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  1. Any N.Ireland based mk8 R owners interested in some Hecko wind deflectors FOC? I test fitted them (without applying the clips) and decided their not for me.. Hopefully the normal rules don't apply as am giving them away, can't be bothered with the hassle of posting them as they're in a pretty big box. 🎅
  2. Somewhat cryptic (or bad translation).. but the headline seems positive
  3. Black For Golf 8 mk8 Mirror Cover Rear view Side Mirror Cap Housing Support Lane Change Side Assist Blind Spot assist|Mirror & Covers| - AliExpress Congrats! I got these, great job.. easy to fit too.
  4. Towards the end of my wait, they stopped giving me any info.. they said to contact the dealer. Then when it left the factory they were able to give me updates on it's status..
  5. Not looking great in Wolfsburg.. from what I understand, the German government is subsidizing 'short time working' - where if workers need to work reduced shifts, the state covers the gap. This stops in December - so VW could be in a real pickle if they still have supply issues come January. Am running off Google translate, so I could be wrong in my interpretation of things..
  6. Yeah, there is a time and a place for getting worked up and giving off stink... this was a mistake.. fortunately no harm done.. Had I been asked to foot the bill for recovery, car hire and technician time - I'd be in a very different mood. Fair play to VW! I found it weird that the auxiliary ventilation would stick on if a fuse was removed... all very odd.
  7. This is mine now after he'd fixed it. He did admit that the cable wasn't tidy and apologized.. My dealer was very good - didn't mention charging me for their hassle despite it not being their fault. He's now running the fuses into empty sockets - not piggy-backing off anything. A worrying and stressful debacle.. All sorted now, apart from the grubby finger prints over my bonnet and boot
  8. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for now, he's done my last 4 cars and specializes in this stuff. Am taking it to him now, at the very least - piggy-backing off the starter motor fuse seems a tad reckless.
  9. Yes @Booth11 & @AHG you were right, it appears the cables for my dashcams had snagged on the back of the glove box. When the glove box was opened during that journey (to retrieve my sunglasses) it pulled the fuses out. So, this isn't a VW gremlin in the end.. I feel silly for not checking the fuses first, but at least the VAG roadside assistance guy missed that too! I'm going on what VW have told me, I'm bringing my car back to the dashcam guy shortly, will see what he thinks. In short... if VW hadn't dropped the sunglasses box in the roof none of this would have happened
  10. I’ll hopefully get some straight answers in the morning.. I don’t recall having had a blown fuse in a car, they don’t just disappear when blown do they? I’d expect to see it still in place - but the bridging element gone.. let’s see what the morning brings.. S4 update; I don’t like it - too big and soft.. huge turbo lag.. oodles of power, but I want my car back 😂
  11. Turns out it might be a short loan.. VW phoned to say "2 fuses seem to be missing, once we put them in - it's all working as expected". This raises many questions.. Where are the fuses that should have been there? Why would they not be there? How could they have disappeared? WTF? If they are needed for the car to function - how could I have driven the car, parked, then suddenly fuses spontaneously disappear?! If I get any sensible/plausible answers - I'll of course share for amusement purposes.
  12. Nope but an Audi S4 rental car as a replacement is softening the blow slightly... When I saw it pulling into the driveway I said to my wife "ooh it'll need a clean!".. to which my wife said "you are not wasting your time washing a hire car ffs!"
  13. Very helpful VW roadside assistance engineer got the engine running, but it won’t start again on its own. He plugged it into his laptop & had countless errors - but no root cause. (I didn’t ask if he code Scandinavian DRLs 😂) I’ve to call them in the morning to get it recovered. 🤦🏽
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