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  1. Second hand jb1 will be similar cost and more proven. I think bluespark also requires access to under the engine so is no easier to fit either. They were highly rated on the m140i though. I was looking at 140i's when choosing between that or an R
  2. Jan 16 r DSG stock with 32k and all fine but dsg's last longer but if it goes I'll upgrade to aftermarket, clutches are a weak point apparently but long as you go in to it with eyes open I'm not bothered I never cane it before the oil is warm, not just the coolant
  3. 19 inch prets with continentals here and no DCC but I find them fine once used to them, slightly harder ride than my mk7gtd with 18s
  4. Had my carart ones a few days now and love em, great value and fit but obviously ETTO, long as everyone's happy!
  5. Just installed, fitment on mine seems fine, very pleased with them
  6. Bump, as these are currently 55% off, only 40 us dollars, I've just ordered some
  7. Most important thing people should do is ensure you don't have weak euro cylinders and fit decent anti snap locks instead
  8. Of all the many many R thefts that I've heard of not a single one has been via keyless signal repeater (although I use faraday bags to be on the safe side anyway!). Virtually all the R thefts are keys stolen via burglary...
  9. Earlier this year an R was coming in to my local dealership as a part ex and I was going to view it but then the dealership told me they had found it had non OEM modifications so they couldn't sell it so it went off to auction
  10. Google maps/services on my phone automatically logs my location and it can be viewed in location history. Would help, admittedly only shows where the phone was but still
  11. Love the R down light, what is it please? Tia
  12. This can only be activated on facelift or 2017+ I think and has to be done by dealer
  13. Just switched from a GTD to an R which has prets. Was considering winter 18s + tyres but might try this mod over the middle of winter instead. I've already got obd11. Any more feedback welcome. Small mpg hit might be worth it when the UK roads are treacherous
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