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  1. Came up behind a white 19 plate estate at M6 J13. Followed it onto the A449 towards Wolverhampton . Once past the 40 limit into national speed limit it went off like it was stolen, overtaking the traffic doing the limit like they were parked and soon disappeared out of view Despite being driven by an absolute idiot the only thing it achieved was getting to the red light at the roadworks near Penkridge before anyone else did
  2. sad to admit but in 2 1/2 years of R ownership my longest journey has been 36 miles Years ago ,when I lived in Germany, I would think nothing of 500 mile trip but just don't enjoy travelling anymore
  3. My managers mate has just won a Lambo Urus on one of these
  4. Stating the obvious - disintegrated turbo
  5. the worst plate I have seen was K15 VWG . The owner told me it was kiss vw golf
  6. I put a couple of pounds on but haven't shaved while I have been off work I will probably shave my beard off now as I hadn't realised it would be so heavy 🤣
  7. My previous car was a Merc SLK250 CDI AMG sport and the snobbery against diesel drivers on the SLK forum was terrible, although the CDI (especially when re-mapped ) was faster than a lot of the petrol versions . Of course the other thing was "it's not a proper AMG" The way that car accelerated out of corners was amazing with the torque and twin turbo's
  8. Mine hasn't moved either but needs washing everyweek because of the crap in the air especially if it rains
  9. I did a similar thing with Mrs Focus . I just made up a lead to connect a 3 cell Lipo to the car before removing the battery , a lot easier than jump leads ( if you happen to have a 3 cell Lipo that is )
  10. Another scrapper being rebuilt using stolen parts
  11. Had the car for 2 years and did my first mod today Fitted £12.50 Banggood gear shift paddles
  12. double what I just paid with Quote me Happy One advantage of getting older
  13. Put mine on today
  14. I put the ctek charger on it as it hasn't moved for weeks
  15. They did exactly the same to me and I was going from a tuned Merc to a standard Golf R . It went from £180 refund to me having to pay them an admin fee when I changed to another company
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