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  1. R600 + Cover fitted

    Copied you mate and done the same on mine ha 2018-05-23_08-25-10 by Jason, on Flickr
  2. Shell petrol stations price errors

    Similar thing happened to me in a shell in portishead. Price on pump was cheaper than I payed, can't remember by how much. Girl on till was utterly useless, even when I gave her my loyalty card she didn't even do that right, and my points didn't go on. Complained to her and she didn't know what to do, so I phoned shell and complained. Got my points and an extra few hundred. Regarding Tesco momentum, I find quite often they run out of it, meaning many wasted journeys. Happened on about 5 different occasions in the past (few years back), so I stopped using them, sticking only to shell. Last week my old man went to Tesco to use momentum and low and behold ran out. Useless
  3. R600 + Cover fitted

    Took car for a spin today, very impressed with the noise this pipe now makes. To be honest, I wasn't happy with the r600 when I first installed it, made basically zero difference to the sound, I considered sending it back. But now with the TT intake it sounds pretty much like what I wanted it to, so keeping it So imo the r600 needs the intake pipe to sound good
  4. R600 + Cover fitted

    Fitted the TT pipe at 11.30 last night, nice easy job 20180518_235748 by Jason, on Flickr 20180518_235734 by Jason, on Flickr 20180518_235652 by Jason, on Flickr 20180518_235742 by Jason, on Flickr
  5. R600 + Cover fitted

    Bought mine from TPS, came next day
  6. R600 + Cover fitted

    Fitted the R600 earlier, took me about 15 mins max nice simple job. Also fitted the second engine cover which was even easier to fit, screw went in nice and easy as engine bay was hot. Waiting for the Turbo Technics intake pipe to be delivered then that's going on next 20180515_181643 by Jason, on Flickr 20180515_181647 by Jason, on Flickr
  7. APR flexible carbon intake pipe

    thanks mate, ordered the turbo techniks one and an r600
  8. Exceleration

    turbo lag or the dsg shifting down
  9. I've read about changing the intake pipe to the turbo technics one, and because they are rigid unlike the OEM pipe with the flexible section, they can cause damage when the engine moves. I didnt realise there was another intake that solved this until earlier, and I haven't seen it mentioned on here yet. It's this one https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/audi/a3-8v/apr-carbon-intake-pipe-ea888-gen-3-1-8tfsi-2-0tfsi/ Just want to double check before I order, would I need this intake pipe, this Leyo elbow and also the r600 intake which I want, to make everything fit?
  10. How to remove this

    How easy is it to remove and replace the black door trim? I'm referring to this part Mine are quite swirly, i've corrected most of it but it's not perfect. If not a ballache to change i will order new. Cheers
  11. Sealed with Q2 Prime

    There's a setting on mine for AGM batteries, it's the mxs10 charger. 2 reasons for the ramps, 1st to save my back from bending down too far, and 2nd to get to all the tyre sidewall 👍
  12. Sealed with Q2 Prime

    Finally had time this week to do a few jobs on the golf i've been meaning to do since i bought it, as i do with every new to me car. In a nutshell: Wash/De-tar/De-contaminate/Clay paintwork Polish exhaust tips Clean engine bay Clay + Coat windscreen/Rear window with Gtechniq G1 Remove and thoroughly clean wheels, then seal with Gyeon Q2 Rim Machine polish paintwork with my DAS6 Pro Machine polish boot black trim/door black trim with my Rupes iBrid nano (what a tool this is) Seal with Gyeon Q2 Prime These aren't the best photos like i normally would take, i just wanted to crack on with the job, so a fair few steps i didn't snap. I also find white very hard to photo swirls, so none came out like i wanted. The paintwork was fairly swirly with the bonnet being the worst area. After i went over the car with my DA, using lake country pads and menzerna polishes, i'd say it's about 90% better than it was. If i had more time and my back wasn't hurting so much, i could have done more. Some of the above jobs i had already done but included pics anyway 👍 20180331_205120 by Jason, on Flickr Gave battery a recon charge 20180331_205005 by Jason, on Flickr Valet pro dragons breath 20180408_180159 by Jason, on Flickr 20180408_180155 by Jason, on Flickr 20180408_180134 by Jason, on Flickr 20180408_180130 by Jason, on Flickr 20180408_180125 by Jason, on Flickr Taped up ready 20180508_180700 by Jason, on Flickr 20180508_180715 by Jason, on Flickr Only swirl before and after pic that came out well 20180508_214209 by Jason, on Flickr 20180508_214410 by Jason, on Flickr Done, will take some more tomorrow in the sun 20180509_210030 by Jason, on Flickr 20180509_205927 by Jason, on Flickr 20180509_205901 by Jason, on Flickr 20180509_210017 by Jason, on Flickr 20180509_210005 by Jason, on Flickr
  13. My dream garage build thread

    Bit of an update, finally had the bottom half of the house plastered. Soon the whole drive will be dug up and levelled, then finished in stamped concrete. 20180504_175839 by Jason, on Flickr 20180504_175904 by Jason, on Flickr 20180504_175855 by Jason, on Flickr 20180506_133216 by Jason, on Flickr 20180506_133306 by Jason, on Flickr 20180506_133221 by Jason, on Flickr
  14. IE intake

    saw that one it looks stunning, but yeah prob be quiter than the other one. how come you have to change the coolant pipe, is it rerouted or something?
  15. IE intake

    Whats the consensus on this? IE Intake Looks decent to me, i like the R600 too but i have a feeling it will be too quiet for what i'm after. Is anyone running the IE on here?