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  1. Fixed the leak on the resonator to back box joint, and gave it a little Italian tune on the way to the centre. Passed this time with 1.008 Thanks for the tips
  2. so can blowing / leaking cause the high reading? i guess you fixed the blowing and all was OK? Thanks
  3. Not that i know of? is it easy to see by pulling them out visually? Thanks
  4. I have fitted the oem intake back on and booked in for the retest on Tuesday, so will report back then if it makes a difference Thanks
  5. Yep still original cats, just the above intake and resonator cut outs. Sill in its 3 years by about 3 weeks, but as the exhaust and intake altered they may not support a warranty claim. I can refit the original air box and rerun as its only 0.04 out? Thanks
  6. Ca has been for her first MOT and failed with Exhaust lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits, car has the resonator delete and a VWR CAI can any of these cause the high reading? Fast Idle Test Lambda 1.066 Second Fast Idle Test 1.070 limits are supposedly 0.970 - 1.030 ? the tester tried four different engine codes but none of them gave a passable reading. could sticking the standard air box back on be worth a shot? cant see the resonator delete effecting emissions. Thanks
  7. Spec - Pure white finished with black dead flies and tar spot feature on the front :), race cloth, ACC with front assist, 18" Cadiz and a non car play media unit still trying to train my left leg not do change gear and press the brake pedal at the moment too. First test drive down the road left foot slammed on the breaks while i shifted into neutral lol pics when that sun thing comes out again next.....
  8. Hi, took delivery of a 65 white DSG R yesterday, thought its about time to raise my head out from the trenches and say Hi. Thanks
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