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  1. steeve

    Selling my R..What next?

    Unless you need four or five seats then perhaps a Cayman is one of the best drivers cars out there. I may be an old fart but this advice is intended in the best possible taste, please stop 'racing' on the public roads, in town too, not only is it down right dangerous for you and others but if the Old Bill get a whiff of what you're doing you could end up with a long ban, a big fine or even time inside (or all three) . There are so many of the public these days with in car cameras and footage is accepted as evidence. You may be as good as Lewis but you have no clue how skilled the other drivers are or what other members of the motoring public may do. So if you want to drive your car 'flat' then go on a trackday (I can recommend the Nurburgring) go sprinting or at least enjoy the performance on a quiet unused road in the country some where.
  2. steeve

    Rusty discs

    Braking bias is always on the front. Rusty rear discs on many cars, particularly Subaru's is a sign it's not been driven hard. Go out and really use the brakes, brake really hard, I mean as if your life depends on it. On a quiet straight road, you dont want another car to rear end you! They'll soon be clear of rust. Rusty hubs, a problem with most cars, particularly VAG models. My Focus RS came with beautifully painted hubs. But if you buy another VAG car, when you get it whip the wheels off, clean the hubs and quickly sand with fine wet and dry, clean again then paint with Smoothrite. They'll look god for years to come. The silver paint is sprayed onto the castings to stop then coroding while in storage.
  3. steeve

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    Even cold water can cause a thermal shock on really cold days, but the risk is small.
  4. steeve


    I've also done the Portsmouth to Bilbao route. The steep drop into the hold is a surprise first time.
  5. steeve

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    I sold a TTS for cash over 26K, took the guy to the bank (Natwest) and just paid the money in. There have been many stories in the press recently of cash buyers handing over very good fake notes. Be aware..... It's so easy to get scammed and not many, if any of us can afford to lose money.
  6. steeve

    Which number plates?

    Gel Resin. Look good, I have a private reg so have short number plates. There is no regulation for plate size, the letter size, font and spacings dictate plate size. So for instance you can have a very short plate if you have the reg A1
  7. steeve


    Been riding motorbikes for fifty six years, picture of my latest bike in the IOM. Did do a little racing back in the sixties.
  8. steeve

    Prince Philip.

    How very true..............
  9. I may well be selling my May 2018 five door Tornado Red R, its manual 310 model, as new with only 1800 miles on the clock, oil and filter changed at 1000 miles. Never been out in the wet, one aged owner.....?
  10. steeve

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    I bought a manual (I struggled to find one) because I prefer them. For me it's a more immersive experience and I'm not old enough for an automatic being in my 70's. Perhaps if I drove in heavy traffic often then I'd consider one. I still want the car to change gear when I want it to which the DSG doesnt do as even in manual it will change gear without any input.
  11. steeve

    Cracked Alloy

    You have a 300bhp car, the strain that puts on compenents is huge. For your own sake and those others who may travel in the car get a new wheel. Its ok having a wheel refurnished for a scrape but welding a crack heat treats the local area causing a structural change to the material which often causes brittleness. If it as you claim losing air then the crack goes right through the wheel. Don't risk it.
  12. steeve

    Golf r to s3 saloon

    S3 the cabin is a nice place, but driver engagement is really quite poor, understeer and little steering feedback spoil it. The S3 is a poor car when compared with the other S models in the Audi line up.
  13. steeve

    Golf R News and Reviews

    I had an Audi S3 and can confirm that the R handles and rides far better than the S3. Understeer sets in very early, you dont have to be on a race track, spirited road driving is more than enough for it to appear. They are also unhappy on undulating country roads, they go light over slight crests, particularly on bends. The R gives so much more confidence when pressing on. Most S3 owners accept the poor handling for the appearance and standard of the interior but others, who probably dont drive quickly feel that its all perfect and for them it may well be.
  14. It all sounds as though its weight will increase considerably which is bound to negatively affect handling and feel, any wider and it wont fit in a standard garage.