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  1. DS64

    Ebc Red Stuff

    Thank you for the information, yes I will doing the work myself, Iv never driven or done the brakes on a car with wear sensors on.
  2. Just a quick question for somebody who knows more than I, Why do the red stuff pads only have 1 wear indicator? I would asssume the wear indicators was on both sides of the vehicle. If it is correct is the wear indicator on the drivers or passenger side of the vehicle?
  3. I have a TVS stage 2 map on my car, smooth as silk. Far better than stock. 399 horses also so no slouch
  4. I believe its off the shelf with minor adjustments on the dyno.
  5. R600 Intake with tt intake pipe Airtec cooler Scorpion sports cat Sachs sintered clutch Ran on v power.
  6. The car has been down at CLP all day for a stage 2 tvs ecu map. I have only driven down home but so far to say I well well chuffed. The car is so much smother than stock, and the power and torque now feel relentless. Headline figures 398bhp 430 ft-lbs
  7. I wouldn't have thought so at £495.
  8. Is there any difference in software for a gpf and non gpf car?
  9. I have always used CLP in Sheffield, they can provide Apr stage 1 and a couple of TVS maps.
  10. Merry Christmas one and all, stay safe and have aa great new year. 🎄🎉🤶
  11. I believe it's to do with emissions in the US,
  12. Does anybody know how to clear the CEL associated with aftermarket downpipes and the lambada issues? @george@BMS
  13. I thought I would add my 2 pence as I have just collected my R having had a sachs sintered clutch and sachs flywheel fitted after the stock clutch gave up at just over 40k. The very first thing I noticed is that the clutch pedal is heavier than stock. I was prepared for a heavier pedal feel, but I was not expecting it to be that heavy. It caught me off guard. It felt like something was under the pedal and was restricting its movement. Pulling off there is some judder in 1st gear, a few more revs makes sure I didn't stall it. After a 25 mile trip home down
  14. It really depends on what you want out of your car, more power? Better handling? Better stopping power?
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