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  1. DS64

    Stage 2+ I'd Call it

    Following with interest, got my name down in the group buy for a unicorn stage 1 so be good to see your results.
  2. Get your names down boys and girls, let's get this going. 20% is a massive saving
  3. DS64

    Need help with exhaust please!

    Cat back generally means from the catalytic converter back to the end of the exhaust you see on your car. The milltek decat removes the catalytic converter from the car and is not road legal, it will also not pass a mot so you will have to consider this come mot time. The Decat will also require a map to ensure the turbo doesn't over boost. Plenty of options around for resonator deletes. Vag sport, ecs, bcs etc. You could also go to an exhaust shop and go custom. Hope this helps.
  4. DS64

    OBDEleven v VCDS??

    Hi have obd11, the non pro version and it does everything I need it to do. I can run diagnostics on my car and have made multiple changes to the car through obd11. I haven't felt the need to upgrade to pro, yet
  5. DS64

    Pace car lights

    Mine passed the mot with pace car lights on a 7r, been activated for over a year now.
  6. DS64

    How old are we all?

    Nearly 33
  7. DS64

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Always in race, with the soundactor turned down, being a manual, eco does very little,
  8. DS64

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas all and a happy new year. All the best for 2019
  9. DS64

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    I bought a manual because I grew to dislike the dsg in my previous car, it was a 7 speed dq200 box I never even entertained the idea of another dsg car.
  10. DS64

    Stage 1 Remap any issues?

    I have a 14 plate manual and am seriously contemplating a unicorn stage 1. The car currently has a R600 and a TT pipe. What type of numbers would I be looking at on a stage 1 with a stock clutch. Is it also worth replacing the clutch before the map, or waiting till it starts slipping after the map. im not having any clutch issues, so if it isn't broke, don't fix it?
  11. Do like the look of this.
  12. Not 100% and someone with more knowledge will come around, but I would say yes. Isn't the car dumping unburnt fuel into the exhaust to create the pops and Bangs? If this is the case, petrol in the cat will do it no good. I'm only guessing and am by no means an expert.
  13. What kind of numbers are achievable on a stock Clutch?
  14. DS64

    What was your first car?

    1990 vauxhall corsa 1.0lr 3 cylinder.