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  1. Mine hasn't moved either but needs washing everyweek because of the crap in the air especially if it rains
  2. I did a similar thing with Mrs Focus . I just made up a lead to connect a 3 cell Lipo to the car before removing the battery , a lot easier than jump leads ( if you happen to have a 3 cell Lipo that is )
  3. Another scrapper being rebuilt using stolen parts
  4. Had the car for 2 years and did my first mod today Fitted £12.50 Banggood gear shift paddles
  5. double what I just paid with Quote me Happy One advantage of getting older
  6. Put mine on today
  7. I put the ctek charger on it as it hasn't moved for weeks
  8. They did exactly the same to me and I was going from a tuned Merc to a standard Golf R . It went from £180 refund to me having to pay them an admin fee when I changed to another company
  9. I wouldn't touch AF with a barge poll after the way they treated me when I changed from a remapped SLK to a standard R, but for the second year running their renewal prices have beaten any other quote on the Mrs Focus
  10. Mine was sticking and I found this article https://www.stuartdalby.co.uk/vwgolfmk7/sticking-fuel-filler-cover/index.php It cured mine
  11. andy6409


    Maybe I don't drive my car hard enough but I have had no problems at all with the P Zero's on my car in any weather
  12. I bought mine through Sytner Stafford and even they hadn't seen it when I paid the deposit It had been taken in as part ex against a BMW in Nottingham, bought in to stock by Sytner in leeds and was prepped by them before being transported to Stafford where they carried out their own PDI The first time I saw it was the day I collected it . The car was as expected and had more extras than had been listed which was a bonus . I had no problems at all
  13. I was told that I had to have it done at my local depot , couldn't be done at home . There were a few golfs there at the same time as me and some had travelled quite a distance But I have heard of people having theirs done at home/work so I think it depends on the local depot
  14. So you will need a new clutch next week then 🤣
  15. After having the oil sat in the garage for 4 months I finally got round to doing mine today The oil was very dirty but the filter only had a small amount of crud on it , certainly nowhere near blocked 16 plate with 19K on the clock Obviously neither myself or the previous owner have thrashed it hard enough to work the Haldex too hard
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