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  1. So, the results are in. Golf R MK8 - launch control, rider and handling lovely - good fit and finish - great value. Came very close to ordering! Outsider test - Tesla M3P. Crazy performance as expected - others not even close - but I'm not ready to give up the noise dimensions yet and fit / finish issues. I'm also struggling with only an i-Pad to control everything. Next go around will be EV - tis time - last combustion engine hurrah. BMW m340i - signed on the line. Pickup in the next couple of weeks. Whilst I wanted an Estate, I had to concede a Saloon to my good lady wife. As she correctly
  2. Thanks all. Wil do the round of test drives over next few of months. Cheers.
  3. Good call. If switching back to wagon / estate / hearse, I really never considered a Golf - one to add to the list to get over my mental block and worth a drive when it comes out. Ta.
  4. Hi all, I generally like to replace my car when the warranty expires. I have a fairly tricked out mk7.5 2018 from new - warranty until mid-June 2018. So my choices are: 1) Hang on and fit the JB4 I bought (waiting for the next service before fitting next month) breaking my warranty "rule". 2) Buy an M340i estate (I do miss the big boot of an estate) 3) Same (M340d estate) 4) Same (S4 estate) Thoughts on those that have made the transition recently? I know Becs and other have taken the MK8 plunge - initial thoughts? My veins are not running VW blood and I am
  5. My second fav. colour
  6. I am Jekyll and Hyde on this one.... it looks great, but the I'm not sure I would. The conservative old fart in me would hold me back ....
  7. Not quite that bad yet.. but so many people i know are in denial... including myself And it's not a binary thing, it's a gradual process and sadly a matter of fact for all of us. Honestly, I'm having a better time now that I've accepted it and have figured out how to adjust for it.
  8. Over the years, like a good number of you I'm sure, I've been into HiFi - both car and home. The one thing I have found is that the weakest link as the years tick by are my ears. What sounds good to you in your 20's is very different from you 30's, 40's and 50's. Setup becomes increasingly more important than ever. Simple Hz adjustment to compensate for your changing ears is important as is source quality. If you have a good underlying system, and the DA is a pretty good base (upgraded) system, you can adjust it to your needs but what sounds good to you may well sound not so good to someone e
  9. That button's reserved for the ejector seat
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