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  1. That w12 was on an old episode of top gear with Clarkson and Co. Plenty of straight line speed, carp in the corners if I remember correctly
  2. DS64


    Have S001 on mine at the min, was on the car when I bought it. There not fantastic centainly not for a spirited drive. Not bad for the daily commute sitting in traffic.
  3. DS64


    Currently at 28k, owed since 11k, no clutch issues, jb4 fitted yesterday. Car is driven hard once warm. Neven "floor it" from low revs. Like others have said, clutch is wear and tear. If it goes, il go organic clutch.
  4. Fitted a jb4 with the brother in law today. Was pretty straight forward. Car is much stronger through the rev range now. Highly recommended.
  5. Link to the metal foot rest?
  6. Those wheels really set the car off. Looks great. Enjoy the car
  7. DS64

    What fuel

    Always run mine on momentum. Does 99 make any difference in a stock car on 95? I don't know, not wanting to find out either.
  8. If you can afford to fix things if they go wrong and are happy to pay, then go for it. On the other hand if you can't afford to replace parts or be without the car, then probably not. Plenty of folks on here have maps and no issues, others have turbo faults.
  9. Simply stunningly.
  10. That's something special. Looking forward to some videos.
  11. I also have the issue in reverse, can never select reverse first time when it's cold. I have never had problems when the car is warm. Just thought it was a trait of the car. Bonus though, up to nearly 30k and no slipping.
  12. My manual seems very clunky from 1st to 2nd. Although this is only when the car is cold, it gets better over use. Don't have any issues from 2nd to 3rd.
  13. Enjoy, looks lovely in that colour
  14. Rs3 or 140i for me.
  15. That second pic is pure art, good looking R you have. Welcome to the club.
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