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  1. vdpmsd

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    Why replace it with a known weak point that will require replacing again, pretty common on S3/R manuals. I have just had oodles of blue smoke off mine (ridiculously steep hill start) but doesn't yet slip at 32k miles but once it does will replace with a uprated sachs clutch to replace the OE sachs clutch. I think the price of the OE is here https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/sachs-9477831.html versus the price of the more appropriate one imo https://www.sachsperformance.com/en/clutch-kit/performance-clutch-sachs/performance-clutch-kit-002352-999502 You have already done the hard work getting to the clutch.
  2. vdpmsd


    the least amount of time you spend on the wrong side of the road the better, give it the beans.
  3. vdpmsd

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Nothing to do with semantics, it is an automatic. When driving along on your merry way slow down and come to a stop, does it stall? If not then it is an automatic, how you select a gear does not determine whether it is an automatic or not. DCT motorbikes just like DSG cars are automatics as they do not stall. Anyhoo, irrespective for me it is a shame that the car world as a whole is taking the manual option away. Ho ho ho
  4. vdpmsd

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Because I prefer it. Nothing to do with which gearbox is mechanically better/faster/whatever.......just personal preference (as it should be).
  5. vdpmsd

    Dead pedal cover link required

    It is standard part on LHD VAG models so somebody somewhere in the UK importer decided to not spec it. Odd
  6. vdpmsd

    Was this a DSG WTF Moment?

    Need to be careful with traction fully off and you hit something.............i fear insurance companies would get very interested in the same way if you deactivated any other active safety device on the public road. Not saying it is the case but think of a large claim with multiple claimants, insurance company B finds the car deemed at fault had deliberately disabled ESP which some backroom expert claims contributed to the loss of control of the car........... To balance it out I also turn mine off occasionally as I find the car more progressive when it loses traction however this is always in the middle of nowhere having a play..........i am not a Dad but am middle aged.......is that kinda the same thing?
  7. the 14 day thing isn't a loophole, its the law. everybody else in the same position, assuming evidence to prove, would have had the same result. haven't been done since 1990, never ever speed in 20/30/40 but regularly see very high speeds on mway (cruising is about 180km/h).......living in Europe helps though. that's why i can confirm MTM removes the speed limiter, although front end does get a bit 'floaty' and wanders a little at those kinda speeds which is surprising.
  8. vdpmsd

    How long will these cars last......!?

    I ran two 800cc Honda motorcycles in all weathers that both rev'd to 12k+ revs, never washed and chose my own extended service intervals of 12k miles rather than 4k deemed by the manufacturer. Redlined every day they were used, did approx 25k miles per year, both got to 100k+ miles then traded in. If a 2ltr low revving lump can't manage that the manufacturer should be embarrassed. I reckon 200k+ from the motor, assuming decent oil, consideration of ragging from cold, letting the turbo slow down before shutting down etc Electronics should be fine, plenty of highly spec'd 10yr old cars still doing just fine out there. Always surprises me me that cars are undoubtedly more reliable than before yet people still appear to have defined periods when they must change, my 2014 will be with me for a while given I only do 7k miles pa, what else for its value comes close?
  9. vdpmsd

    Cross climate + tyres

    Winter tyres are just better in conditions they are designed for, no debate required. Just cause you made through winter nn on your summers does not guarantee you will do next time. Modern winter tyres are amazing in their abilities in cr4p conditions and even dry reasonably mild conditions, a good driver on winters will be quicker than an average driver on summers even in the summer..........i sometimes run my winters a little too long and they are good fun as the limits are lower and the car moves around a bit easier but nothing to catch you out. I run MP4 from roughly mar-dec and Dunlop winterspots from dec-mar. MP4 imo are poor in high ambient temps with hot tarmac and the Dunlops are amazing even when well below 0deg. Where i live the roads are never treated and the confidence the winters give you imo is well worth it imo but does come down to cost. I bought a lightly used set of OE alloys to fit my winters to, therefore just switch wheels which is maybe 30mins max for the four, next winter will be my 4th on the same set of winters. Winter tyres are wrongly named, they are really just cold crap weather tyres. If you can afford it why compromise?
  10. So much tosh is written on forums about oil and servicing. Engines and oils are designed to be used on a regular basis, therefore if you use them as designed they can do lots of miles between changes. If you do low miles then manufacturers assume you might therefore be doing short journeys i.e. oil doesn't get up to temperature. If you use your car regularly and it regularly goes through a full heat cycle (not water, oil) then an oil change every 20k miles with a reputable manufacturer of oil meeting the OE spec will be just fine. Wife's company cars (including VW/BMW) all had oil at 20k miles and all did 6 figure mileages. Despite what lots of owners might think the motor in the R is a mass produced, not overly powerful for its specs, not particularly high revving, very reliable unit used in a number of applications, the idea of then having to use a 'performance' oil (on a standard motor on the road) is money wasted but heh owners have a choice and people should choose. If you have ever seen the way engines are designed then tested (both in mules and benches) what you will do on the road won't come close. Engines are designed to work in environments, conditions, locations that are so far removed from the UK, just make sure it is kept topped up Just help the engine out by warming it up before giving it proper stick. For the record, I do approx 7k miles a year and the oil is changed annually simply due to the lack of mileage and tbh I enjoy doing it! Irrespective of mileage I change the oil in every engine I own annually as I am one of those wierdos who actually enjoys doing it, tbf none are doing >10k miles a year mind. Sorry, rant over.
  11. vdpmsd

    Clutch slip

    Don't think eco 'requests' full boost until the pedal goes into the kickdown zone.........on a manual anyway. You will be fine using it for quite a while yet, just avoid doing what is known to be the most demanding on the clutch.........low revs, high gear and lots of boost.
  12. vdpmsd

    Help me decide between DSG and Manual

    First post so be gentle I have a manual and despite being nearer 50 than 40 would not change it. I have used a DSG a number of times and each time it does something I would not do, however as a piece of kit and technology it is as good as it currently gets. I do not use my car to commute nor do hardly any town driving, however if the car was to be used for commuting etc then I would properly consider a DSG.........all comes down to circumstance and owners choice. Forget the difference in performance (it is a road car after all) but if you like the point and hold on approach then the DSG is the way to go. It is a shame going forwards that the choice might be removed and the car purchase price having a higher starting point.