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  1. How I can give that a go? The latch itself latches rather easily on the first lock but for the full lock, I have to press quite hard for it to 2nd lock. I did try spraying some WD-40 onto the mechanism already but still the same result.
  2. Hey guys, I can’t close or lock my boot without slamming or pushing on it. When I unlock the boot, it makes a rather loud pop than the usual mechanical zip sound. If I were to slowly close the boot, it will latch but it will not lock. Anyone got any experience with this?
  3. Hey guys, my stock MK6 GTI 2009 model with 18 inch rims has been riding so hard and crashy lately. My car is riding harder than my MK7.5 R with 19 inch rims currently. I want to fix the car back to original ride quality. Other than the shock absorbers and suspension, is there anything else that can contribute to the ride quality? The tyres has been changed 1 year ago.
  4. Nope. I kind of just learned to live with it. I took it back to the dealer but they couldn't address it. They did fix the left A-pillar speaker though. The fix can be found here for anyone with similar issues : https://imgur.com/gallery/kmxko I find that the dash rattle comes and goes. Seems to be temperature related. When it's colder, you can hear it but on a hot day, it's peaceful.
  5. I think it's 50% regardless of modes. If I'm not mistaken, if you set any percentage and then fiddle about with the "Engine Sound" option in the car, it will sound the same, at least to me. If you want to restore back to original, you merely just set it back to 100% and changing "Engine Sound" should work as default. I find for the pops and bangs, the "Engine Sound" must be set to Race and thereafter, just change the Soundaktor via OBD11 to your liking.
  6. Hey guys, can't really find much info on getting different themes for the active info display that also changes the layout and colours. Does anyone know how to get the theme found in the "Virtual cockpit color" found in the App section? My options are just Standard or Dotted which changes the middles section from plain black to dotted. Or, does anyone have any dummy proof guide to coding your own theme using long coding? I'm thinking of getting the Pro version if it's possible to create your own custom theme.
  7. I have the same issue too. I keep my iPhone ringer volume at 1 bar but when connected to the car (both Bluetooth and CarPlay), it automatically goes to max and whenever you try to reduce it from your iPhone, it will automatically increase itself back. You can only reduce it back when you have disconnected it from the car.
  8. What I think happened was that, the mechanic adjusted my headlights when it had H&R Springs but forgot to adjust back to stock settings when I reinstalled back stock springs so it was just aiming the ground. I just did the adjustment using the Allen key and it seems to have worked. I did 3 turns anti clockwise and the improvement is drastic. For me, 3 is probably the max I can go without being dazzling other drivers. More info for others can be found in this forum : Before adjustment : After adjustment :
  9. After adjusting, when you start the car, does it still do the "headlight dance" where it adjusts itself?
  10. Hey guys, I'm not sure if it's because I haven't driven my car in a while at night but are my headlights really low? I had just reinstalled stock springs back on after attempting H&R but I doubt that would have done anything to the headlights. The pics are taken by phone being placed directly on the steering wheel (which is about the height of the dash). I can maybe see about 1 car length ahead and if say, there's a pothole right ahead of that, I would not be able to see that. Is this normal?
  11. Hey guys, Anyone got any product recommendation in removing water spots or watermarks? My car does have ceramic coating but I have to park my car under the sun and unfortunately don't have time to dry the car when it rains.
  12. I just heard from my mechanic that Eibach Pro Kits are a little more bouncier than the stock springs. Can anyone confirm?
  13. Your ride height is perfect, wish I could have that too but unfortunately afraid of scraping the front in my area where I have high speed bumps.. How much does the front jut out in comparison to the fender? Is it completely flush?
  14. Anyone got more pics of the 8/12mm set up with Eibach Pro Lowering kit? (maybe from the rear to see how much it sticks out) I'm having a hard time deciding between 8/12mm and a 10/15mm setup
  15. Anyone know if it is possible to set DRLs to any level other than off when indicating on the 7.5?
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