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  1. jwilliamsm

    New AliExpress paddleshifters

    can someone link me to the exact ones please
  2. jwilliamsm

    New AliExpress paddleshifters

    do these stick on or are they held on with a grub screw?
  3. jwilliamsm

    What a day..Purchase Gone Wrong.

    i would have demanded a full refund as hey lied about very simple things, bodywork and wheels are extremely easy to see if they're in good condiiton! not like they lied about an easy mistake. reason they do cheap wheel refurbs is because they don't do the barrel, just the face. when i bought mine 3 wheels needed doing, and i could tell they didn't even take the tyre off as there was paint on the valve stem cover, and the barrels were minging. to be honest, my buying experience and owning experience with the golf has been pretty poor so far, doubt i will get into another golf or vw again. i'm a bmw man at heart but wanted a 4wd daily
  4. jwilliamsm

    R600 + Cover fitted

    Fitted the coolant relocation pipe that sat over the airbox, nice neat little mod, although i would have preferred a more rigid silicone pipe. 20180804_133255 by Jason, on Flickr 20180804_133301 by Jason, on Flickr 20180804_133249 by Jason, on Flickr
  5. jwilliamsm

    Coolant level odd behaviour

    Happened to me the moment i was joining the severn bridge a few weeks back, i panicked and pulled over immediately. had a look and the level in the reservoir was pretty much right at the bottom, way below MIN. The warning went off right away though and never came back on. So i drove to nearest dealer and bought a few bottles of G13, but knew i wouldn't be able to top up until i got home or car cooled down, but i didn't have to wait. When i next looked at reservoir the level had raised a fair bit but was still below MIN, so i drove home carefully, luckily no problems and no more warnings. Filled up a few hours later and managed to put in about 250ml or so up to MAX Kept an eye on it every day for a fortnight, the next day it used a bit more but not much and was just below MAX. I topped it up again hardly anything though, and since then it's been fine. I have a feeling it's due to the heatwave, as i checked the levels in my girlfriends abarth 500, my cousins ibiza and my mothers clubman JCW, and all of theirs had used a little bit of coolant, so i'm not too concerned now.
  6. jwilliamsm

    Tesco - Castrol Edge Oil Deal

    Saw yesterday that tesco are selling 4L of castrol edge 5W30 for £24.50 Cheapest by far, i payed circa £32 in ECP last week with discount code. They also do 5W40 for £22 i think. Be quick though they don't have many in stock, i managed to get the last one tonight in my local store
  7. jwilliamsm

    Gtechniq C4 on sills

    Not on my R but my M3, the door sills faded not long after i bought it when it was only a few months old, theycome up lovely with C4 though. Silly stupidly easy to apply, just wipe on and wipe straight off. IMG_20180707_195646 by Jason, on Flickr IMG_20180707_195617 by Jason, on Flickr 20180707_182925 by Jason, on Flickr 20180707_183505 by Jason, on Flickr 20180707_183135 by Jason, on Flickr 20180707_183435 by Jason, on Flickr
  8. jwilliamsm

    One touch window issue

    i just checked voltage when off, was reading 12.6 voltage when on was 13.2 is that too low when on?
  9. jwilliamsm

    One touch window issue

    no don't think so, as soon as i bought car i connected it to my Ctek and did a battery recondition so it should be fine. i've searched it seems common but no definitive asnwer
  10. jwilliamsm

    One touch window issue

    Almost but not every time i get in the car now, it seems to be losing it's one touch open memory. I keep having to reset them by putting window down and holding down for 5 seconds, and same with up. What's causing this?!
  11. jwilliamsm

    What could it be?

    Hit a right bar stuard of a pothole yesterday. Made the entire car shake, felt bloody horrible, hell of a thud noise too. I didn't see it at all, it was very small but very deep when i went back for a look. Anyway, i hit it with the drivers side front wheel. When i got home and parked up, i noticed a slight creak noise which wasn't there before when turning the wheels at very slow parking speeds. Otherwise car drove perfect and feels fine going around quick corners etc, and no noise at driving speeds. I jacked up drivers wheel and had a good look around, droplinks were fine, ARB fine, wheel bearing normal, no cracked spring, no visible damage. Any ideas what it could be, anything common to go on the mk7 R when hitting potholes? Top mounts? Cheers
  12. jwilliamsm

    Race Mode

    i only found out what eco mode does last week, doubt i will ever use it again ha
  13. USA 93 is the same as our 98, different ratings
  14. jwilliamsm

    Haldex replacement today

    I'm sure they would yes, I have a good mate who works in my dealer and they cleaned it when I asked not long after I bought it, gave them my own OEM oil too
  15. jwilliamsm

    Haldex replacement today

    yeah i've read a fair few posts about people having trouble, but it doesn't seem to be common knowledge unlike some well known faults on other cars, i.e. the e46 m3 boot floor (subframe cracks), rovers k series head gaskets and boxster/911 IMS issues. i can't believe VW don't have the filter clean part of the haldex service, crazy to me.