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  1. I was in Malta last week and got stuck in a bit of traffic which is nothing unusual there, then I saw the cause of it Must have come off the roundabout and given too much loud pedal The drop was about 6 feet
  2. My car had its final service of a 3 year plan today and the invoice doesn't even mention a service , just the MOT that I was charged for. The oil change warning was reset so I hope they changed it, I'll check it tomorrow I had a call to ask if I wanted the haldex oil replacing for £117 which I declined as I have just bought the oil for £35 from my local Audi dealer to do it myself They also washed it as they always have (and do a good job), I've never had any paint issues afterwards
  3. It was the side pocket of my bag 😀
  4. Found it Definitely a weird pocket The day I lost it I tipped my work bag out on the living room floor searching for it which really annoyed swmbo as years of muck came out with the contents When I got home today I was looking for something in one of the side pockets when I felt something at the bottom of the pocket under the lining . Yes, the old hole in the lining trick. I've been carrying my "lost" key round with me all week So now what do I buy with the £200+ I've saved on a new key
  5. any plans to go to the cinema at the weekend
  6. not with the gradient of my drive
  7. Car is booked in for service/MOT next week so I'll ask what they can do In the meantime I'll park it as securely as possible, against garage door with Focus parked 2" away at the moment
  8. Somehow yesterday I misplaced my car key at work . I'm fairly sure that I put it in my jacket pocket which I leave on the back of a chair in a fairly secure room in a quiet part of the building . Today I searched the two places that I would normally leave it or could possibly accidentally drop it to no avail . I never carry it round with me We have had contractors in for the last week or so, and although they seem a good bunch I'm starting to wonder if one of them could have taken my key as they access the building via the rear corridor where my office is and could get access if the door was left open ( it is secured with a self locking simplex lock ) Apart from being well pi***d off that I have lost it and it's going to cost hundreds to replace I am now waiting to find some stolen wreck in place of my R in the car park when I leave work 😟
  9. andy6409


    I'd blame too many speed cameras, too many idiots on the roads, too many potholes, and mainly too many aching old bones 🤣 K1200s was great, sports bike performance with tourer comfort
  10. andy6409


    After not even starting my BMW K1200s for the last 20 or so months and only doing 400 miles over the last 3 years it was sold on Monday. I don't really know why but I just lost complete interest in biking
  11. Shame the airbag never went off and took their head with it
  12. on Gocompare for me to get an excess below the £550 that LV want the premium was £150 more
  13. After all the praise for LV I just got a multicar quote , £538 for 3 cars, fully comp, no claims protection. My wife had a bump last year just days before I got the R and it added £50 to have her as named driver. With LV it brought the price down adding her (although she has never, and will not drive the R as it scares her LOL) Well happy
  14. Had mine changed under warranty at 30 months/16k miles. Original battery was some unbranded Korean thing Took the dealer 4 days of testing before they replaced it but they fitted a Varta. It does seem quite common on Golfs
  15. andy6409


    My BMW K1200s has sat in the garage untouched on a trickle charger for the last 18 months I just lost interest in riding but can't bring myself to sell it despite serious earache from SWMBO .The trouble is that most of my spare time (in decent weather) is spent flying my fleet of RC helicopters This year I have to either start riding again or force myself to sell (and buy more heli's 😀)
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