more than twice what I am being quoted by admiral for the same level of cover. I would of happily stayed with Flux but you weren’t even remotely competitive. It annoyed me slightly as you advertise on the R forum but then state most companies won’t cover it due to the value. Plus the fact I was an existing customer.
  15. Official MK7 Golf R Order thread - Part 2

    Another week has past and still no sign of mine being shipped. Pain in the hole.