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  1. had this myself recently and found this video on youtube Mk7 Golf R - Error: workshop! Only leave vehicle in Position P - Repair kit walk through - YouTube Looking at your invoice they have already changed the microswitch
  2. Replaced my buckled prets with a set of 19/8.5 ET42 Bola FLC in matt anthracite today They sit much better than the prets did
  3. I am about to replace my buckled prets with replicas and on top of the choice of colour there is also the choice of 8" or 8.5" width I know the originals are 8" but I was wondering if the 8.5" fit the arches better with the same offset (45)
  4. I've had a quote of £65 from a local tuning specialist who use the Hofmann geoliner kit which I believe my local Kwikfit also use, so I might see what they will do if I also have tyres off them
  5. Had my car serviced and MOT'd this week I got advisories for cuts in 3 tyres but more worrying is the nearside front which has 3.5mm all across but the inner edge completely worn (but not MOT fail) As the other tyre was evenly worn I suspect one of the teeth jarring potholes I have hit has probably upset the camber on the nearside as opposed to tracking I have 2 questions 1. Which parameters on the suspension/steering are adjustable on the R 2. Would you trust any of the main tyre suppliers to do the alignment or use a specialist before having the tyres done
  6. My car came with P Zeros and I was happy with them for 2 years until I had the car remapped They coped OK with standard power but now lose traction on hard acceleration, especially in these damp cold conditions I plan on replacing all 4 with Goodyear eagle asymmetric 5's or PS4S's depending on the deals around
  7. I've just gone stage 1 and had to cancel my policy with Quote me Happy as they won't insure any mods LV were cheapest on all the comparison sites for me, and when I went to their site I was asked if the car had parking sensors and that reduced the premium by another £20
  8. A mate of mine lives in Urmston and woke up yesterday to find his door melted and his BMW missing
  9. Just had mine done by a local tuner ( CG Remaps ), ECU and TCU done on the dyno for £600 . All his reviews are 100% and he works on far better cars than the golf with over 10 years experience in tuning cars
  10. After nearly 3 years of owning my car I have finally bitten the bullet and gone stage 1 I used a local tuner that I have used before, on my last car (SLK250CDI) Not only is he cheap, he really knows his stuff Dyno results are attached, mods are turbo elbow, hose and K&N filter
  11. andy6409


    my 3.0l Z4 didn't like Momentum, the fuel pump cavitated like crazy in hot weather
  12. I have been having thoughts about changing to a FL RS3 , I couldn't decide between saloon or fastback but owing to hobbies requiring load space the FB was really the only option I also toyed with the idea of A45s but don't like the styling and I got the R instead of an A45 because of the harsh ride In the end I have decided I would gain very little over the R for another £30K so have finally decided to go stage 1 and keep the R Out of interest a standard RS3 is cheaper to insure than a tuned R by about £60 for me
  13. Came up behind a white 19 plate estate at M6 J13. Followed it onto the A449 towards Wolverhampton . Once past the 40 limit into national speed limit it went off like it was stolen, overtaking the traffic doing the limit like they were parked and soon disappeared out of view Despite being driven by an absolute idiot the only thing it achieved was getting to the red light at the roadworks near Penkridge before anyone else did
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