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  1. Any1 know if 19-8.5 Et 42 Will fit my Golf R? + what tire? Suspension is VWR Springs ty!
  2. Wicked

    Milltek Exhaust 7.5 R Leak?

    A Milltek dealer yeah
  3. Wicked

    Milltek Exhaust 7.5 R Leak?

    It's been on for 2 months now, will post photo soon
  4. So i've reasonly bought a Milltek Cat-Back system for my Golf R Facelift I had the car on ramps the other day and noticed black soot where the pipes connect(at the clamps) is this normal ? tyvm!
  5. Wicked

    Resonator delete drone

    Did you ever get the bcs res delete with drone cancelation @mz21 ? And did it make a diffrents on the 3k-4k? Rpm
  6. Wicked

    Golf R 7.5 Front Emblem Tint

    I've wrap'ed mine with window tint, doesn't effect the radar and makes it look a bit darker 👍
  7. Wicked

    Exhaust Question for 7.5 R owners

    So i've picked up the Milltek Non Res Cat-Back(Valved) for my Mk7.5 R, really enjoy it ! pops and bangs like crazy in sport But it drones abit at 3000rpm ... witch can be a bit annoying on long highway runs so, what options do i have? dont really want to lose the pop and bangs effect or any engine warranty should i get a Downpipe and resonator to level things out ? Any suggestions?
  8. https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/awe-tuning/awe-tuning-switchpath-remote-system/ It is also an option
  9. Wicked

    Rear Disc Damage? Warranty?

    Recap from everything, getting my disk/pads replaced by warrenty 👌
  10. Wicked

    Vibration at 80-90mph

    New bolts are fitted, but there is still vibration ... så went to look for the next thing! Hub centric rings, see photo ‘black ring’ is the ones that came with the Rotiform wheels and the ‘blue rings’ are the new/wider that fixed the problem no vibration now!!! Thx for the help!
  11. Wicked

    Vibration at 80-90mph

    Thx Neil i’m pretty sure i got it right with the bolts or that is what im told by the wheel shop Picture of the bolt is whats in the wheel atm..
  12. Wicked

    Vibration at 80-90mph

    Update! So all 4 wheels have been Road-Force Balanced with some weight changes nothing huge, but then they discovered that the bolts were ''Cone seat bolts'' and that the Rotiform Kps needs ''Ball seat bolts'' Got the shop to order some in black and this will hopefully help! The vibration is still present after just the balance
  13. I reasonly got the Vwr springs fitted to my “Mk7.5 R” as Well, ride is pretty close to stock with a little bit more feeling of everything on the road but nothing like you mentioned... bought mine off awesomegti.com
  14. Wicked

    Rear Disc Damage? Warranty?

    Just emailed to warranty/technique department, waiting for reply will let u know