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  1. R is now sold so good bye all...
  2. I'm trying to post a classified ad in Cars For Sale. I complete it all but advert not showing. Must have done this three or four times. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Many thanks Steve
  3. It's a terrible time if your OCD about cleaning. All that salt on the roads. I'm glad mine just sits in the garage.
  4. Sounds as though it could be a battery issue.
  5. I looked at it when I fetched some tools from the garage
  6. But rain X can cause terrible juddering and smearing. Better of without it. Mind you it is good for bathroom or shower tiles. Helps reduce calcium build up.
  7. Thankfully we seem to have missed all the really bad weather so far.... east midlands.
  8. Must have had a bad childhood, so it's ok then.
  9. .......... But I always rely on a separate gauge, I have a digital race gauge from Demon Tweeks.
  10. Always buy a good named brand.
  11. Talk to VW customer services or ask the dealer to show you the status of your order on his screen. If he wont then I guess he's not telling the truth.
  12. Certainly visit the dealer and tell them the battery is duff and you want another...
  13. They are a bit stiff, perhaps a smear of oil around the clip might help, but a replacement should be warranty>
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