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  1. Res Delete

    I think I have the same pipe. Finding it hard to get someone to fit it for me though! Are you fitting it yourself or getting someone else to do it?
  2. So, yesterday I drove down to Tesco to grab some lunch. Parked away from the entrance and as far from other cars as I could, as I usually do. No cars to my right hand side and a little red Hyundai a few bays away on the left. Walking towards the entrance I realise that I left my phone in the car. Turned around to see a trolley with shopping in had gone for a wonder from behind the red car and was heading straight for the R! The couple who were putting their shopping in the boot hadn't noticed and luckily I was able to run over and grab it before it dinged my car. They apologised and luckily it was just a near miss, no damage done 😓 What's the worst thing you've seen or had happen to you in a car park?
  3. Clutch Issue

    Finally got the car back on Tuesday. The clutch pedal itself feels more firm than before, more composed almost. Happy to be back in the R. Will put the warranty stuff down to experience...
  4. Clutch Issue

    Wouldn't say super light, it feels.. normal? Not much help I suspect but, I've not got much to compare to - sorry!
  5. Holidays

    I've only been to Europe and the longest flight was to Stockholm, Sweden for work. Done France and Austria for snowboarding up in the alps. When we went to Austria we flew to Germany and drove down and what a drive it was! Plan is to trade the mountains for beaches in Jan '19, heading to Dominican for a friends wedding. Not looking forward to the flight though 😅.
  6. Clutch Issue

    The plan I have is for 2 years and came on the deal with the car. I thought it would be a good idea for something like this but, it appears it's just upsell for the salesmen. The guy that informed me that it had been rejected told me they won't cover it because the car didn't break down to which I replied: 'So if I just kept driving until it failed you'd cover it?' The answer was yes - let's just say I wasn't happy. Judging from my first experience with them, there's no chance I'll be renewing once the plan is over.
  7. Clutch Issue

    What year is your car? Possible that it's the same just re-branded?
  8. Clutch Issue

    Hmm you might be right. Been doing some searching but can't seem to find anything. The report said not OEM so that threw me. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on the OEM parts or a part number?
  9. Chipex

    Interested in this. Can anyone post some before and after shots?
  10. Clutch Issue

    I had another read through the independent mechanic's report and noticed that they said the clutch wasn't OEM which peeked my interest. I dropped by the garage and took some pictures and to my astonishment the plate is actually a Sachs one so, it's clearly been done once already. I understand that it's good practice to change everything at once but, since I'm not doing that for now, wondered if someone a little more clued up on these things could take a guess at how old it is? Bearing in mind the car has done 34k miles. No paperwork to say it's been done. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. My Blue Jewel

    Looking good!
  12. Clutch Issue

    Yes exactly that. Unfortunately, I've just paid out for a holiday early next year so funds are a bit tight, D'oh! Also, I think the garage are getting a little sick of my car handing around taking up space. They already said they'd waive the charge for storing the car so I don't want to push my luck. I'll be looking at doing the clutch by this time next year (most likely sooner) and just have to grin and bear that labour cost again. At this point I just want the car back, walking is such a chore 🙃
  13. Clutch Issue

    Warranty company don't want to cover any of it because the car didn't break down due to the fault. They confirmed there's some wear and as such recommend repairs. Gotta front up £540 now for the new bearing. So now I think I'll be looking at Sachs Organic kit later down the line.
  14. Clutch Issue

    Car to be inspected today by the warranty company's independent mechanic. A week without the car and it's killing me!
  15. Clutch Issue

    Update! Garage advised this morning that it is the bearing but they want to replace the whole clutch kit. Been quoted almost £1700 for the job.. costs have been submitted to my warranty provider for approval, fingers crossed! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk