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  1. If your running close to stage 2 numbers without hardware, is there much point spending the cash for little if any gain? If it ain't broke, don't kix it. On the flip side, a decent induction kit, intercooler and downpipe will help run the car ad achieve stage 2 figures responsibly. The clutch sounds like a must though.
  2. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/hot-hatch/mountune-vw-golf-r-does-0-60-37-seconds Just found this, will be an excellent product if they provide warrenty like they do on fords.
  3. Having a quick Google, it's roughly 370 bhp. I'd hazard a guess their R isn't running 500 at the crank. 450 tops if I'd have to guess. Someone please correct if I'm wrong. Purely speculation.
  4. Part 2 was decent. Still no tune yet though
  5. What's with the power dip at around 5k? Is it noticeable on the road? 371 is decent power for stage 1
  6. Saw an R on YouTube the other day, running an airtec with stock pipes. IT ran over 500 horses with an littco l500.
  7. Agree with the alloys, I like the design, but I also feel spacers are required to fill the arch. My 64 plate doesn't have the same interior rattle as yours. Agree with the resonator. Although mine being a manual, no dsg darts. The seats would be nice, buckets are great on a track or a spirited back road drive. Not for an every day commute or sitting in traffic.
  8. Hadn't considered that. Fair point.
  9. Been watching the content on this car for quite a while now, since it made its debut with "Arthur". It went bang at vmax and had a replacement engine with the mods transferred over. Oil temperature was the issue I believe. It now has a larger sump and an oil cooler. Wouldnt go go near it personally, it's a nice expensive toy. Not one I would like to pay for if it went bust.
  10. No experience with the brand or the product. Doesn't look a bad price though. Don't know how it compared to others.
  11. 20ish miles each way. Depends on traffic and route.
  12. Mine cuts in some times when I drive through a box junction near where I live. Sometimes it's just an audible alarm, other times it has physically applied the brakes. Didn't half scare the crap out of the first time it did it. I know now it will do it at that location, so I try to take more care passing through the junction.
  13. Just watched the 1320 video, God that R shifts. How does the haldex cope? Very impressive
  14. Lovely colour that yellow, need some pics up.
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