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  1. When Stop/Start kicks in you need to either tap the accelerator or press the RES button on the steering wheel to get things moving again, if the car is stationary for just a few moments it will start itself moving without any input from you. TJA is automatically turned on when lane assist is so should continue to keep you in lane when in traffic....and of course nag you when you've not had your hands on the wheel for a while
  2. I've just checked and I'm on Build 1803, it's a bit odd that it works on some but not others. Did you get anywhere with the author?
  3. Thanks!! I just wanted to make it simple so someone like me could follow them 😊
  4. I’m going to stick with Pocket GPS World at £20 per year, mainly because it took me bloody hours to write the How To a few pages back 😀
  5. It does look really straightforward and much easier. As you say if it works for you then brilliant, it’s the ever changing Mobile and Specs cameras that I find useful so tend to update monthly 👍
  6. Is this 13 Euro per update or does the price cover a 12 month period?
  7. I’ll have a look when I get back to my other gaff tomorrow. I did install the massive update a few weeks back so I think it’s fully patched and running the latest version.
  8. That’s a relief, was thinking my how to was at fault 😊
  9. Did you get it all working in the end?
  10. When you click the first Donate button in the info popup window you should get a second pop up window with an ID code, a yellow donate button and an OK button, you should be able to click the yellow ‘Donate’ button and it then opens your web browser and takes you to Pay Pal.
  11. Yeah no worries. Do you have the Pro or Standard unit? If you PM me your email I’ll create the files and email them over. I’m working away until Thu so I’ll sort it when I’m back home 👍
  12. Is that the issue you’ve been having? Have you tried a full reset of the system? Or could you SD unit have a fault? If it keeps happening after a reset then maybe a vist to a dealer if it’s still under warranty, however I find that my dog has more technical knowledge than them lot 😊
  13. I would say you’re the problem but that would be rude 😀
  14. OK, download the files as per the pic below and hopefully you'll be OK. If you are already doing it this way then I could well be stumped
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