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  1. Does anybody know how to clear the CEL associated with aftermarket downpipes and the lambada issues? @[email protected]
  2. I thought I would add my 2 pence as I have just collected my R having had a sachs sintered clutch and sachs flywheel fitted after the stock clutch gave up at just over 40k. The very first thing I noticed is that the clutch pedal is heavier than stock. I was prepared for a heavier pedal feel, but I was not expecting it to be that heavy. It caught me off guard. It felt like something was under the pedal and was restricting its movement. Pulling off there is some judder in 1st gear, a few more revs makes sure I didn't stall it. After a 25 mile trip home down the motorway I pulled up the slip road up to the roundabout and was surprised that the pedal had already began to soften. Either this or my left foot must have been trying to escape the car. After 20 minutes of town driving and back roads, working the clutch through the gears I was used to it. Its still heavy, not as heavy as my first press of the pedal, but now in a way that it inspires confidence, that it can take the power the R has, unlike the stock item. I have been advised that I should run it in for at least 500 miles before giving it the full beans. Hopefully in the coming weeks in continues to soften up and the judder disappears. Apologies for the long read, hopefully somebody reads this and it helps them make an informed decision when their clutch gives up.
  3. It really depends on what you want out of your car, more power? Better handling? Better stopping power?
  4. I'm having a Scorpion sports cat installed on Thursday, I was told it is road legal and will pass an Mot, however then do have to run hot to work efficiently.
  5. DS64


    I'd stick 97 in it. It will run fine. I won't be detrimental to the car. Be careful with additives, some contain lead which will do the car more harm than good.
  6. DS64

    New Toureg R Review

    I am a fan, might get the missus to ditch her juke nismo for one of these. Think I'm living in a dream.
  7. Who mapped the car? If you think the blown engine is map related, might save somebody else the same fate.
  8. I'm not finding the steady driving too bad. Save a bit of cash on fuel, to fund the clutch 😂. I will update when it's fitted and then when it's bedded in. Iv been told 500 miles of working the clutch, but no full throttle starts or WOT runs.
  9. I'm granny driving mine until it goes into CLP on the 22nd for a new clutch, have been for about a month. I have also budgeted for a flywheel as well. Something worth considering since you will be replacing the clutch.
  10. @Bowen do you know the difference between the gen 1 and gen 2 coolers?
  11. JB4 custom map 6 R600 Intake TT Intake hose Got a Scorpion downpipe and airtec cooler to go on in October, then might go RTS clutch when it gives up the go.
  12. Very last one for you, that's some special service. Bit of a wait till November, but as you say patience
  13. Well I phoned CLP yesterday to try and get myself a downpipe and cooler. Both scorpion and airtec are both on long lead times so il have to wait and see if they can source them for me.
  14. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/ford-tuner-mountune-calls-in-administrators-seeks-buyer/ And they've only just branched into the VAG scene, hope they got the investment they need.
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