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  1. My golf side skirt has a small gap probably caused by bad jacking. I asked on one of the facebook forums about how they are fitted. I can see the screws and each end and a couple underneath but is the top edge clipped on or stuck on? Thx
  2. Thanks guys. I need to measure how high I want it to go now as that is an issue also.
  3. Well I am a very competent home mechanic and plan to maintain and modify my car as much as possible. I have already done oil change, painted hubs, etc. Haldex oil change is next on the list and suspension at the beginning of next year. I have just tried to get under the rear to change haldex oil but my old halfords 2 tonne jack and vintage (but very sturdy) axle stands just don't cut it. Next up, I have watched youtube videos about jacking up the MK7R. Once you jack on the jacking points where is the best place to put the axle stands? ECS tuning say jack from the front to insert the rear stand, looks like the car could fall off the stands half way through but I guess they use that method everyday. My other though is jack the car nice and high and have some boxes made for the wheels to sit on, that is more useful for when doing oil change etc as the car stays level but no use when doing any wheel off work. What jacks and stands are you all using and where are you jacking and ng in the stands?
  4. LV just added £205 to my 7 R when I told them remap and air intake, not to bad until you hear that's just until policy renewal in February and I only pay about £450 a year for the car. Tomorrow I will start phoning around.
  5. Yes I would expect them to ask for it to be returned to stock.
  6. Dave, When was that? I do feel it was excessive. I guess you described it as a remap?
  7. Just called LV to tell them about the engine remap. £205 more for the next 4 months when the renewal is up. So the remap has probably more than doubled my insurance. I will be looking for a new insurer for the February renewal.
  8. Estate doesn't have valves no. Which wheels did you go with? Definitely staying on 18" as just fitted a set of PS4 and don't think the roads around here are the best.
  9. Sleeper it is yes. Maybe getting anti-drone res delete done as CAS have offered a deal and use my car as a jig basically. Then see the winter out and lower next spring. Raceland apparently have a coil over for the estate coming out, sub £500 and their stuff gets pretty decent reviews.
  10. Really aren't that bothered about stage 2, can't really use 375 bhp so why want 400 ? I am looking at coil overs to get the stance right, staying on 18" wheels but not the cadiz so those will get swapped in the spring. I will probably look at upgraded front pads and club sport discs also.
  11. APR replied from the US over night after a chassis number search. In 2016 the car had ECU and TCU map ! The car was basically mapped at brand new! it's first service was done at an indie so the map is still there but my remaining VW warranty isn't (boo) I await Evans Halshaw reply as they sold me the car based on the VW warranty being valid until June 2019. I will definitely tell my insurance. I did intend to tune next July once the warranty ran out so have saved myself £1200 there. So maybe I put that money aside for any warranty repairs that come up, water pump springs to mind but currently mine is fine. I am going to do an oil change and haldex service to ensure the best products are used. I am not a boy racer (47) so will look after the engine. Is the warranty completely void or would some parts still be covered? Thx
  12. Well EcoTune don't recognise the car from it's registration so they are going to check via chassis number now. Just back from a short drive and under no load its in 3rd at about 29mph then shifts for 4th right on 30 mph but doesn't try to go into 5th at 30mph at all. As you mentioned earlier I am pretty sure it holds a gear under light load as opposed to trying to get into 6th as quickly as it can.
  13. Hi Awesome. I have recently bought a Golf R wagon. I think it may have been mapped. Could you check if it is if I provide the chassis number? It wasn't done by yourselves as the has lived in Scotland, I am asking you as I used to be a customer when I lived in Cheshire. Thx Stephen Bedford
  14. Just reading about APR TCU tune and bouncing off the redline in manual mode is something I have seen also in D and S my car shows the gear selected as well, S3 of D4 for example on just D or S. It is starting to sound more like it's been done. I have emailed APR with my chassis number hopefully they can help me. Still waiting for Ecotune to answer
  15. So let me get that clear, in sport it will hold a gear beyond optimum power/torque and with a map it will change earlier, 5.5k? before the boost drops off? thx. Pretty sure it sits in 4th at 30mph if that is anything to go on?
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