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  1. andy6409

    Insurance renewal

    on Gocompare for me to get an excess below the £550 that LV want the premium was £150 more
  2. andy6409

    Insurance renewal

    After all the praise for LV I just got a multicar quote , £538 for 3 cars, fully comp, no claims protection. My wife had a bump last year just days before I got the R and it added £50 to have her as named driver. With LV it brought the price down adding her (although she has never, and will not drive the R as it scares her LOL) Well happy
  3. andy6409

    Battery dead

    Had mine changed under warranty at 30 months/16k miles. Original battery was some unbranded Korean thing Took the dealer 4 days of testing before they replaced it but they fitted a Varta. It does seem quite common on Golfs
  4. andy6409


    My BMW K1200s has sat in the garage untouched on a trickle charger for the last 18 months I just lost interest in riding but can't bring myself to sell it despite serious earache from SWMBO .The trouble is that most of my spare time (in decent weather) is spent flying my fleet of RC helicopters This year I have to either start riding again or force myself to sell (and buy more heli's 😀)
  5. andy6409

    Bubbling from fuel tank

    After a 20 mile drive today I opened the boot and could hear bubbling coming from the fuel filler neck. This went on for 2-3 minutes and when it stopped I opened the fuel cap and there was a lot of presuure in the tank I haven't noticed this before but the car is running fine, tank is about 1/2 full Is this normal or something to worry about
  6. andy6409

    What's Your Pet Driving Hate?

    People who drive with just side lights on drives me mad especially at this time of year when the mornings are still quite dark If it's dark enough to use lights turn your headlights on , it doesn't cost you anything and other drivers might see you Maybe it's because I used to live in Germany where driving on sidelights alone is illegal
  7. andy6409


    Mine has just been replaced under warranty, they fitted a Varta EFB
  8. andy6409

    Battery warranty

    So after having my car for 4 days to carry out tests I have had a new battery fitted (and coded) under warranty It is also a decent brand and not the unbranded made in korea thing that was on originally
  9. andy6409

    Battery warranty

    I thought it was a long time just to fully charge and test a battery but that's what they say I have to do They also said if I changed the battery myself that no coding is required but that isn't what I have read. Apparently you have to tell the car it has a new battery or it won't charge properly and damage the new battery especially if you change the spec of the battery
  10. andy6409

    Battery warranty

    Finally heard back from VW , been waiting for their warranty manager apparently They want the car for 3 days to carry out tests before they will change the battery under warranty If they don't change it I will fit a higher capacity battery and invest in OBD 11 to change the battery info myself
  11. andy6409

    Battery warranty

    I'll call service tomorrow and ask I think the dealer may cover it under their own warranty as I've had it less than 6 months I've also noticed that stop start hasn't kicked in for a while Is it straight forward to change the battery or are there things the dealer needs to reset
  12. andy6409

    Battery warranty

    Now the weather is colder my car has been struggling to start, turning over slowly, then this morning it only just started and I had multiple warnings of systems not operating. I drove 5 miles, switched off and restarted and everything was OK After a 30 mile run I checked the battery voltage and only had 12.3v with the engine off but 14.2v with engine running so it is charging The car is 30 months old with 16K miles, will the battery be covered by the warranty
  13. andy6409

    Reverse cam

    It's the one thing I wouldn't miss I never look at the screen when I reverse because I keep forgetting I have it
  14. andy6409

    Pulled the trigger, Got an R today

    some of these prices make me think I must have got a good deal when I bought mine 4 months ago Main dealer, 16 plate, DSG, Tints, Lapiz, Prets, DCC, Dynaudio ,Rear camera, Winter pack, fully serviced with new tyres (P Zero) and new rear discs/pads 14K miles for £23K
  15. andy6409

    What was your previous car before the R

    2015 - 2018 Merc R172 SLK250D AMG , not missed at all , never gelled with it 2012 - 2015 BMW Z4 3.0L, miss the sound but not the dodgy handling