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  1. Mine did the same, made the clunking noises, didn't take any credits and no sign of it being completed. Also had to restart car to select gear as well. All conditions were met, (right temperature range, foot hard on brake don't let go, don't touch throttle, in park, handbrake on etc...) so same as you, I don't know, would be good if anyone could shed some light on this
  2. Mine did exactly the same thing although under different circumstances.. couple of months ago I was in the middle of changing rear discs and pads, used OBDeleven to open the handbrake, changed discs and pads and then went to close the handbrake, OBDeleven would not connect, didn't even say 'Device is not authorised' at first; it just wouldn't connect. I tried four different Android devices, made a new account, even tried connecting to a Cupra 280 just to eliminate my car as the problem and nothing.. gave up in the end and didn't bother using it for a couple of months. just seen your post and thank you very much for this, this was the problem and it is now fixed and my OBDeleven is now working again at last!
  3. I also have been contemplating going stage 1 for a while now, was initially looking at Revo and APR stage 1 & TCU but after much debating I think I will probably go with Unicorn
  4. When I did mine at 25k (64 plate) myself it looked about the same as that, I managed to do mine on the floor on axle stands all round (car must be level) however a ramp or pit would of been much easier! But it is do-able.
  5. Thank you all for your responses, very much appreciated and some very good advice here which hopefully can make others also make an informed decision on a DSG purchase. I ended up looking at a total of five on the day as there was a few nearby around the area I was in. I went with the older fully spec’d car, the car is in insanely good condition for a nearly four year old vehicle and it’s pretty much immaculate. I’ve got to say it’s made the world of difference going from a standard car with no spec to one which is loaded, very pleased!
  6. Will definitely take them for for a good run, much like yourself if I can’t get out of second I will definitely be walking away 100%! Very good didn’t think of that will have a look and check the long term figures, the 64 plate is up for 22k, I think it may have been an option but could be wrong
  7. Should mention that one is 64 plate, done 22k miles fully loaded with pan roof only thing it doesn’t have is prets and DCC, interestingly it has the black carbon effect seats with the white leather centre The other is 65 plate and done 30k, fully loaded black leather but missing pan roof, both have full VW service history
  8. I’m looking at 2 used DSG R’s tomorrow with the intention to purchase one of them, got a manual at the minute... do you guys have any tips or things to look or watch out for with the gearbox and the cars in general?
  9. Brad7R

    New Golf R owner

    Thanks! Yeah I will keep that one quiet! I almost bought a red one with slightly more miles then this one came up.. wasn’t a massive fan of the red, wasn’t in as good condition either! Yeah I think so too, the Cupra just doesn’t feel as refined as the R, it’s more comfortable as well... sounds better too!
  10. Brad7R

    New Golf R owner

    Hi there! New Golf 7R owner here! Bought a 2014 Lapiz blue 5dr with 30k on the clock, for a great price! Always wanted either a GTI or an R and very nearly ended up with a Cupra 280 instead... but I found this one at the last minute and I’m really happy with it, love it! Glad to join a forum filled with endless knowledge and experience!
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