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  1. jwilliamsm

    My dream garage build thread

    A before, during and after made by the mrs. All that needs doing now is a few bits of the paintwork on front of hose needs touching up and the garage is being repainted inside with a much more durable paint. (any suggestions btw?) 43288410_10156132445391443_8369386823054524416_o by Jason, on Flickr
  2. jwilliamsm

    Launch 🚀

    when i bought mine (approved used) it never launched properly. i had the haldex oil changed and filter cleaned (filter was vile) didn't fix problem, so i had vw investigate, as i was positive the pump had failed. well i ended up needing a new diff and pump!!! lucky it was under warranty. i wouldn't be surprised if you have same problem i'm afraid
  3. jwilliamsm

    My dream garage build thread

    Had the sealant put down today, now it has the shiny gloss look. Very happy with it! 20180924_185443 by Jason, on Flickr 20180924_184301 by Jason, on Flickr 2018-09-24_11-43-30 by Jason, on Flickr 20180924_184238 by Jason, on Flickr 20180924_184224 by Jason, on Flickr 20180924_184203 by Jason, on Flickr
  4. jwilliamsm

    My new car....Once I win Lotto

    i suppose if you won the euro millions then maybe you could pay TVR enough to remake one ha
  5. jwilliamsm

    My new car....Once I win Lotto

    i'd probably try and find one of these TVR Cerbera Speed 12 Concept - 1999 by Perico001, on Flickr
  6. jwilliamsm

    My dream garage build thread

    Update: The new drive is almost done 2018-09-03_08-27-58 by Jason, on Flickr 20180904_174909 by Jason, on Flickr 20180904_174916 by Jason, on Flickr 20180909_135739 by Jason, on Flickr IMG-20180910-WA0007 by Jason, on Flickr IMG-20180910-WA0012 by Jason, on Flickr IMG-20180910-WA0010 by Jason, on Flickr Will add some more over next few days/weeks
  7. jwilliamsm

    Do you like the sound of a stock Golf R?

    not really, i was pretty disappointed when i first drove it sound wise, thought it sounded like a run of the mill 4 cyl shopping trolley. i tried it with the soundaktor off and it sounded worse imo, so i'm probably one of the few who keeps it on! think i have been spoilt with the noise from 6 cyl beemers and my old girls JCW clubman which pops and bangs for fun. the noises i hear from modern hot hatches like the A45 AMG/Hyundai i30N etc i was expecting the R to sound a bit special and fruity i really would like a milltek system though to compliment the R600 + intake pipe
  8. jwilliamsm

    What was your previous car before the R

    well my R is my daily, bought it to replace my fiesta ST which i bought to keep the miles off my M3 i really enjoyed the ST though, i'd even change the golf for the new one! Untitled by Jason, on Flickr
  9. jwilliamsm

    Coolant Level Critical

    happened to me aswell the other month. my coolant tank was almost empty near the bottom. turned car off then back on and warning disappeared. about an hour later then the level picked up to just below minimum. been fine ever since after i topped it up about 3 times over the next few days
  10. jwilliamsm

    Is this possible?

    I have the passenger mirror to auto tilt down when L selected and car is in reverse, which I always use and have it programmed on some of my other cars. Only problem is, on the golf as soon as I come out of reverse into drive and pull off, it takes a good few seconds to tilt back to normal position, which is annoying if I'm pulling out of a space and need to see behind me. (I usually keep it on L regardless what side of road I park on) My other cars as soon as you come out of reverse the mirror goes back to normal. Is there a different way to code this?
  11. jwilliamsm

    New AliExpress paddleshifters

    can someone link me to the exact ones please
  12. jwilliamsm

    New AliExpress paddleshifters

    do these stick on or are they held on with a grub screw?
  13. jwilliamsm

    What a day..Purchase Gone Wrong.

    i would have demanded a full refund as hey lied about very simple things, bodywork and wheels are extremely easy to see if they're in good condiiton! not like they lied about an easy mistake. reason they do cheap wheel refurbs is because they don't do the barrel, just the face. when i bought mine 3 wheels needed doing, and i could tell they didn't even take the tyre off as there was paint on the valve stem cover, and the barrels were minging. to be honest, my buying experience and owning experience with the golf has been pretty poor so far, doubt i will get into another golf or vw again. i'm a bmw man at heart but wanted a 4wd daily
  14. jwilliamsm

    R600 + Cover fitted

    Fitted the coolant relocation pipe that sat over the airbox, nice neat little mod, although i would have preferred a more rigid silicone pipe. 20180804_133255 by Jason, on Flickr 20180804_133301 by Jason, on Flickr 20180804_133249 by Jason, on Flickr
  15. jwilliamsm

    Coolant level odd behaviour

    Happened to me the moment i was joining the severn bridge a few weeks back, i panicked and pulled over immediately. had a look and the level in the reservoir was pretty much right at the bottom, way below MIN. The warning went off right away though and never came back on. So i drove to nearest dealer and bought a few bottles of G13, but knew i wouldn't be able to top up until i got home or car cooled down, but i didn't have to wait. When i next looked at reservoir the level had raised a fair bit but was still below MIN, so i drove home carefully, luckily no problems and no more warnings. Filled up a few hours later and managed to put in about 250ml or so up to MAX Kept an eye on it every day for a fortnight, the next day it used a bit more but not much and was just below MAX. I topped it up again hardly anything though, and since then it's been fine. I have a feeling it's due to the heatwave, as i checked the levels in my girlfriends abarth 500, my cousins ibiza and my mothers clubman JCW, and all of theirs had used a little bit of coolant, so i'm not too concerned now.