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  1. I ordered nearly 6 months... and given that my build date was over 3 weeks ago, 'build date' would seem to be irrelevant! Speculation is all we've got
  2. There are 60,000+ people employed at wolfsburg, so they must have some input
  3. Some interesting articles in a local paper in Wolfsburg; From 6th July: 13th July: 14th July: Not sure I fancy my car being built in August by a load of temps It's been translated from German by my browser - might explain some of the odd translations.
  4. Thanks, I was sure I’d seen reference to 90% somewhere since I’d ordered and asked for it 👍
  5. Will do! You’re a week ahead of me.. I guess you’ve had little or no info from them also? I asked for them to do 90% tint also, but it seems the standard is quite tinted stock.. I think the stock tint looks pretty comparable to my 7.5 which has the added 90% tint from the factory.. I’ll maybe decide if/when it arrives
  6. @FlaniMal bout ye! Yeah, Boucher Agnews.. I ordered at the start of February 😄 have a look a few pages behind in this thread for the communication they’ve received from VW regarding delays. At this rate I could be looking at a September delivery myself. Significant delays at the moment 😭 mine is going into its 4th week of “being built”.
  7. Not a dicky bird.. I now know from everyone else's updates what mine should be if the dealer wanted to share.. I'll not learn anything from chasing them.. I might just send them what I know, just to rub it in..
  8. @Housebound don't worry - I'm in the same boat.. I should have picked DCC with my PP order.. not changing it now! we can be pot-hole avoiding buddies!
  9. Audi are taking £1000 slot booking deposits ahead of actually being able to order the new RS3... I'm sticking with the R for now though, will see how the next few weeks go. I still find myself checking the tracker, despite the futility.. Still not a whisper of information from my dealer, I learn far more from this forum than I do from them.. shocking!
  10. I looked a while back as I thought my K4 was dying also.. it turned out to be dirt around a seal.. one of the few times when taking something apart hasn't meant it's demise. (RIP Dyson... gone but not forgotten) Kranzle are the best (Rebecca has just replied - but without reading it, am sure she's said Kranzle ), but if you don't want to spend that money and were happy with Karcher - then try their outlet shop; Karcher K4 Compact Refurbished Pressure Washer :: Pressure Washers (karcheroutlet.co.uk) I tend to go for the compact edition.. some good bargains on their
  11. Not wanting to cast any sort of doubt on things.. but dealers giving 4 to 6 weeks times to pickup, have these definitely been built? Not normally a question that needs to be asked, but in this day and age - "does this car actually exist and has all the component parts in it?" might be a valid and pertinent question
  12. @Housebound -Don't worry about me, I'll be jealous when you all get yours mind.. The pool of incoming cars into Northern Ireland will be dramatically smaller than the mainland. I don't fancy the logistics of flying over to get one. Am happy with my spec, I don't think I'd find the black/PP/pano roof combo too easily. This info makes me rest a bit easier.. it'll come! Volkswagen have some orders that have been confirmed into a build week that have not been completed as scheduled due to unexpected shortages. These will remain at physical status 20 “Production Confirmed” until
  13. Wish my dealer was sharing such information! Thanks for sharing though! Would be interested in seeing the table they reference regarding lead-times.
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