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  1. Nice looking mate i too came from gti forum you'll find this one a lot better people actually reply & communicate !
  2. i went with J F Automotive in kent ECU & DSG £750 , have had revo before but wasn't willing to pay their inflated premium (them & APR) have had BMW & Subaru Evo maps in the past all around this rate, not quite sure how Revo / APR get away with charging so much for that price id want them to throw in a warranty & transferrable map to same car marques !
  3. HAve gone exactly the same way from GTI PP to an R and totally agree with you GTI felt a little lighter but the R is in a different league !
  4. Still comes in cheaper than revo & APR Remap only with a DSG Map and they also offer payment over 3 months interest free with Auto service Finance !
  5. same as you put them on a few weeks back like you say i think it is just not cold enough yet 8 deg plus and im struggling for good traction if using power !
  6. Thanks for the replies & information
  7. So to avoid using my decent tyres & prets over the winter have put on my 18's with their Dunlop SP Winters, these are on their 4th year on a golf still plenty of tread just don't feel the same as previous years a little slippery and not so much traction as the summer std' s in current conditions Do tyres have a shelf life ?????
  8. i have the JF Automotive stage one and have had this since May Car retains all day to day driveability and is a beast when driving spirited my pals have M3, M5, RS3 & caterham R and none can really pull any on the golf looking to get the turbo balanced and maybe Mod with Littco next and intake sorted but for a driving machine couldn't see why you would want/need any more.
  9. Although I am in Lapiz blue would have considered the Carbon grey metallic my gti PP was if it had been an option never ever looked dirty!
  10. Has to be lapiz for me currently wearing addidas serron winters😊
  11. Put the winters on today looks different with 18’s🤔
  12. Meant the m240 hence the correction! What’s your problem mate I’m stating a fact you cannot drive them to their limits in certain conditions in the same way you can some more forgiving cars and yes I personally include the M3/M4 amongst those you can get closer to the limits !
  13. No mate if you read the reply I have quoted the the 140/240 not the M2 !
  14. Have you driven a 140/240 at its limits? An M2 can but a 140/ 240 have a biting point At that limit I like a car can push to its limits when driving in a spirited manor not one that will bite you without warning too light over the rear !
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