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  1. The rear is at its lowest and the fronts could go a little more but tbh I wouldn't want to unless I was going on a track as it scraps on bumps as it is at the minute. I am probably going to have to heighten the front a tad for these Scottish roads.
  2. Bilstein B14 H&R 8mm front 12mm rear spacers
  3. Yeah much better, car feels smoother. Feels like itโ€™s lighter on its feet too if that makes sense.
  4. No but the front does scrap now and then when going over bumps. Itโ€™s no biggy tho. If you are getting coil overs or even lowering springs, it is definitely worth getting uprated top mounts.
  5. Cant remember the exact figure but I know that the backs where lowered to the lowest setting and the fronts where lowered to were there was only 4 threads showing on the coil (so pretty low)
  6. Yeah the new set up is great. In terms of full Geo, yes, I have had the car fully aligned (my dad has a Hunter Alignment system and managed to get it bang on) I will look into that super pro set ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ In regards to the ARB, I am still on the stock one. Again, this is something I will think about for the future. At the minute though, I think the car is perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
  7. Ok Update! Fitted the revision D DV this morning. Gave the car a good thrashing and the noise seems to be away! Car seems to pull harder too! So far so good ! Thanks all! ๐Ÿค—
  8. Old forum I know, but I canโ€™t recommend the Bilstein B14 enough! Big difference over stock suspension and at a reasonable price too, I got mine from awesome gti in the Black Friday sale for ยฃ748!
  9. Yeah, so far so good! No noises whatsoever from the car. Car really low too and its alot smoother to drive. Really happy with them!
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED! ๐Ÿ˜ Had to strip the fronts down again because we forgot to install the top mount bushes from the old top mounts. Once installed (3 hours later) the car is great. Silky smooth and really low. A time consuming mistake to make! This is what we forgot!
  11. Yes, I am sure they are in correctly. No we didn't use a torque wrench.
  12. Hi all, Needing some help here. Just spent most of the day today installing my Blistein B14 coilovers to my MK7 R (non-DCC) along with brand new uprated top mounts. After the installation, along with a few ups and downs on the ramp getting the car height right, the car was done! First impressions the height looked perfect and overall the drive is much better. Problems started to occur then turning the wheel full lock both ways at a stand still and when turning at low/creeping speeds. There is absolutely no noise what so ever now when going over bumps slow or fast, its just when turning at very low speeds! ๐Ÿคฌ The creaking and knocking is horrendous when doing this and I have no idea why it should be this bad. We took our time with the instalment and made sure everything was tighten up as it should be. The car feels a lot better at normal speeds but its only when at a stand still or going very slow and turning that I am getting this awful knocking. The car will need to get alignment some time this week which may or may not make things better, but surly the alignment can't be that off to cause this kind of noise. Any ideas what else to check or what this may be? Really annoying when you spend good money on parts and it seems to cause more problems. Many thanks.
  13. Ok, update. I have just purchased the OEM revision D diverter Valve from Awesome GTI. I believe the revision D is the the newest one and better than the C so hopefully this will help. i will keep you guys posted. thanks
  14. Ok, first of all I going to change to a new OEM DV. The one that have at the minute ends in C (06H 145 710C) what one should I be upgrading to, I heard there are different revisions of this part. Thanks
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