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  1. Thanks for the reply. The issue causing a similar symptom for me was down to the pads having zero lubricant between pads/carrier. As I mentioned, this cured the noise heard when coming to a stop, but I still have present a "knock/clunk" when changing direction after first press of brake - to this is either the pads or could even be that the carrier is worn on account of having been run without lube etc....I'm afraid this will have to be a secondary concern for me while I sort the knocking/rattling issue. While pads moving in the carrier certainly has the potential to cause a rattle, to me the noise seems higher up. I shall not assume though, will rule out shortly...may need to shim the pads. So my knocking/rattle occurs when driven over an uneven road surface at speeds 30-60mph...totally silent at slow/manoeuvring speeds. You're not wrong! The roads at the moment! Third world stuff. However, in this case, all springs are good. I pretty sure we're looking at a defective shocker/top mounting (or perhaps a bizarre manifestation of ratting pads in carrier). When I get a chance to get the car back on the ramp I'll let you know what cures it. Thanks again for all replies boys!
  2. Hi Gents, This one's been done to death...but bear with me... Recently got myself an Mk7.5 MY17 R with ~7000 miles. First drive on country roads at the weekend revealed a harsh "knocking" sound from what sounds like the front upper suspension. Sounds just like a knocking top strut mounting or classic ball joint knock. It is not noticeable at all at low speeds <20mph or when going over the much-discussed speed bumps, which is normally reported as a "creak". I've got a distinctive "knock" which is pretty much present with every bump in the road at speeds 40-60mph - very annoying and clearly something's not right. I've since had the car on the ramp and the only discernible play (loaded and unloaded) is in the nearside front hub bearing (which I think is likely to be unrelated). Everything else is solid. I note the reported solution of replacing or lubricating the control arm bushings...While not totally discounting this as a solution, to me it doesn't fit with harsh knocking I'm getting from what I'm pretty sure is the top mounting/s. I suppose my questions is, can anyone confirm if the published solution of control arm greasing has remedied fault in a case such as mine (i.e. for knocking, not creaking)? And before someone suggests taking to the dealer etc,...the boys in those workshops struggle setting engine oil level...so, not happening. A bit of further background - my first issue with the car was noise from brakes when coming to stop from any speed. Found the front pads to be completely dry with no lubricant between pads/carrier. Removed/cleaned/lubed front pads sorted the brake noise...making me think perhaps top bearing is totally dry...still shouldn't really knock though. Lubricating top bearings will be a worthwhile first port of call though....as well as checking front suspension/subframe etc for tightness (visually all looks good).
  3. Thanks a lot for this @Silk. Imagine this is the same on the Golf R mk7.5? I've ordered kit for my 2017.
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