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  1. Yeah I had that when updating online, just sat there. Left it like this for about 30 mins then gave up and locked the car. I think when I came back and checked for the update again it wasn’t there, so I assumed it work but didn’t display it.
  2. And whatever pin you try and use it’ll just sit there doing nothing. Give the pairing thing a whirl, I’m fairly sure it’ll fix it. I’m now on 13.1 Beta 4 and it happened after I went from 3 to 4 😡
  3. I had the same when iOS 13 Beta came out (assuming you have an iPhone) and it was a right pain, I think I fixed it by unpairing the Bluetooth connection and repairing, however today the same thing happened again. Will try the pairing thing again tomorrow
  4. If it's any help I put the How To together below a while back. If you use PGPSW database you'll get all the verified and unverified sites and they seem fairly spot on to me, plus you also get the bing bong warble. Yes you have to do the SD card thing from your PC to the car which is a bit of a pain but it only takes seconds to upload. It looks quite long winded but it's fairly simple once you've got it setup. If it's of no interest I'll crawl back under my stone 😊 THE BING BONGS are back.......well for a very small fee.....but they're back 😎 I've put together this little (or the plan was to be little but it’s now quite long) 'how to' so you can get the bing bong warble back when approaching a speed camera, the link to this was posted a few weeks ago by @knightdiverx but didn't seem to get much attention so I thought I'd resurrect this thread and also make the instructions a bit easier to follow for the Discover systems. If you want to have a look at the original thread you can find it here https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/uploading-speed-camera-pois-tail-of-woe-vw-pulled-the-update-site-again.444799/page-1 What this software does is replicate the build and file structure for POI’s that came out of the German VW site that has since been closed down, I can confirm that it works perfectly, however there is a small one off charge of 9 Euro (approx. £8) to unlock the full features of the software you need to use. This is PC only! The software will accept the file types below, most of which are available to download from Pocket GPS World, if you do not use PGPSW then as long as you have the correct file format you're good to go. If you’re using PGPSW then download the files as you would have for the old German VW site (UK – Consolidated by type (Gatso, Mobile, etc) pMobile if you wish) Supported file types… Garmin (*.gpx) POI Data (*.asc) Google & iGo (*.kml) TomTom (*.ov2) To get the software go to http://poinspect0r.blogspot.com/ it's not the best site but on the right-hand side you'll see a 'Download' section, choose 'Full Version' and it'll download a Zip file, unpack this to a folder of your choosing. There is no installer you just need to run the 'RSN510poi' application file, I dropped a shortcut onto my desktop. Now is a good time to put the icons you want to use in a folder, I've added the icons below that @Rob2k68 originally posted a while back but resized (39 x 39) to work with POIspect0r. You can of course use any icons you wish as long as they are 39 pixels x 39 pixels and in .PNG format, but I like these. If you haven't yet run POInspect0r then do so now. The first thing you need to do is make a donation to the author otherwise many of the functions are locked and it’ll only import 50 POI’s max, the minimum donation is 9 Euro. From the top row of buttons click the last one ‘Info’, the Info tab is displayed, click the tab next to it called ‘Online SN Registration – how to’ see pic below. Once you click the donate button it’ll take you PayPal, you pay the 9 Euro and the PayPal confirmation number is what you then use to unlock the software. Click ‘Online SN registration’ and pop your PayPal confirmation number in there and hit OK, it should then ask you to close and restart the program. If you get a server or some other weird error then email the author at [email protected] he emailed me back in 15 minutes to say it was fixed, I just had to enter my PayPal confirmation code again. You now need to import your icons that will display for the cameras. Click ‘Tools’ then ‘Icons’ and ‘Folder Import’, browse to the folder where you saved the icons above and click ‘OK’, the icons should now be displayed, click ‘Close’. You’re now ready to create the POI sets (Gatso, Mobile, Red Light, Specs etc), click ‘New’ (top left) and in the box that pops up give your camera collection a file name, it can be whatever you like. You will notice now below the ‘New’ button an icon has appeared with Personal POI next to it, you need to change this icon, if you do not change it then all of your cameras will display the icon you can see now. Right click on ‘Personal POI’ then ‘Edit Category’, a box will popup and if you click anywhere in the Icon box all the icons you added previously should be there, you can pick any it doesn’t matter which one, click OK Right Click again on ‘Personal POI’ and this time rest your pointer on ‘Add Category’ then click ‘-as sibling’, a box will popup. In the ‘Name’ box type the category of camera, for instance UK Gatso (you can call it whatever you like), then click in the Icon box and choose the corresponding icon for said camera, click OK. Repeat this step for all the camera categories you have, so Right Click on ‘Personal POI’ then ‘Add Category’ then ‘-as sibling’ etc etc. When you have done this it should look like the picture below. You can now start to add the POI data to the categories you have created, first off click on the first category (the one below Personal POI) to highlight it (it’ll turn blue), in the picture above it’s UK Gatso, then Right Click on the highlighted text and then click ‘Add POI’s’, from the box that pops up look for ‘Alert Distance’, if you want the bing bong warble set the value to ‘1’ if you don’t want the warble then leave it at ‘0’. Don’t get too excited as this only enables or disables the warble, you can’t actually set a distance as the Discover unit doesn’t support this, leave all the other parameters alone. In the ‘POI data file (asc-gpx-kml-ov2)’ section click the folder to the right of the box and then go to where you store your camera files, click the one that corresponds to the category, in this case Gatso and then click ‘Open’, there is now a path in the box. You can uncheck the ‘Show POI preview dialog’ box as I just found this an extra unnecessary step, then click ‘OK’, it will now import all the Gatso cameras, if everything has worked it should look like the picture below. You can now repeat the process for the remaining categories, click on the next one down to highlight it and repeat. Once you have completed the above for all the categories you can pop your blank SD card into your PC/Laptop or whatever and click on the ‘Tools’ button, then click ‘Transfer current DB to SD card’, a box will popup and should look like the picture below. If you have the Discover Pro system check the ‘MIB2HIGH (Pro) compatible box, if not then leave unchecked for the standard system, click ‘OK’, there is a short pause but it will then build the files needed and transfer to your SD card, if successful you will get an information box saying ‘Successfully exported to disk’. You can now take the SD card out and go to your car and update as you would have previously. When you come to refresh the cameras all you need to do is highlight the category, say Gatso, Right Click then ‘Delete POI’s’ you’ll get a confirmation box popup, click ‘Yes’ and it’ll delete all the POI’s, you can then add the POI’s as you did previously. I’m not sure if that’s the easiest way to do it but it does work.
  5. The changes are quite subtle see pics. But I think it’s just the number at the bottom not the main dial. I’ve had a look but can’t see how to change the main dial to km/h
  6. Really easy. From the home screen go to Settings then Units, you can change it there plus a few other bits and bobs
  7. When Stop/Start kicks in you need to either tap the accelerator or press the RES button on the steering wheel to get things moving again, if the car is stationary for just a few moments it will start itself moving without any input from you. TJA is automatically turned on when lane assist is so should continue to keep you in lane when in traffic....and of course nag you when you've not had your hands on the wheel for a while
  8. I've just checked and I'm on Build 1803, it's a bit odd that it works on some but not others. Did you get anywhere with the author?
  9. Thanks!! I just wanted to make it simple so someone like me could follow them 😊
  10. I’m going to stick with Pocket GPS World at £20 per year, mainly because it took me bloody hours to write the How To a few pages back 😀
  11. It does look really straightforward and much easier. As you say if it works for you then brilliant, it’s the ever changing Mobile and Specs cameras that I find useful so tend to update monthly 👍
  12. Is this 13 Euro per update or does the price cover a 12 month period?
  13. I’ll have a look when I get back to my other gaff tomorrow. I did install the massive update a few weeks back so I think it’s fully patched and running the latest version.
  14. That’s a relief, was thinking my how to was at fault 😊
  15. Did you get it all working in the end?
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