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  1. JB4 custom map 6 R600 Intake TT Intake hose Got a Scorpion downpipe and airtec cooler to go on in October, then might go RTS clutch when it gives up the go.
  2. Very last one for you, that's some special service. Bit of a wait till November, but as you say patience
  3. Well I phoned CLP yesterday to try and get myself a downpipe and cooler. Both scorpion and airtec are both on long lead times so il have to wait and see if they can source them for me.
  4. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/ford-tuner-mountune-calls-in-administrators-seeks-buyer/ And they've only just branched into the VAG scene, hope they got the investment they need.
  5. I have been doing the same research, as I am looking at revo stage 2. My local dealer stated that they wouldn't flash stage 2 without an uprated cooler. They suggested Wagner but I'm tempted for airtec also.
  6. Now this is a shame, I was planning on going apr stage 2 in October, might have to be revo now
  7. Mods have removed it already, somebody works fast.
  8. Funnily enough, just reading through this thread and one has popped up in Jared's DPB thread in the owners section. Naturally reported it.
  9. If I had my choice again I would either pick the indium grey or the turmeric yellow.
  10. DS64

    Anyone know this car

    #worstadvertever Have you tried contacting the seller for any further information?
  11. I have had my car serviced by clp since iv owned it 3yrs ago, looking to get it in October as well, looking to get a downpipe and cooler fitted here. Great bunch of guys, Dan really knows his stuff. They've always got big expensive motors in. No clue about your estate though.
  12. I own a manual, changed this through obd11, can't say I noticed any difference.
  13. I had an order come across my desk today for a order of Land Rover parts off to MRC Tuning in Banbury. Just thought I'd share, the world seems very small.
  14. I honestly don't know, it came up as a related search when I watched the above one.
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