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  1. So sorry to hear this OP. You must be gutted. Regrettably it's going to be a fight from your side all the way. As another poster has said, it's down to the bodyshop to rectify, get the quotes and serve proceedings to recover if needed. Little is achieved against smaller business in threatening exposure and reputation, you just want your car fixed. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If I'd seen the original wash debacle, I wouldn't have left my P & J there, and I'm sure you now feel the same.
  2. Portia12

    Storm Damage - Scirroco R

    Poor OP, we're all excited about a replacement he briefly looked at. In the meantime, he's still trying to sort out his significant loss due to storm damage, and the family is two cars down. Best of luck with the claims and replacements OP, I hope you don't have too much of a fight on your hands,
  3. Portia12

    Storm Damage - Scirroco R

    Do it. 7.5 PP with Akra. They're never making anymore. That was the high point. Buy it. Every cloud etc...
  4. Very good question. I've wondered the same. The Golf 7 is one of the best chassis I've ever driven. I had a GTD estate loaner a couple of years ago when my Cayenne was in for work, and I was amazed. In stock trim the chassis is so neutral and predicable, and very well matched to the suspension. I now have an R as a plaything, and am really impressed. Again the chassis is very neutral, tending to understeer, as the power bias always seems to remain on the front, and it feels like the electronics hold you back from slipping into oversteer. The stock weight distribution and dynamic grip is again so good, probably aided by the electronics that you can't (well I can't) get the weight to move enough to trail brake. I would have thought that a stiffer front ARB would reduce the body roll a bit more, and be the first thing to do if you wanted to reduce the rate of roll into and then back out of a corner. The rear ARB complements the front by keeping the same left/right proportionate load on the rear wheels. If you stiffen up the back over the front, you're more likely to lessen traction on the back and be able to provoke oversteer - or in the Golf's case reduce what understeer their is. I would question the reasoning of changing the rear ARB for something stiffer, and I can't see what real benefit it would bring. Especially as a first step, and not to complement a stiffer front ARB. I've lowered mine approx 30mm with different springs, and that has had the effect of reducing body roll just enough to reduce the understeer a touch. I've increased the toe in to about 0.3 degrees as it tramlined a bit on standard alignment. The limits are high on the chassis (stock power/brakes/R7.5) that you have to push it to the point of discomfort to provoke anything. I don't think I'd see any improvement in fitting stiffer ARBs. There's various threads on here, Rob2K has played with different spring and ARB combinations, and reported in detail of his findings. I did see his recent posts on rear ARB change, and he's certainly reported an improvement. As I know to my cost, many times over many years, dicking about with stock settings and components, over which the manufacturer has spent many millions of pounds can do more damage than good, and certinly yeald no tangible benefit. Suspension is a prime example, changing one component can ruin the previous dynamic for some improvement in a very narrow envelope. I've not upped the power yet. (Clearly I still haven't learnt), but the thing will be a completely different proposition with another 100BHP or so, allowing you to get closer to the limits quicker, but as I mention above, they're really only reachable and fun on a track. I guess it comes down to personal preference in the handling, and what bit you want to change/improve. I would suggest, and it's only my personal opinion and I do welcome others' comments who have done these mods, that ARBs and especially a solo rear, would be a low return improvement.
  5. Portia12

    Audi TTS Calipers - part number

    Wowsers ! Killerbrakes.com, they have some cool solutions. I'm taken by this one, 370mm discs and 8 pot calipers; https://www.killerbrakes.com/product/audi-ttrs-8s-brake-kit-brembo-8pot-calipers-370x34mm-brake-discs-mk5-6-7-r20-s3-8p-8v-ttrs-mk7-r-yellow/ Although, despite the most abuse I can dish out, my PP (Clubsport) brakes are excellent. They don't fade, the feel remains consistent. I was dicking around on the track trying to get the thing to slightly oversteer, and if anything the DSG started getting a bit hot first, and confused a few shifts. The discs have blued around the edges though, so probably not long for this world actually....
  6. Portia12

    Any members in Perth WA ?

    Out here at the moment, considering taking the SV6 rental car to the drag strip for Whoop-Ass Wednesday at the Motorplex..... Anything else for a petrolhead to do ? R cars a bit thin on the ground out here..
  7. Portia12

    'Racing Green' Golf R

    Another Velvet Purple lover here. Wanted an RS6 as below in that colour but missed the last builds in 2010. Tried to see if I could get the Golf in it but no...... There's a Velvet Purple T6 I see around - looks mega !
  8. Portia12

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Mega ! Thanks OP, just the 24GB to go now !
  9. Portia12

    vogtland lowering springs

    Faultless. No harsher than standard for general tooling around, you can feel the progression as you load them up. Lower C of G helps the handling, I don't feel I need to uprate the standard anti-roll bar. Great improvement, not sure why everyone else's spring are so much more expensive, unless Demon Tweeks didn't sell any and just reduced the price to shift them. Subtle drop of around 30mm. Enough to change the look of the car, not enough to catch any protrusions on the road. Handling is noticeably more deterministic, i.e. very controlled dive under harsh braking, and when you power out of a corner the understeer is very slight until the Haldex switches on the rear power. I'd happily recommend them. Still can't get the thing to trail brake, as don't seem to be able to lessen off rear traction, but that more my limited abilities than the springs...
  10. Portia12

    Android Auto - 1080p Resolution hack

    Thanks OP. How cool is that. :-)
  11. Great thread so far. Will be following with interest....
  12. Portia12

    Dynaudio or no?

    That's interesting. I'm underwhelmed with my DynAudio, and was thinking of starting a thread about it. The front door rattle above seems to have started... but I wasn't sure if it was just me. Off to the Dynamat shop for me...
  13. Portia12

    Black Friday!

    www.cleanyourcar.co.uk is doing 15% off with the code BF15. I buy most of my detailing stuff from them. I bough the performance downpipe from BCS, and Nigel was doing a 'Black Friday' deal, which was the same price as the forum discount. I did buy a Firestick for £25, down from £39....
  14. Portia12

    Mouse in engine bay

    WTF is that about ? The mice took all that sh*t and put it in an R8 whilst in the garage ? ??!? I don't get it.