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  1. One of the front buttons from memory. First time out in the dark this week and they did not come on so had to find them. Guessing turned off at the dealer to save power. oddly the dashboard seems to stay on for longer.
  2. Tried it having seen this thread (mixed with other modes). Easy 36 mpg on a mixed route. On a long traffic full route I think it makes sense. At other times around town or clear roads it would be nuts in this car.
  3. Nice. I got mine end of July but had two cars for a month so not driven much until now. Put it in race mode and it becomes a bit of a beast and yet in comfort quite docile. I am loving it and think the acceleration is better than my old supercharged Monaro at least of the line. Saw earlier that the R is quicker than an end of line Countach which I can well believe. lots to get to know.
  4. Picked mine up today. Put a few miles on her on the way home getting used to the drive.
  5. After a few days stuck at the docks I am due to pick up my car on Tuesday. Looking forward to it somewhat. Coming from a diesel barge I am hoping to have no regrets....
  6. I was looking to push back a month anyway but there seems some issue at the docks. App seems to back this up - unless the app update to being in the Uk was premature.
  7. So, a few weeks ago my car arrived in the UK. Expecting to have it in June but seems it is stuck at the docks. Looking like a few weeks delay.
  8. I was aiming for 1September but got the call today that I needed to collect in June or cancel and reorder. Having seen some of the cars on here I am quite keen now to pick it up early so not really an issue. Getting a little excited....
  9. So, after having a 7 May build date, advised it was on its way a week later it is now in the UK. Not sure the 1 September purchase date looks likely, may need to complete sooner. Opposite issue to most but still a pain.
  10. Those Atlantic blue photos reconfirm my decision for that colour.
  11. Had a R5 Gordini Turbo, without a wastegate control. Managed a spin up a hill with no damage, inches away from a telegraph pole. Back a few years car3 were made of paper so very lucky. Do we have a previous cars thread?
  12. Another thumbs up for this thread. Being late 40’s I did wonder if the R would be too young for me. Looks more of a sleeper and previous comments suggest not. Phew, good choice!
  13. My build date was 7th May, got informed this week the car is built and on its way to the dealer (ordered late March). i was aiming for 1st September but may have to take it early if it comes too soon.
  14. Just had my build confirmed as week beginning 7 May. Don’t need it until September so no rush for mine.
  15. Another car ordered today. Estate in Atlantic blue, Spielberg alloys, heated screen and DCC. Looking for a 1 September delivery which is fine as my lease ends then. Hoping it will be a better proposition than the Insignia Vxr which was stable but never really felt quick.
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