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  1. I think I'm going to book it in for a 4-wheel alignment also once it's been to the garage, with all the damn potholes around at the moment (however much you play dodgems) I may have it one a little hard. Thanks for the advise, i would, but i don't have access to a jack unfortunately! I'll let you all know what they find tomorrow, fingers crossed it's something cheap!
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, i'll try and have a look if there is a stone got stuck somewhere in the brakes, but rather get it looked at in case it is a wheel bearing
  3. Hi All, Was driving my car today down the motorway about 60mph and I could start hear hear this grinding noise from the rear, i'm thinking it possibly might be a wheel bearing issue, I've got the car booked in on monday, but just wondered if any others have had this kind of problem? Cheers
  4. Great to read all the reviews on the revised resonator delete, I have a MK7 R hatch and would like to add some more noise and tone to the car, I sometimes have family in the car, and worry about the drone at motorway speeds (65-70), luckily I have the option to have the valves open or closed, can anyone give any feedback on this as to whether this does makes any real difference? Has nige been able to give out any differences from the previous version to the Rev2 as to how it makes it better? Thanks
  5. Added from the previous comment, I don't have extended warranty, but know a good independent garage where I live, what is the rough cost of all this work to be done? The car is also due a service next month so will get them to investigate at the same time
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys, I have topped it up with some water today, but I will keep a check on it, it's due a service next month anyway so I will definitely get them to have a look around, time to get the wallet out as you say! Will keep you updated what I find!
  7. Not sure if this is in the correct place, but I was driving home last night in race mode and having some fun, all of a sudden the coolant light comes on, I get back home to find the coolant was well below minimum. I left it a few hours and checked it (without removing top) and it was back to between min and max. Is there anything I should be looking out for or? I'm not sure if its had the housing and thermostat replaced, I'm a 65-plate just hit 42,000 Thanks all
  8. Hi All, I have got some spacers for my car, 11mm front & 13mm Rear. I have the bolts required, but I am wondering if anyone has / knows of a locking wheel bolt that will allow you to still utilise the black cap to make it look tidy (I'd rather not have to cut out the inside etc just fit it straight back on This might sound a weird request! Thanks
  9. Hi all, I know there have been many threads that have been posted about changing the Diverter Valve on the MK7 Golf R, I changed mine at the weekend, but I didn't fit the extra spring between the piston and the valve that fits into the turbo. Can I ask for those that fitted the extra spring, is there are any advantage or is fitting the extra spring beneficial Thanks
  10. Just thought i'd pop in and say that I fitted the above Inlet elbow to my car the other day and can say I do notice an improvement in the throttle response, it pulls slightly more and the 'dead' spot of travel is nearly gone
  11. Hi All, Thanks for the comments / help, i'll have a chat with the guy on Saturday and go through what I think would suit me But it is nice to know that it can be slightly tailored to the drivers needs Thanks
  12. I know this may have been asked to death, and there are possibly topics already out there, but I am getting my MK7 R remapped on Saturday - Stage 1, but I am slo getting the DSG Tune done at the same time. I have looked around and seen what they add to the gearbox, but I wondered is there a standard tune they add or can this be a pick and choose kind of options with what you want added People with the gearbox already done, what are your thoughts? Thanks Lloyd
  13. Those who have had the JFAutomotive Stage 1 map and DSG remap, can I ask the ball park figure they charged? Thanks
  14. Could anyone give me good feedback / opinions on Aliexpress, I'm looking at a few things to purchase that others have on the forum like the Paddles, but I am very skeptical of using a site like that. This might just be me overlooking it, but from all the threads I've seen they look a 100% legit website
  15. I am thinking to use a company in Gloucester who has mapped a few people's cars I know.. they're performance remaps.. I also looked up with RacingLine in Milton Keynes.. the map on its own with them is £500+ VAT Do people have any recommendations?
  16. Thanks for the replies all, do you have an average cost of what the box tune will be? I'm thinking £150 - £200 on top of the remap itself? I have tried to search around, but there are not many prices for the box Thanks
  17. HI Guys, This may have been asked to death but I am unable to find a definite answer, I'm looking to get my Golf R remapped Stage 1, along with getting a new Panel filter and Probably change the Turbo inlet to the airbox The main reason for this post is.. do you all recommend the gearbox is adapted also or is this not crucial? Thanks Lloyd
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