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  1. Majority I’m not sure about as some seem to get fewer issues than others, but a few on here are starting to see them. It also depends if you use the features that there are problems with, if you use CarPlay or AA for your Sat Nav then you’re never going to get the crash and reboot, same with the ACC. Mine has had issues from day 1 with the ACC and 12 months down the line, and many dealer visits, I still have the same problems, although not as frequent
  2. All that started with 1890 for me and exactly the same with 1896, but only in certain areas. No doubt there will be another update in a few months where you have to book it in and go through the whole process again. VW software developers are clearly having a bit of a nightmare with the Mk 8 😞
  3. Is anyone else getting the infotainment system crashing and rebooting itself when using the inbuilt Sat Nav? It only happens in certain areas, much like the SOS double click issue (been in for the recall), in fact it’s the same area so I’m guessing it could be related, or just a coincidence?? It started with 1890, I’m now on 1896 and it’s still happening. Once its rebooted itself and I set the route again if I’m in the same area it’ll crash again and restart, if I leave it and not set a route it’s fine. No problems using CarPlay or AA. And on a side note its been in for the latest
  4. Definitely Brexit related then 🤣
  5. I’m a few weeks on now from the 1890 update and I can only agree, nothing seems to be fixed it just seems to happen less often. I think the issues are more deep routed than VW will admit as they’ve had how long to get them sorted now? I’m wondering if owners in other parts of the world are still having these issues after the update or is just countries that drive on the left…..or perhaps we’re just being punished for Brexit 😆
  6. After 1890 the ACC works as it did previously, short press 1mph & long press 5 mph. Reversing camera still flickers though 😆 The dealership are just fobbing off here, I’d go elsewhere
  7. Glad that it’s sorted for you 👍🏻 Makes me wonder if there is a fix if already on 1890, wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t. What’s more worrying is that they just can’t seem to get on top of the problems the Mk8 has. I’ve noticed more flickering from the reversing camera and the map on the cockpit is just awful until you faff switching back and forth. I guess I should take it back to the dealer for them to look at and report back to VW but I think I’ve lost the will to live now 😊
  8. Fingers crossed it’s all sorted. If it really is then I’m going to wait as I can’t face another visit to the dealer. I’ll wait for the next update that fixes all the stuff that’s still broken 😆
  9. The passenger seat issue is still there unfortunately, with the car at a standstill it was fine but once moving it was going off and back on again. I think replacing the sensor will do nothing, but maybe you can be the guinea pig 😊
  10. Yes but I haven’t tried it since the update, job for tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath 😊
  11. I’ve not tried that yet, will have a look 👍🏻
  12. The ACC stopped me overtaking a few times this morning, seems the update doesn’t fix everything 😞
  13. A few observations so far. Found the setting to change the Sat Nav voice back to female. From the main screen choose Settings - Language then scroll to the very bottom and it’s there Reversing camera was still flickering but only when the passenger door was open, I’m going to see if I can replicate it again. Map on digital cockpit (or whatever it’s called) seemed to be switching from its normal resolution to a much lower one and then back again every few seconds. Fixed by switching map back to the main screen and then back to the cockpit screen. Clearly if
  14. In Leeds now and zero issues so far. ACC behaved itself, no kph, no blocking overtaking, no slowing down then speeding back up. I took a route that I could previously guarantee seeing 110 as the speed limit and where it would block overtaking. Camera has only been used a couple of times but so far no flickering. Dare I say that the system seems to boot up in a more timely fashion, oh and the headlights also now say Driving on the Left as default. The only problem (which isn’t really a problem) is the Sat Nav voice which is now male, I haven’t had a proper look if I can easily chang
  15. I’m travelling to Leeds tonight so will test the ACC. I’ll also keep my eye on the reversing camera to see if the flickering is fixed and also the no sound issue. If anything else new pops up I’ll also post that 👍🏻
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