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  1. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as front bumper corner splitters like the 7.5 has but for a pre facelift i don’t fancy a full lip spoiler Just something on he corners.
  2. Has anyone tried Adams Tyre armour yet?
  3. What’s your one bucket wash method?
  4. What garage was it and where is it?
  5. I totally agree, i love the smoked silver of the genuine prets.
  6. Applied a fresh coat of Adams Guard and Gloss. Lovin the shine you get from this.
  7. Anyone got any pictures of the hyper silver on a car?
  8. Does anyone here use any Petrol station pressure washer for a quick blast off in winter, do they use filtered water to prevent water spotting? cheers
  9. When I press mine the different modes are show on the screen and when I press it again it just closes the screen. so annoying 😡
  10. Hi does everyone driving mode button cycle through all the different modes? i can only show the options on the screen with the button then I have to touch the screen to select the driving mode. id love to be able to keep hitting the button to then cycle through all the modes. mines a 14 manual with no nav. could this be coded?
  11. What security systems do people have in place to try and deter this from happening. ?
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