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  1. First download attempt and the archive didn't contain the .md5 file. Now to try again. Updated loads of times in the past
  2. You could check what factory options the car had via the online options code decoder using the sticker in the service book e.g. to check disco Pro hadn't been retrofitted etc
  3. Manual PDF linked on this page by the looks of it http://www.volkswagen-accessories.com/en/product-ranges/infotainment/soundsystem.html
  4. TPS sell them when I was looking a couple of weeks ago
  5. yeah ive only ever wired in a couple of dashcams but found the pin removal fine with the tools the helix comes with a blanking plug for the loom so you can take the box out and stick the plug in and the speakers will still work
  6. Read the stealthgti tips too. Disconnect power - via battery or pull the fuse panel fuse for the infotainment (yellow 20A top right). I had to really tuck the wires up above the head unit to get it back in to its slot I had to prise off the side panel with the passenger airbag off switch too (but don't disconnect the lead to the switch else itll throw an error) The autoinstruct guides for removing rear seat and head unit are also useful
  7. Big thanks to Dave for programming my helix this afternoon. Sounds awesome so very pleased with it. Bassier than the dynaudio I'd say, and I really liked the dynaudio in my last car, mk7golfGTD Hardest parts for me were getting the loom from the head unit to the passenger sill and getting the head unit back in at the end! Had to really make sure as many wires as possible were tucked up above out of the way
  8. Replace ditchfinder tyres would be first trouble shooting step for me
  9. Doubt it is worth it personally
  10. I think the newer revisions are backwards compatible anyway
  11. That's awesome thank you loads I was going to have a go at the fitting on my own with the help of this thread and the youtube videos though I'm a bit nervous as I haven't done anything similar! Just waiting for the terminal removal tools to arrive... Cheers
  12. Hi Dave I've bought the Helix box version and its arrived from Germany this morning. I live near you in Kent so wondered if you'd be a star and programme it to 57 (I have a 2016 5 door golf R with Pro Nav MIB2) if I popped over to you once I've installed it and when you're free? Happy to fund beer money etc! Cheers
  13. Second hand jb1 will be similar cost and more proven. I think bluespark also requires access to under the engine so is no easier to fit either. They were highly rated on the m140i though. I was looking at 140i's when choosing between that or an R
  14. Jan 16 r DSG stock with 32k and all fine but dsg's last longer but if it goes I'll upgrade to aftermarket, clutches are a weak point apparently but long as you go in to it with eyes open I'm not bothered I never cane it before the oil is warm, not just the coolant
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