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  1. How are you finding the silver wheels against the LSG?? I found it didn’t look quite right in the fresh and it had an almost blue tinge to it which I didn’t like. I got them powder coating black and found it goes better with LSG. Each to their own I guess. Lovely car tho! 😎
  2. Just a downpipe...to get the full benefit you are better uprating the intercooler too 👍🏼
  3. Very nice! Did you get the wheels powder coated that colour ?
  4. Had the OEM silver prets but decided to get them powder coating black. They are a nightmare to clean and swirl very easily but I think the OEM silver has a blue ting to it which I didn’t find right on the LSG. You can’t really noticed it in the photos but In the fresh the silver didn’t look right on LSG.
  5. I have Mk7 R Eibach lowering springs for £150 if u want them. Only probably done 500 miles. Great setup it’s just I decided to go for coil overs in the end 👍🏼
  6. Yeah, highlands and north west Scotland probably have some of the best roads in the world. I had my mk5 gti up on them roads last year and it was an absolute treat! However, I stay down in the Borders and the roads are appalling 🤬
  7. The rear is at its lowest and the fronts could go a little more but tbh I wouldn't want to unless I was going on a track as it scraps on bumps as it is at the minute. I am probably going to have to heighten the front a tad for these Scottish roads.
  8. Bilstein B14 H&R 8mm front 12mm rear spacers
  9. Yeah much better, car feels smoother. Feels like it’s lighter on its feet too if that makes sense.
  10. No but the front does scrap now and then when going over bumps. It’s no biggy tho. If you are getting coil overs or even lowering springs, it is definitely worth getting uprated top mounts.
  11. Cant remember the exact figure but I know that the backs where lowered to the lowest setting and the fronts where lowered to were there was only 4 threads showing on the coil (so pretty low)
  12. Yeah the new set up is great. In terms of full Geo, yes, I have had the car fully aligned (my dad has a Hunter Alignment system and managed to get it bang on) I will look into that super pro set 👍🏼 In regards to the ARB, I am still on the stock one. Again, this is something I will think about for the future. At the minute though, I think the car is perfect 👌🏼
  13. Ok Update! Fitted the revision D DV this morning. Gave the car a good thrashing and the noise seems to be away! Car seems to pull harder too! So far so good ! Thanks all! 🤗
  14. Old forum I know, but I can’t recommend the Bilstein B14 enough! Big difference over stock suspension and at a reasonable price too, I got mine from awesome gti in the Black Friday sale for £748!
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