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  1. no comments on performance gains - so not any expected? Nige what's your latest forum member price for that fits to your 3'' DP ? That DP has been totally awesome so far.. best mod for this car by far (with good software).
  2. Thinking of doing this update... just confirming is this just getting more sound option without really performance gains? I'm kind of happy with sound with my BCS 3'' DP but occasionally would like to have more sound. Occasionally it's ok. Maybe could also test doing 'flaps off' first if it would make enough difference.
  3. Hi guys any good source where to check if company has funds or not? Discussed with one legal expert and she recommended to check first companys financial status before taking any action. Company details are below. A.S.M Iberia. Avenida de Gandra 411 4950-298 Mazedo, Moncao Portugal. +351 251 648 217. [email protected] · http://www.all-stars-motorsport.
  4. And original post in FB cannot be found anymore - so sensorship works nicely.
  5. Ok posted via FB and got immediate response - they still claim that as items were sent to me they cannot refund anything. it's funny, because - I have never received any tracking ID for the items claimed to be shipped - actually they told that shipment was to consist of two boxes, where another was shipped and other was not - it appears that they have forgotten this. It's kind of easy to claim that order was sent out already and as items have not been returned they are not able to refund, but as I have not received any tracking ID nor contact details to logistics company to me items have not been shipped. Uh oh.
  6. Ok thanks for hint, Ill check! My bank hasnt got the best customer service so lets see.
  7. Would be nice but as transfer has been successful to the company I dont think theyre interested in requesting money back. I have thought some motorcycle clubs but maybe thats a bad idea
  8. Yeah i was stupid not to use paypal/visa- still it doesnt make it right for them to skip refund. I actually could also receive those items as reorder but shop has not had any interest in serving me since they got the money. I escalated this to European consumer services (ECC Finland) but Im afraid they have no leverage either..
  9. I have recently received such an bad customer experience from a online retailer so thought of sharing so that you could avoid the same. shop used: All Stars Motorsports site. http://www.all-stars-motorsport.com/ Purchased items TTE525 Wagner Tuning intercooler Kit Forge Motorsports Turbo blanket Total cost 4393.70€ Time when order placed & Paid 30.5.2018 Time when Order cancelled TTE525 1.6 as I got cold feet and cancelled the Turbo order as I thought the shipment was not yet processed. Wagner IC 2.6 as it was informed that this would be in back order with maybe 60days of delivery time, no available items in stock. Cancelled whole order and requested refund as company prompted as an option. Initially items were informed to be all ready for shipment so this change in availability was strange. Company indicated that they had already shipped the turbo so I should wait until they receive items back from cargo operator before they can refund order. I hadn’t received any shipping tracking code in first place so to me the items were never sent but agreed to wait anyways. Time passed, and no information or refund was given. I contacted them week later to ask for status - [email protected]otorsports.com email responded nothing - before they were communicating with less than 1 hr response time. I created Service requests on their site to check refund status - I got response that my order was processed for the refund, it would just take some time. Time passed, no info or refund. I contacted them on weekly basis both with email and calling their service center directly tel:+351251648217 - their service operator was nice and helpful but in practice she hasn't done anything to help me getting my refund back. they have promised to check what refund status has been and promised to call or email me back - this has been useless. All in all, if you plan to order something from all stars motorsports - never use wire transfer as you probably won’t get your money back if something happens. This has been my worst commerce experience within 10 years.
  10. Nothing spesific but stage3 LC seems to be tad higher than stock but works fine. Shift points depends on ecu map so its better they decide.. Yes manual is now full manual w/o autoshift.
  11. well budgeted 4hrs but took initially 11.5hrs because of minor issues with DV etc. so I 'd reserve 1-1.5d to make sure everything is sorted. TCU flash is actually quite fast to do, ecu fine tuning took much longer in my case.
  12. Drove to NL and did mapping there, it's not so far away. [emoji3] Dyno sheet attached although they made small adjustments after measurement so dont' know exact end results. feels powerful anyways.. As mods I have mst 3” intake with their larger turbo inlet pipe and powervalve 3” dp with 100cell race cat (ie new edition), stock ic and is38 In tuning there was some issues with stock dv bleeding boost so they updated it to forge with heavier spring to manage added boost. So far it seems to work ok. Tcu program is amazingly good - both D and S are much better than stock and can of course take more torque. D holds gear longer and is good for daily driving, sport is less aggressive than stock but can be used well for spirited driving. I guess its the combination of added torque with improved tcu program that makes car really joyful to drive now!
  13. Got the stage 2+/ tcu stage3 update last wk. Quite happy with the results but need to fine tune/check that everything works ok - my box seemed to be more tricky to be updated..! 575Nm of torque is hugely impressive in daily traffic.. [emoji847] hp wise got 406hp or thereabouts - asked not to push engine too hard.
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