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  1. Hi guys, just after some advice on these engine faults that come up this afternoon when I scanned the car with vagcom. Anyone shed some light on these. Car still feels and drives great!
  2. Eibach lowering springs with 8mm front 10mm rear spacers. Great set up! 👌🏼
  3. Haha yeah! If you look closer there is another one inspecting the inside of the wheel too! 😂👍🏼
  4. Got the 2 wheels back tonight after getting re-done. Really happy with them now. Looks like the guy has done a much better job this time! 🤗👍🏼 Thanks for the help guys!
  5. So just to update. I have given the guy 2 of the wheels back for him to powder coat free of charge (even though it took up most of my night driving to him) so here's hoping he does a better job on them! The other 2 on the car are fine to me but the 2 he is re-doing where unacceptable. He did seem to be apologetic and wanted me to be happy with the end result. I will report back when I get them back! Thanks all.
  6. Still don’t know if it’s worth the faff or not getting them re-done again. I think I am too OCD with these kinda things.
  7. Thanks for this, tbh I don’t know what to do, it’s so frustrating. The guy did say he would do them again if I wasn’t happy but it turns out he’s actually far away from where I stay as he came and collected them from me which was another reason I choose him. It’s the whole faff of taking the wheels off again too and having no car for a few days which is just a pain. Interestingly he told me that some bubbles/dimples is normal in powercoating too 🤔 I don’t think that photo did them any justice to be fair as I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone is making out. I do think they look great on the car but again it was just those dimples that raised concerned. Again, he said not to be concerned about the dimples chipping/flaking as it’s polyester powder and not paint. Thanks for everyone’s input 👍🏼
  8. They are just dirty I think. They came up really clean at first. It’s the bubbles/dimples I was worried about.
  9. As you can see the car sits really well and I am really happy with the gloss black with the LSG. You can see on a close up pic of behind the spoke that has bubbled/dimples from the powder coating. That’s probably the worst part from all the wheels. The others just seem to have to odd bubble/dimple Thoughts? Thanks
  10. Right I see, thanks for that. what should I do then? As I said its not really noticeable at all but you can feel it’s there on all the wheels. Should I be complaining? Thanks
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