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  1. Rays R

    tte 470

    ok many thanks .
  2. Rays R

    tte 470

    if iam apr stage 2 . Wagner , intake , downpipe , intake and map . can I just put on a tte470 with no other map. and would this give more power without mapping again. Thanks
  3. Rays R

    TT intake pipe

    Great. Thank you.
  4. Rays R

    TT intake pipe

    Ok many thanks . I take it yours has been ok like that.
  5. Rays R

    TT intake pipe

    Does anyone know I can't be the only one with a tt intake . Could I extend the vacuum pipes .
  6. Rays R

    TT intake pipe

    These are my pics .
  7. Rays R

    TT intake pipe

    Hi all , I have just fitted a turbo technics intake pipe . But I have had to push the vacuum hose down out the way . Is this correct as the vacuum hose seems very close to the turbo exit . How did you guys do it . Many thanks Ray.
  8. Rays R

    Hello all

    Hi you guys . I thought I would introduce my self . My name is Ray ,I have a 2016 golf r DSG 5 door .