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  1. Hello all, Confirming that we have now finished the research phase of this project. For those who have been able to take part, thank you again for your time, it is very much appreciated and won’t be the end of your involvement...watch this space. For those who we unfortunately were not able to get back to (due to the volume of responses, thank you again!), we will keep you all earmarked for any further research / R-focussed events that might be happening in the not so distant future. Best, Ken
  2. Hey All, Thanks again for the massive support. We are also looking to talk to owners of the following, if anyone has friends/colleagues that can be put in touch with us that would be great: Ford Focus RS Mercedes AMG Audi S3, RS3, RS4, S4 Hyundai N Honda Type R If they can email me direct that would be great - [email protected] Best, Ken
  3. Hello Team R, Thank you very much for all who have replied to this post. We're now full on the UK side of things so if you've popped me a note and we haven't got back to you apologies. We do still need more US-based people so if there is anyone States-side who is yet to come back to us please get in touch! Cheers, Ken
  4. This is music to our ears - Hey US guys - let's chat!
  5. Typo guys - the email address should be [email protected] - apologies!
  6. Hello VW R fans and owners! Our company, Interstate, is working directly with Jost Capito and the team at Volkswagen R GmbH. You may or may not know that Volkswagen R is actually a separate company to the main Volkswagen brand and we are looking to build a group that has an ongoing involvement and voice that is heard within the brand. Rather than blanket bomb a tonne of Volkswagen owners as is often the case with 'market research', Jost and the team would like us to talk directly to current VW R owners about their VW R, the experience with Volkswagen and most importantly the VW R brand - how it is currently and where we could take it in the future. So, what do we need? 10 x UK based VW R owners 10 x USA based VW R owners Your time, more specifically about 30 minutes of your time - either in person, if you are local to London or Los Angeles or over Skype / a call. What will we do? Ask you some questions, your opinion on various VW R things and get to know you a bit better. What do you get? Remuneration for your time (£/$). Ongoing involvement as part of a development in the VW R Brand. Your voice and comments heard by the senior team at Volkswagen R GmbH. How do you do it? Contact me, Ken at [email protected] and we can arrange a time to chat with the awesome team at Interstate UK or LA. Your data will not be used for marketing spam or passed on anywhere outside of VW R GmbH. Many thanks to the team at VWROC.com for allowing us to talk to you guys direct. Ken
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