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  1. Which version is this? and did it require to take the lower trim off??
  2. Any updates on your video/sound clips from unicorn motor developments mapped in overrun?
  3. Awesome Numbers! I'm thinking about ordering he's self-tune unit sins i don't live in the Uk Any Sound clips from the mapped in pops and bangs
  4. Follow up: The mechatronic unit was changes in august 2019 and the car drove normally again until today.. The car had been parked at a slightly tilted surface for about 10-15 min and then this happened
  5. Customized overrun possible ? and can u tailor a map to TVS TCU Tunes? (dq381)
  6. Yes, but depends on ur wheel setup. i'm currently running Audi RS 8 pot calipers with weave disc and my OZ Ultraleggera requires 2mm spacer (19x8.5/et47) Check out https://www.killerbrakes.com/product-category/volkswagen-brakes/volkswagen-golf-7-brakes/?count=36&paged=
  7. Yeah it's about time APR made the DQ381 Tcu Tune All tho still think i'm gonna go with TVS Engineering stage 2+ Tcu.. Just cause of there long term experience with the gearboxes
  8. No, drove in a straight line at the time. been talking to a guy on facebook forum's as well, gona quote him here: My Golf R 7.5 had a similar issue and ended up with complete gearbox failure. It turned out a certain string of boxes mine had 08/08/17 as a production date had premature failure imminent! I would suggest getting VW to check what year your box is. + i found a video on youtube from another guy that shows the same problem (skip to 20'sec)
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BADGE-KIT-R-GRILLE-HATCH-GOLF-R-MK6-MKVI-MK7-MK7-5-VW-VOLKSWAGEN-MATTE-BLACK/351502764508 If you don't want vinyl overlays
  10. So just got it scanned at VW with No faults really annoying.... The car has 24000km on it, so i think DSG service would be to early?
  11. Hey So today i experienced that the car went out of gear(not the first time)... Like it couldn't find 3'rd or 4'th gear? It happened after driving on the highway for about an hour or so... i went to get gas and after when trying to get back on the highway the car jumped out of gear 3'rd or 4'th gear im not 100% witch, all tho it went back in to gear 2 sec later but it's really annoying, has any1 any idea what this could be? I have a appointment this thursday to get the car TVS Stage 2+ (Tcu) but now i'm confused if i should cancel?
  12. i've cracked 2 already Looking for a Carbon Fiber front lip next, any1 know where i can get one for the Mk7.5 R?
  13. Awesome Results m8! I'm looking into going stage 2 on my Facelift R as well but haven't found any1 to TCU tune DQ381 in my area yet.. Btw is the downpipe 200 cell?
  14. HI Nige Can you pm me the price for ur, 200 cell downpipe, heat wrapped and with fitment onto a Milltek cat-back? Tyvm!
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