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  1. Maxxis mainly specialise in bike tyres and do a lot of sponsorship
  2. Must get off my bum and do mine . Only had the oil for 2 months
  3. Black mk2 escort estate ( military vehicle) I was at the army apprentice college, borrowed the padre's staff car for the test and one of the platoon sergeants took me for the test . Should have failed but I knew what I had done wrong so he let me off
  4. When I bought my car I was told by the salesman that the previous owner had a service plan but it was not transferable Then just before my next service was due I got a card off VW to tell me when it was due and that it was covered by a service plan The plan must automatically transfer to the new owner as I did nothing
  5. I may be wrong but I thought Prets would not have a laquer coating as they are powder coated not painted
  6. Saw a nice AMG GT R the other day while I was having a new windscreen fitted It was doing doughnuts outside autoglass and then parked up outside a detailing place where the driver kept revving it loudly for the crowd watching What I don't know is if it belonged to the driver or was a customers car waiting to be detailed being abused for their amusement , I really hope it was the owner
  7. Maybe the adhesive/sealant dries quicker now , they say 30 minutes drying time before driving , I know they used to tape them up for a couple of hours after fitting before you could drive They also say not to wash the car for 24 hours, I don't know whether rain affects it less than washing One really strange thing is that the other R driver there new nothing about the car . He thought it was normally aspirated and only 1.8 although he said he bought it because it had a bit of poke. He said he had never noticed the turbo kick in when driving so assumed it didn't have one I found this really odd as he had bought it new so must have been told about it
  8. No reason at all to have it done at a depot other than the company are trying to do less at the roadside apparently There were 4 golfs there including another R which had traveled from Shrewsbury to stoke to have it done and had been told if he wanted it doing at home he would have to wait until May 17th Everyone there had been given the same 10am appointment so some had to wait hours, I was lucky and got done 2nd so was only there 2 hours. Totally dis-organised system really
  9. I booked online through my insurance and when I put in my reg it said it could only be done at a local depot, no option to have it done anywhere else I don't have lane assist but think there are other sensors behind the mirror but no more than other cars I'll ask when it's done and see if they actually know themselves
  10. The lane that I travel up to work has a lot of heavy traffic on at the moment from great big tippers off the motorway roadworks to various heavy farm machinery. On my way to work yesterday having passed a fair few of these large vehicles along comes a shi**y little fiat 500 which chucks a stone into my windscreen resulting in a 10" crack by the time I reached work 😠 The thing I don't really understand is that Autoglass say that they can only fit a new screen at their depot and not at home/work so I can't get it done for a week Is the R screen difficult to replace compared to other cars ??
  11. I was in Malta last week and got stuck in a bit of traffic which is nothing unusual there, then I saw the cause of it Must have come off the roundabout and given too much loud pedal The drop was about 6 feet
  12. My car had its final service of a 3 year plan today and the invoice doesn't even mention a service , just the MOT that I was charged for. The oil change warning was reset so I hope they changed it, I'll check it tomorrow I had a call to ask if I wanted the haldex oil replacing for £117 which I declined as I have just bought the oil for £35 from my local Audi dealer to do it myself They also washed it as they always have (and do a good job), I've never had any paint issues afterwards
  13. It was the side pocket of my bag 😀
  14. Found it Definitely a weird pocket The day I lost it I tipped my work bag out on the living room floor searching for it which really annoyed swmbo as years of muck came out with the contents When I got home today I was looking for something in one of the side pockets when I felt something at the bottom of the pocket under the lining . Yes, the old hole in the lining trick. I've been carrying my "lost" key round with me all week So now what do I buy with the £200+ I've saved on a new key
  15. any plans to go to the cinema at the weekend
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