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  1. Thanks for the reply George, is this the case if I was to replace the intercooler with an after market one, such as airtec for example?
  2. So I'm planning to add a downpipe to my current set up, Scorpion sports cat, which map do I need to run with this? I'm already on a custom map 6 with my R600 and TT Intake, can I re log map 6 with thee downpipe fitted, or do I need to start logging map 2 again? Thanks in advance
  3. DS64

    Just insured my R

    It's always best to shop around, we have to also consider locations within the country, job and named drivers etc. I found it was also cheaper to declare my car as on the driveway, not in the garage.
  4. DS64

    Just insured my R

    I did mine through the money supermarket compare website, came out at £360 without add ons. Had everything except courtesy car. 33 hrs old, 12ncb, no points or convictions.
  5. The craftsmanship looks awesome, such a nice system. Glad your pleased with it.
  6. DS64

    Fuel Prices.

    £1.09 for Momentum, my local v-power is £1.29
  7. Just insured my R with Admiral. £437 fully comprehensive. Saved over £150 on my renewal. Well chuffed.
  8. I wrapped my black silver, a pp replica if you will. The grommets on mine came off with thee backing plate. Just levered off with a screwdriver and knocked back in by hand.
  9. Gave the car a good wash and polish today, took advantage of the great British weather. The black really does reflect well.
  10. It's a genuine vw part, I don't have the part no to hand. Mine was from awesome gti, it arrived today after I had ordered it on the 4th.
  11. Fitted my lower engine cover today, really neatens up the engine bay imo.
  12. Plenty of options if I'm not mistaken, BCS, scorpion, Remus, Milltek to name a few. Or you could always go custom and get one built. Are you after a cat back? Resonator Delete or downpipe? Or full system.
  13. @[email protected] I'm planning on changing my phone, currently my jb4 device is Bluetooth connected to this device. Is it just a simple case of disconnecting the existing connection between the 2 devices and reconnecting with my new device?
  14. You require the Bluetooth device/cable and the app to switch between maps
  15. Massively, I had my jb4 on my car for about a year before I upgraded to the wireless kit running map 1. I loved map 1, made a noticible difference and wondered just like yourself how much better the other maps could be. Map 2 is more eager than map 1, I wouldn't say it makes a noticible amount of peak HP, however the torque through the mid range is greatly increased. I only used map 3 to log for map 6, so I only ran it for about 20 mins. Map 6 is stronger again, it's quicker everywhere throughout the Rev range, its another level of fast. Maps aside, the firmware update smoothed out the maps on partial throttle, the power feels far more linear than when I had the jb4 without the wireless kit.
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