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  1. The £184 will highly likely just be for an oil and filter service and not replacing the pollen + air filter like the Indy quote, if you are intent on replacing the coil packs don’t let them charge any additional labour as they’ve got to come out when doing the plugs anyway.. As mentioned the £90+Vat Indy labour rate is getting on for dealer price and rather steep. Although they have only quoted for 5 litre of oil so swings and roundabouts 😂
  2. Hearing this makes me grateful I do the maintenance myself 😂
  3. If that £600 is just for an oil service, plugs and coils then yeah that’s pretty expensive 😂 I’d be surprised if the parts for that are over £250 even for genuine.
  4. Without checking the service book I believe spark plugs are 4 years/40k and if the cars a daily driver not tracked or thrashed daily then I see no reason to change before 30k unless they give issues. Personally if standard or stage 1/2 power then I’d just go with OEM VW again (~£60) or the NGK equivalent. As for coil packs then unless they’re causing issues then I’d leave them, if it was a 100k+ car or going for big power then yeah I’d replace them as preventative maintenance but they should be fine for now 👍 however the APR coils do look good..
  5. Potentially the lower engine mount has excessive play causing difficulty when selecting gears, i had this issue changing aggressively 2nd-3rd which an apr dog bone insert cured mostly.
  6. Potentially the lower engine mount has excessive play causing difficulty when selecting gears, i had this issue changing aggressively 2nd-3rd which an apr dog bone insert cured mostly.
  7. I’ve had a neuspeed rear anti roll bar fitter for about 15k now with the standard links and seems to be holding up fine. The super pro rear links are probably where I’d be looking if I was to change but hard to justify until they cause me issue.
  8. The gearing on manuals really doesn’t lend itself well to 0-60 runs in my opinion, might be able to get there in 2nd but I imagine you’ll be well over 7k by then
  9. Agree with what Dan-T said in regards to it being a case by case basis. A lot of it is down to driving style, launching most 4WD cars requires excessive clutch slip and this is obviously extremely hard on them, as is faster than usual gear changes on this car due to the fluid restrictor just before the slave cylinder causing an unusually slow release and therefor slipping it for a split second. My personal experience was a completely stock R getting slip at ~18k in higher gears (driven reasonably aggressively however not too extreme) then replaced clutch with a helix organic. The bed in procedure for clutches is absolutely critical in regards to getting the best from them, otherwise your throwing your money away. Once bedded in its now mapped to ~400ft Ib and holding well. So personally I’d do the clutch first as it’s pretty much a case of when not if 👍 just my own opinion. Edit : just read that yours is DSG in which case none of that applies and just get the DSG mapped 😂
  10. Running good fuel?
  11. Interested to know if anyone has tried the Mountune spring kit for the golf r? I believe the ford side of it springs are made by eibach so possibly a slightly lower version of what are already available? https://www.mountune52.com/collections/mk7-golf-r/products/r-sport-spring-kit
  12. Hi Mark Cant speak from experience with the RTS however have heard reports it’s generally closer to OEM than Sachs/helix. The helix in my car in my opinion is 100% something most people could live with, I drive maybe 10 cars a day and the pedal feel is noticeably heavier than a ‘normal’ pedal however not to the point it negates from the drive.
  13. At roughly 1 litre per 3000 miles that will fall well within VW’s usage limits and isn’t really something to be concerned about, just kept an eye on and topped up. If you don’t like the thought of it then changing to a Millers 5W-40 NFS or motul 300V 5W-40 will reduce oil consumption in my experience.
  14. Exactly the same as me pal, mine started slipping about 20k in higher gears so just bit the bullet before I hot spotted the flywheel, probably a good idea to stick a flywheel in tho tbh if your paying labour, I did it myself and I’m from Yorkshire so I’m a tight b****** 😂 might have to look into that quick shifter!
  15. I’d take a look at the RTS clutch pal, meant to be pretty good pedal feel and rates to 440 ft Ib, wasn’t available when I fitted mine.
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