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  1. Portia12

    Rolex deals

    I've always got good deals in the US, and the dealers there ship the box and papers back to you via Fedex. I'm saving up for a new Milgauss at the moment...
  2. That looks like a novel product. Would be keen to hear how it works in reality, and will await tildascot's review...
  3. Here's the VW part number on mine. Reconciles with a Google. Should be available from TPS !
  4. That's an impressive looking graph fella !
  5. Portia12

    Man down...

    What's the latest OP ? Did he 'fess up ?... (I think we already know the answer)
  6. I've used this lot; http://brakecaliperrefurbs.co.uk/ High quality exacting work, they followed my fussy and particular instructions to the letter. Took a month, but I had said no mad rush to them... OEM quality. Great finish, Porsche PCCB calipers.
  7. I think it would be similar, just a higher viscosity. I don't like the idea of all of that material in suspension in the oil contributing to wear up to the 10K miles or higher mark.
  8. Me too. I expected to see those high readings. The motor was very tight new, and felt looser after 400 miles, then gradually loosened up more to about 1800 miles. Back in the day I would have changed the oil at 1000 miles, but stuff is closer tolerance now, and the oil is better. As above, I'll dig out a report from my 110K mile diesel Cayenne, it's much cleaner than the above.
  9. Mates I've evangelised before the benefits of oil analysis. My R is now at 2500 miles and feels well run in. I've just done an oil change, and sent the original oil off for analysis. Results as below. Oil was always going to be OK in terms of age and viscosity, being a 9 month old synthetic. I'm keen to get the running-in debris out of the oil though with the early oil change. Note - Viscosity is [email protected] degrees C, roughly SAE 20W. I guess it was 15W 40 from the factory. Small amount of iron from the crank as expected. High reading of copper from the shells, again as expected these days from the tight tolerances and materials used for journals and bearings. No fuel detected. High Silicon reading.... hmm normally due to dust and dirt (sand etc) or bits of silicon sealant. Boron - now an oil additive... Never used to see it. Calcium, Phosphorous & Zinc are oil additives. I usually use Quantum Longlife III oil in everything, and can compare results between cars. Will probably test this again about 6K miles. Will also dig out a result from my 110K mile Cayenne Diesel, which is cleaner than this.
  10. Good luck OP, I'm with you in hunting these thieves down. If they broke into your house and stole £1000 of stuff, then the police would be more interested. You'd hope. I had a similar issue some years ago, and had the perp's registration. Police weren't interested, but I sent in the V888 form (as I think you've done) and got his address from the DVLA, so sent my credit control officer and his dog round to recover the assets. 😁
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