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  1. I had this issue when I first got mine, it was a blown bulb. Good reason to pick up some nice white H7 bulbs.
  2. Had it on my 16 plate Corsa too - very handy! Although not missing it too much on my R.
  3. I get between 19 and 23 around the same area so, I wouldn't worry. Car rarely sees the motorway.
  4. I've thought about painting mine a few times. I'm sure there's a post or 2 about it. I can't offer any worthwhile advice, though. Interested to see how they turn out if you do go ahead!
  5. Picked up brembo pads and disks from ECP at around £150 on a 50% sale and my local garage fitted them for me a couple of days back for £60.
  6. Cheapest quote I got was from Elephant via Confused.com. Been thinking about my renewal and hoping it's favorable, due in March. Hope you find something!
  7. I went for aluminium press plates - they look great, simple to wipe clean and easy to stick on . No experience with any others but the 4D do look good!
  8. 25, got my R about a week before my birthday this year.
  9. I had the exact same issue with places local to me. Ended up putting the car on my ramps and doing it myself. Cutting the pipe was frustrating but, once it was done hearing the change was reward enough!
  10. Not sure why I've only just started following this.. Insane build!
  11. 37400 64 plate owned since March
  12. Made me think of a guy I always see hanging around Tesco car park by me.. then I realised it's the same guy. I like the look but, don't think I'd have them on mine.
  13. Been looking at the same Brembo stuff on ECP for a while now. If you do go ahead I'd be interested to see what they're like.
  14. Snap! It's almost the weekend....
  15. Been driving for 3 years. Had a T Reg dirty green 1.4l astra for a matter of months then pick up a 16 plate 1.4l Na Corsa which I had just under 2 years. Golf R since end of March and never looked back. Quite a jump from ~90hp corsa to ~300hp R!
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