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  1. jwilliamsm

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    i get better MPG in my F80 M3 than i do in the R. i just look at it like this, if you want performance just forget good MPG
  2. jwilliamsm

    How can i fix/reset this?

    Had it sorted at the dealer in the end as its still under warranty, just needed a calibration. Got a free hunter alignment out of it too
  3. jwilliamsm

    VW Alloys Centre Caps

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Alloy-Wheel-Centre-Caps-65mm-Set-of-4-Black-Golf-Passat-Polo-etc/153259612385?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 i bought a cheap set incase i lost 2 of mine as they seemed a bit loose when i put them on my winter wheels. for the money they seem fine and fit very tight not sure on longevity though
  4. jwilliamsm

    How can i fix/reset this?

    its a 2014 pre facelift. how is it calibrated, dealer job?
  5. jwilliamsm

    How can i fix/reset this?

    yeah i gave it a clean too. haven't hit anything or done anything, just came on in traffic. can't clear it whatsoever.
  6. jwilliamsm

    How can i fix/reset this?

    I had been driving fine for about 2 hours, and 5 minutes from my house whilst sat in traffic this error comes up. I've tried OBDeleven (pro account) to read code, but it won't let me clear it, i tried to reset it but i haven't got the security code, now it says something about lock time elapsed. Can anyone help?
  7. jwilliamsm

    What size is the anti roll bar?

    Fair enough I didn't think they'd do that. Imagine Joe public going to gsf or ecp and just asking for ARB bushes for a 2014 golf r, they'd never get the right part!
  8. jwilliamsm

    What size is the anti roll bar?

    i planned on doing that but it's blowing a gale outside and hasn't stopped raining most of the day :( i thought that every mk7 R would have the same ARB sizes and being a popular model to tune and upgrade i thought someone may have the answer off the top of their head
  9. jwilliamsm

    What size is the anti roll bar?

    I don't want to change the ARB, i just want to change the bushes. Powerflex are showing a few different sizes and i want to know what size are the OEM ones
  10. I plan on changing the anti roll bar bushes on the rear, and may do the fronts too. Looking on powrflex site there is a few to choose from for the rear: 18.5mm 19.6mm 20.7mm 21.7mm And the fronts: 23.2mm 24mm 25mm Which ones are for the R? Mines a 2014 dsg 3dr if that makes a difference, thanks
  11. jwilliamsm

    DSG reset with OBDeleven

    What exactly are the correct steps and things to do on obdeleven for the dsg reset? There's a few on there
  12. jwilliamsm

    Finally got my winters on

    That's what I thought, perfect for winter wheels I love the Mk6 R wheels think that's why I like the look I agree, before I bought the R I really disliked the caidz wheels, to the point of I wouldn't have bought a golf with them that's why I have pretorias. But to be fair they have grown on me even in the OEM finish Hope we get a winter so I can test out the golf in snow lol
  13. jwilliamsm

    OBDEleven - Alarm Chirp on Lock/Unlock

    thats exactly what i didn't code in, the menu button, doh! works now
  14. jwilliamsm

    OBDEleven - Alarm Chirp on Lock/Unlock

    does this work on older R's? mines a 2014 i'm sure i tried this before and it didn't beep
  15. jwilliamsm

    Finally got my winters on

    Haven't seen much daylight this week so only got some pics in the dark, they're genuine Cadiz wheels but they're just plain silver. Was this an oem finish available on models below the R? Or have they been refurbed in the past? On the rear they have 2 part numbers for SILVER and BLACK so i assume they've been painted. To be honest though, i've never been a fan of the Cadiz wheel, but to my eyes i much prefer them in this colour. Running a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 winters on, fantastic in the snow these were earlier in the year on our Mini Clubman JCW. 20181127_201849 by Jason, on Flickr 20181127_201835 by Jason, on Flickr 20181127_223707 by Jason, on Flickr 20181127_223654 by Jason, on Flickr 20181127_223620 by Jason, on Flickr 20181127_223635 by Jason, on Flickr