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  1. Bobamylaura

    L E D

    thanks again
  2. Bobamylaura

    L E D

    Is it ok to leave it the way it is ?
  3. Bobamylaura

    L E D

    Thanks for advise
  4. Bobamylaura

    L E D

    Any electricians on here can help? I have changed my fluorescent lights to LED spot lights but when I turn them off they still emit a dim light
  5. Bobamylaura

    Reverse Gear

    Had same problem, took it to local VW dealer he reset gear linkage, hasn't happened again
  6. Bobamylaura

    Side skirt splitters

    Got them and fitted looks class. Pictures to follow
  7. Bobamylaura

    Fuel Consumption

    What is everyones fuel consumption ? Had the 1st long run in the R since I got it in March. On outward journey of approx 100 miles I got 31.5 on eco mode , on return journey along same route but on race mode got 32.8
  8. Bobamylaura

    Side skirt splitters

    Thanks. Think I might have to go for them
  9. Bobamylaura

    Side skirt splitters

    Any one got pictures of their R with side skirt splitters fitted ?
  10. Bobamylaura

    My 2015 R

    Think it's next on the list
  11. Bobamylaura

    Gear Leaver

    Had my car at VW today where they readjusted the cable linkage . Everything perfect now
  12. Bobamylaura

    My 2015 R

    18" Hub Design V10 Matt Grey from Wheelbase
  13. Bobamylaura

    My 2015 R

    A few photos taken todsy
  14. Bobamylaura

    new red golf r

    Where did you get the spats?
  15. Bobamylaura

    Gear Leaver

    Has anyone else had this problem? When I select reverse gear and start moving the gear leaver pops up about 5mm the 1st few times it happen I thought it was trying to jump out of gear. Also when engaging 1st gear I have to be careful or it will slip into reverse